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Energy Drinks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by InvisblSkratchPiklz, Sep 9, 2005.

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Which Is Your Favorite

  1. Red Bull

  2. Sobe

  3. Monster

  4. Guru

  5. Amp

  6. Hype

  7. Bawls

  8. KMX

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  9. XS

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  10. Other (please specify)

  1. CeseOne

    CeseOne Member

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    rockstar's taste the best to me for sure
  2. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

    • Messages: 808
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    Im drinkin Wicked Energy Drink. A bottle of it was 88 cents so i was like wtf so a purchased 3 bottles. I plan to drink them then get stoned.
  3. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,077
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    In Australia we got some shit called V I used to drink that all the time. But I never feel any fucking energy from any drink lmao. They're just yum.
    And whats that Wicked stuff like!? I've seen it never bought it, got that crazy art design on it aye?
  4. n0b0dy

    n0b0dy Senior Member

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  5. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

    • Messages: 808
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    Wicked aint bad. 475ml bottles at cheap as chips in my area are 88c. If ya look at two dollar shops you will find a good deal on them
  6. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,077
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    Yeah haha I see them all the time for cheap. But I dunno I've bought lollies from wo dollar shops and they were like proper real brand and they tasted like shit, but at a grocery store they were fine lmao.
  7. Astrob

    Astrob New Member

    • Messages: 3
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    All energy drinks are good, but it doesnt even keep you up or anything. Taste is good yo.
  8. pilerskee

    pilerskee Senior Member

    • Messages: 100
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    there too fucking expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. SKOG

    SKOG Senior Member

    • Messages: 50
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    semen is a great energy drink
  10. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

    • Messages: 241
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    red rain and redbull i just shop lift it
  11. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

    • Messages: 241
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    but whats even better then energy drinks?...meth
  12. Raptoroo

    Raptoroo Member

    • Messages: 7
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    Adderall :) But I'm in Australia so I drink Mother, the purple one is nice
  13. RatyzOne

    RatyzOne Senior Member

    • Messages: 121
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    How do you know that?

    I don't drink this stuff anymore, but Rockstar was my favorite.
    They give you a straw with it so you can drink your energy drink and use that straw for something else...
  14. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

    • Messages: 241
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    one liter for one doller and it tastes just like redbull
  15. Rites

    Rites Member

    • Messages: 36
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    Rockstar and Jagermeister tastes like chocolate. I'm down with the 5 hour energy, drink two and you'll need a calculator to take your pulse. Alcahol gives my tons of energy, I can stay at work 24-7 drunk.
  16. twisties

    twisties Elite Member

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  17. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,689
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    Aldi's got this shit called Gridlock, 99 cents for a 16 ounce can. pretty good shit.
  18. Apse One

    Apse One Member

    • Messages: 39
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    Monster is the best flavor, imo, but i get tired of it and like to switch it up with NOS and RB. Right now i'm drinking RedBull.
  19. SENDone905

    SENDone905 Senior Member

    • Messages: 74
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    I drink cheetah because of how cheap it is lol, or amp because I love mountain dew.
  20. troce1

    troce1 Member

    • Messages: 9
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    theres this energy drink called : code red : it amazing and cheap but its made in saudi arabia and i think its only available in the arab countries