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Drug Discussion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BosoeHNT, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    i kinda thought it was but still kinda didn't. i didn't think you were that naive. but yyeeeeeeeah yeeeah yeah

    make sure you walk with a wonk if you do
  2. IlikePie

    IlikePie Elite Member

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    So anyways, what has everyone been in to lately? Personally, I've been all about the ecstasy and coke lately. I find I enjoy them more than anything else because I'm still functional throughout the day, and can get my shit done if necessary.
  3. FlippingChickens

    FlippingChickens Banned

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    have any of you guys done lyrica?
  4. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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    yeah every time i see ya post on the forum i think of coke. i used to do alot of drugs but basicly had a mental break down from the shit so i stoped. mixin weed with meth and alcohol was always fun times
  5. otter

    otter Senior Member

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    ketamine for the win, love that shit butway to expensive for my broke ass.

    it is ashaming to say but i love ritalin with low dose antipsychotics for the paranoia,
  6. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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    Fuck antipsychotics, I took some of those one day with valium and I woke up the next day feeling like there was someone else inside me trying to get out. I felt like the hulk I felt fucking psychotic, it was awful just awful I do not recommend.
  7. twisties

    twisties Elite Member

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    Anyone heard of..

    Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera
    Common Names: Lotus, Indian Lotus, Sacred Lotus

    ?? I haven't but I'm interested in it.
  8. IlikePie

    IlikePie Elite Member

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    I believe I've heard of it. It's a kind of flower correct? Be careful with that, from what I've read on it, it's really easy to overdose on.
  9. Ecru

    Ecru Senior Member

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    As am I
    I've heard of Blue Lotus
  10. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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    i did some killer meth last night.
  11. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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  12. GraffMaster

    GraffMaster New Member

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    THEPOSTWHORE5000 Elite Member

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    oh shit, ya boy GRAFF MASTER coming through dropping science!
  14. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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  15. lakim shabazz

    lakim shabazz Moderator

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    kush is a brand name these days
    every one who sells weed says they have kush.
  16. empireboy15

    empireboy15 New Member

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    Anyone else ever do hydrocodone? makes me feel so peaceful and loving.
  17. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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  18. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    lol vaginamite, I swaer thatdudes teeth look different in every video
  19. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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    yeah and they flagged the video the cunts. fuck youtube. the amazing athist can talk about sucking a shemales dick till he chokes on the balls but when KKP talks some shit about haters he gets doged
  20. siklikeaidsup

    siklikeaidsup Member

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    Fuck hydrocodone OXYCODONE WHER IT AT HOMIE lil bit a coke n we good to go well then i add a couple xanax...