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eRacking - A Comprehensive Guide

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by TheMastermind, Jul 1, 2015.

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    eRacking is "social engineering," but for graffiti products. Social engineering (SEing), is basically the manipulation of people to get what you want. In this case, we are after free graff supplies. To be more fair, this falls more into the category of "warranty exploitation," and "refunding," but a lot of people call it SEing anyways.

    Why you should e-rack-------
    Because it's free shit with almost no risk whatsoever. Nobody that I know of has gotten caught for this shit. It's also easy and extremely profitable if you do it correctly.

    Product complaints ---------
    Find some kind of spray paint company, marker company, etc. Find the "contact us" page. Tell them about how you purchased a pack of their stuff for a project, but it has failed miserably (ie. spray paint quickly ran out of pressure, markers were dry, etc.). Tell them how you have always been a loyal customer, but this incident has made you want to switch companies. You may need to have the product with you for the serial numbers and bar code, or you can take pics at a store. Copy your complaint, and repeat it with every paint company imaginable. Make sure you edit the product names to match the company you complain to. Usually, they will send you coupons for free paint.

    Works best for Amazon. Purchase the item you want, and then make some excuse. A double dip is when you first ask for a replacement, and then ask for a refund, ending up with two orders for free. It works the same way with triple dip and quadra dip.
    empty box method: tell them that you were confused to find that your box is sealed, but empty, except for the invoice and maybe packaging. Ask for a refund or replacement if you want to double dip.

    never arrived method: tell them that you're worried that your account says delivered, but you can't find the package. Alternatively, you could say that you came back from vacation, and cant find your box, despite telling your neighbors to watch out for it. Doesnt work for $600+ orders because they would want to investigate.

    Wrong product method: tell them how you found the wrong item in the box. The wrong item should be similar weight, but cheap, because they might as you to return it. In that case, just go to walmart or something.

    NOTE: avoid investigations at all cost. If they want to investigate, make up some excuse, like your parents told you to wait before doing anything, or you're on a train and you want to wait to get off, etc. Find another rep.

    The key is to be as convincing as possible, as if it actually happened. You have to add your own twist to it to make it more believable.
    I would recommenced buying something like a 72 piece Copic set ($300), or a bunch of spray paint. Obviously, don't use the empty box method for paint bevause its fucking heavy. There's no point in refunding cheap orders, because anything under $500 is just as easy. If you have an old account with many orders, you might as well go for a $1200 mac book pro and then just selling that. The first refund is always the easiest, because the more refunds you do the more they catch on, and the harder it gets. Anything over $600 and should call them, instead of using live chat, because calling is more successful. Make sure to add legit purchases in between refunds.

    Paypal/CC chargeback method-------
    This is rather unethical, as it mostly involves graff companies or individual ebay sellers. For the most part, it'a not gonna work for large companies.

    Buy your item(s) using PP or a credit card. PP is known to favor the buyer in chargebacks, so I would recommend PP.
    When you get the item, open a dispute for wrong product, or if it doesn't have tracking, use didn't arrive.
    Lie about the product being wrong (ie. stealth ink is water instead of actual ink, wrong colors, brand, etc.) or not arriving.

    I would not recomend this method, because it's like racking from graff companies.
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