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Economic Situation Of Writters

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by daloner, Oct 16, 2005.

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economic situation of writters

  1. Rich

  2. middle

  3. poor

  4. homeless

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  1. daloner

    daloner Member

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    i was just wondering and was curious, cause i read in an article that wit time more rich and middle class people have started to write, so just wanted to see
  2. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    lol its true... but this will be biased... few poor people are on internet
  3. daloner

    daloner Member

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    cyber cafe, friendz, libraries, i d k, srry people for da triple threds, fuked up computer :blink:
  4. tekkem flop FLA

    tekkem flop FLA Senior Member

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  5. Paschendale

    Paschendale Member

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    i want the 30 seconds of my life back for reading poetry should be banned as well
  6. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    cyber cafe costs, and well most people who dont have a computer at home dont do much more then check out porn and emails
  7. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    you didnt have to read it idiot... and what are you gonna do with those extra 30 seconds?

    you waste an extra 20 just posting that shit. get off BS if you want to put your time to good use.
  8. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    i come from a middle class background
  9. snow2skate

    snow2skate Elite Member

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    Actually a computer and internet these days doesnt cost that much money, People who have no job and are on welfare can afford it...
  10. PureSole

    PureSole Elite Member

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    Id say Im between poor and middle...So I don't know
  11. The Incredible D

    The Incredible D Elite Member

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    lower middle class.
    but i bet the real ghetto writers dont shit their time on forums and taking polls.
  12. JadedSketches

    JadedSketches Elite Member

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  13. ghostbusta5

    ghostbusta5 Elite Member

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    hahahaaha :D
  14. RMA

    RMA Elite Member

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    My family used to be rich but then one thing led to another and now were poor. It sucks.

    Anyways, I don't think the economic situation of writters is all that important. Graffiti is more or less annynomas Bill Gates might be one of the dopest writers ever, you just don't know yet.
  15. liquidvenom

    liquidvenom Member

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  16. i nuk all night

    i nuk all night Senior Member

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    im a middle class mother phucker :huh:
  17. DEKOR

    DEKOR Elite Member

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    im middle class...
    i remember reading about dat homeless lady on zephyr's site...wat she write again?
  18. MÅ?ne

    MÅ?ne Guest

  19. DEKOR

    DEKOR Elite Member

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    i used to be low class when i was in france...
    use to be fuked up but had da best time messing around with frends instead of goin 2 skool...
    now im middle class in nz, goin 2 skool etc...
    shit ur life changes aye...
  20. jd07

    jd07 Senior Member

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    i used to be poor, then i my dad moved into the stock market and found that he was really good at it. in the past few years we have been middle class and recently he has been making some more money. i would say upper middle