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Drunken Stories

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cherubic Meekus, Nov 7, 2004.

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  1. textathief

    textathief Senior Member

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    id a throwie while drunk and i missed a letter......lucky it wasnt a piece
  2. textathief

    textathief Senior Member

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    syrup no offence or n e thing but i dought that story 30% :p
  3. epiL*

    epiL* Senior Member

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    woke up in my driveway under the tarp from my old quarter pipe, squeezed under the front of my moms car, passed out on the kitchen table, got a ride home from a bitch pig while completely smashed walking down a main road with some markers and some weed leaving a party, she was cool about it though and let me go, tagged quite a few major buildings including schools and the next day i saw my work and didn't know i'd done it the night before,passed out in the circle at the end of my buddies street on a bench, it rained on me that night
  4. epiL*

    epiL* Senior Member

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    a 3 liter cup? thats one huge motherfuckin cup...considering 3 litters is like 60oz and most cups are 8-12ozs [/b][/quote]
    nah man they got 64 oz cups, at quicktrip, and if someone called me a wig i'd have to hit them, or at least break a window on the car, sheeeeeeeeeeeeiiit
  5. fuckin villan

    fuckin villan Senior Member

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    whats really great is when you get so wasted you dont remeber tagging. IV edone it a few times where a few days later you drive by a spot and see something you did and cant remember when. this may not be as amusing to others as it is to me, just thought id contribute that, im sure a few people out there can identify with that.

    Another great drinking memory is when a freind who was very drunk, had to leave a party at about 11, because he had to werk early the next morning. So we all say goodbye to him, and think nothing of it, figuring, even tho hes pretty wasted, that hell be able to get himself home. So about 4 hours later, i leave the party to head home. So im walking by a bus stop, when i see a hunched form, their head between their knees, totally passed out. As i get closer, i realize its the guy that left the party four hours earlier. So i try and wake him up, he quite coherently, explains to me that hes waiting for the bus. Well the bus stopped running about 2 hours ago i explain. So i get him up, and start him walking in the direction of his house. He made it home, but has never been able to live down falling asleep on someones lawn beside a bus stop. needless to say i dont think he made it to werk the next day. This is the same kid that has passed out and injured himself everytime he smokes shisha.
  6. diwat26

    diwat26 Senior Member

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    Let me post a story:

    Once we where tagging after a party with my buddy Klew26 ... we where drunk and I had to piss so I stopped by a pillar. Klew was tagging on the pillar next to me with white paint, and before i could even take a breath he painted my dick to white!
    He almost died by laughting, I was upsetted.
    It tooked a half hour until I cleaned my penis with a prickly nailbrush after I've returned home.
    Nice story, isn't it? :lol:
  7. SeapNSR

    SeapNSR Senior Member

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    rumph ugh ffphlh urrrmphhhhh
  8. afek

    afek Elite Member

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    too many to tell

  9. sloppymouthsex

    sloppymouthsex Senior Member

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    im jus gonna come to this thread when im drunk an wanna talk random shit... you all kno what i mean...

    yea so i blac ked out the first time last night, the last thing i remember is playin beirut, goin upstairs to find a bed, an woke up sometime pretty early, not knowin how the hell i got on the beer pong table,. i come to find out this mornin that i got out of bed wantin to play another round of pong an fell asleep on the table trying
  10. sloppymouthsex

    sloppymouthsex Senior Member

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    hahahaha ive done that myself man
  11. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    agreed man the last time i got drunk i got pissed with some random people celebrating an 18th birthday and i was 13 i tried to climb a roof at a school and smoked or the first time and i cant remember anything else bout that day.
  12. pace1

    pace1 Senior Member

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    last night drank a half handle of vodky and a handle of some triple sec. got my buzz going and fell down some wood steps, i had sox on and the floor was wood so i ate shit. i got up and was so confused and pissed. I was like wtf is wrong with me . then procceded to scream profane language at my sox for being slippery and shit just decided to sleep right there and woke up this morning with a bruise. still pretty mad at those sox:(
  13. J.A.B.

    J.A.B. Senior Member

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    u drank 1 and a half handles...i think you would be dead..or i dont no what an handle is
  14. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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    About three weeks ago my brother and I were in Kansas City and we were having this party, getting drunk and smoking bud, the usual. Well we were partying cause my boy lives in apartments but in his building he is the only resident and he is the property manager. Well about 2 hours in everyone is fuckin' wasted and across the room I see my younger brother making out with some fucking chick. This girl has a boyfriend too. So they are making out and my friends and I are just rooting him on and then out of nowhere he pushes this girl so hard she almost falls down some stairs. Then he starts screaming "Eww, yuck and fuck!" and starts running back to us. Turns out the girl whispers to him that she is on her period, hahaha. End story here.

    It was funnier then, 'cause almost everything is funny when you are in that state of mind.
  15. Zazuy Whore.

    Zazuy Whore. Member

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    Im Sober and seems pretty funny to me^^ HAha

    About a year ago now,
    Me and a a bud and his girlfriend. Were just out getting drunk and passing the Joint, in my buds girlfriend, friends house,
    Eventually We had one to many beers and what not. Got Sent out. =P haha
    We were just roaming the streets stumbling and falling on eachother,
    My bud(ryan) Leaves us for the majority for 20 minutes comes back with this bright yellow bag type thing, Or what it appeared to be.
    We walked somewhere, I remeber me ripping open the un-set up tent with my teeth and getting inside of it like a sleeping bag, Me still drinking a beer.
    twas about 1:00 and me, him and his girlfriend were all like laying down in a unset up tent, ffreezing note, This was like the middle of november, and in newfoundland it getts petty fucking cold.
    we eventually woke up at about 11 the next day in a outside tennis court, and me with both shoes gone and one lost krink marker and a pair of dusters.
    Wouldent take the night back though.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2008
  16. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    one day in the summer, my 2 friends picked me up around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, and they were both trippin mush. the night before i had stolen a handle of bacardi from this party we went to, and it was already more than half gone the next morning, so i decided to pour it all into water bottles. then we all left my house, and i started drinking. we then proceeded to get more alcohol and all get trashed beyond belief. we went by my soon to be girlfriend (now ex)'s house and she gave me a free pack of cigs. we found this chill building that no one was at that i'd painted at like a year before. outside the building there's these 2 old wooden picnic tables, so we chilled there and smoked and drank while they came off their trips. we kept calling people to come there and meet up with us, and before we knew it, it was dark and we were headed to a party with some friends that had met us there. we then played a lot of beer pong and drank a lot of beer, and one of the original friends i was with threw the party host's phone in the pool cause he was drunk, and the host didn't see that it was him. so the kid made everybody leave (it was a smallish party). so we all sat outside his house at the cars trying to figure out what to do. i somehow fell and nailed my back on the tailpipe of my friend's bronco and didn't feel it, but i guess it bled, cause it stained my shirt. i then looked down and realized that all of my cigarettes were gone and i had just gotten them 30 minutes before. so me, the 2 original friends, and this girl all head back to the chill building and the picnic tables. i sat down on one, and my 2 friends sat in between me and the girl (who was sitting at the other table), but i wanted to sit next to her, so instead of getting up and walking over, i decide to climb up on the table and try to walk from table to table (which would be a very easy task if sober). but the first step i took, i stepped right in between the 2 tables, and woke up on the ground staring up at everybody (who were all laughing at me) with my body twisted all up, one leg still on the table, one hand on the seat, and the rest of my body on the ground. turns out i nailed my head right on the edge of the other table, and dropped my drink whic was in a styrofoam cup, fell on my friend's drink and crushed it, then fell on my drink which was on the ground and crushed that.

    needless to say, i don't remember anything else from that night, but i woke up the next day with a 4 inch gash in my head, and dried blood and dried drink all over my shirt and hair.

    just a little anecdote from the good ole days in the summer.
  17. Sewn

    Sewn Senior Member

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    I got drunk once...
  18. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    i plan on having more stories after this friday night
  19. JETPACK!!

    JETPACK!! Banned

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    23 beers and i knocked some chick out cuz i thought she was a guy an she was in my face

    got my ass stomped afterwards cuz it was right in front of her boyfriend hahaha. i was drunk enough not to feel any pain from a dozen guys stomping me for a couple minutes.

    worst part of that night was that one of hte guys gave me a wedgie while i was in the fetal position on the ground.

    all my homies were outside cuz there was a fight earlier with one of them an they were all taking a walk to calm him down. i had a couple chicks save my life, how humilating hahaha. i dont know if they would have stopped if a couple of my girls didnt start buggin out at them an shit.

    i lost a necklace that i got from my grandpa though, shit was passed down through two generations and i had to go and fucking lose it:(
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2008
  20. tuckfoys

    tuckfoys Senior Member

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    this thread deserves a bump!
    anyway yesterday we were drinkin tequila and i almost got my ass ran over on a bike by some suv. i turned the corner and saw that shit like 10 feet away. but it took awhile for my ass to turn the handle bars and just gtfo the way. lucky lucky...