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Ethics, Morals & Code Of Awriter

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Big TL Springs, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. Big TL Springs

    Big TL Springs Member

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    i couldnt find this at all,,,im shure its been discussed,,,what ever,,,though..

    For Me dont tag churches, peoples homes (unless they deserve it)

    Dont be a ass and go in a bathroom and tag the windows,,,i would like to see myself in tha mirror,,, theres vandals and then theres writers,,,,

    dont go around searchin and detsroying "every thing" wit yo weak ass ideas and tags

    Dont make people hate us even more , Ahh i hate it when good cans go to waste

    some one speak on writing on other peeps stuff and all the other baggadge i left,,,

    some than to get started
  2. Statik

    Statik Member

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    yeah for sure no churches.

    peoples houses if they deserve it id write like "FUCK YOU", but i wouldnt like actually tag it cuz thatd get linked back to me probably.
  3. FunkSoul

    FunkSoul Senior Member

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    Found this video yesterday on coincidence.
    This is the exact opisite of what you should do...
    These fucking toys just destroy the whole train...if I'd see them doing that i would smash them outa the broken windows they've destroyed...

    CANADIANA Senior Member

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    dont hit tombstones or cars either
  5. dajam410

    dajam410 Senior Member

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    I have no respect for any sort of organized religion, therefore if i found a sweet spot that just happened to be a church, i wouldn't hesitate for a second to paint it. I could honestly care less...

    I don't write on personal property (cars, houses, etc) or Government buildings.

    Before people start beef: I dont have anything against ALL religions, just organized religion. If offended you then don't take it personally.
  6. whoaru2banexplosivo_420

    whoaru2banexplosivo_420 Member

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    THATS THE HARDEST SHIT IVE SEEN IN A WHILE. glad you showed me that shit -)
  7. phen

    phen Member

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    the way i see it is your bombing the city not houses or cars unless its a cop car definately no churches or graveyards have respect for that kind of stuff :ph34r:
  8. wax

    wax Senior Member

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    I don't see why anyone wouldn't bomb government buildings, that is the main target if anything.

    I wouldn't bomb churches, cars, homes, graveyards or medical facilities. Anything run or owned by an enterprising conglomerate of people who don't give a fuck about me, enemy number one.

    Think of it like theft, you would steal from a faceless victim but you wouldn't steal from someone who is going through the same strife you are. Don't bomb anything where anyone but the government or franchises are being hurt.
  9. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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    Dont hit anything anybody gives a shit about.
    Houses, peoples cars, tombstones, kids schools, the sidewalk, chruches, etc.

    Respect your elders, and your betters.

    Dont heat up chill spots.
    " tEh AcT CrEw TuNnEl Is ThIs Way --------->>> "
    This is an invitation for cops and wannabe gangs.
  10. dajam410

    dajam410 Senior Member

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    Unless you want a nice felony offense if you ever do get caught then I suggest you don't
    vandalize government property, common sense.
  11. slick dick willy

    slick dick willy Senior Member

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    I also heard "no ma and pa" stores but
    I've seen stuff on them and I've hit them before.
  12. Statik

    Statik Member

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    yea ive seen that video of thoses morons on youtube who think thier cool.
    its like embarassing to watch.
  13. tasty

    tasty Senior Member

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    THATS THE HARDEST SHIT IVE SEEN IN A WHILE. glad you showed me that shit -) [/b][/quote]
    yea man i think that vid is fucking sick.. i'd do that to subways if my city had em.
  14. wax

    wax Senior Member

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    Unless you want a nice felony offense if you ever do get caught then I suggest you don't
    vandalize government property, common sense. [/b][/quote]
    don't get caught :lol:
  15. slEEt

    slEEt Elite Member

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    Writers have ethics and morals? If we gave a shit about stuff we wouldn't be out fucking shit up in the first place.
  16. crappytheclown

    crappytheclown Member

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    def not i think, i hit up any mom and pop store i see, unless i see that their doors or walls have been painted over then i wont do it, just a waste of marker or of spray
  17. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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    ill hit a transit car anyday

    civilian cars-no
  18. Detoxication

    Detoxication Senior Member

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    dont say shit untill you know why... one of there leaders in the crew got caught and beat down on that exact train.. so they went back and fuckin destroyed it... mad respect for that.. i would do the exact same thing...

    im not trying to sound like a badass at all but were already destroying shit as graffiti writers... but churches, gravestones, hospitals, and family homes are the only thing i wont hit up...

    and about the government thing, if i had a chance to hit up the white house i would in a second...
  19. dajam410

    dajam410 Senior Member

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    So true. Haha.

    This is a stupid thread, everyone is gonna say the same answer: private property, churches, tombstones, etc. It's so obvious would you shouldn't vandalize, we don't need 100 different people saying the same exact thing and wording their replies differently.
  20. Special_K

    Special_K Senior Member

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    Im in this to create my art and get away from the shit we all deal w/ in our lives outside of graff. So i don't waste time w/ bombing shops, cars, homes, etc. etc.
    Unless i've been provoked to do so. The one thing thats really really a big problem thats getting out of hand in hawaii's graff seen is "Getting Up" wannabes going over everyone whose worked so hard and paid their dues to get fame. I saw a fresh DAIM style piece and not 2 weeks later some toy put "SFC"!! over it. So writers who are new to graff need to put in the time, and then when they are good enough go out and piece.