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Ethics, Morals & Code Of Awriter

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Big TL Springs, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. C3ZR ONE

    C3ZR ONE Moderator

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    If you want to smoke blunts in the graveyard, that's your perogotive, but do you hit up the graveyard? Naw, like you said, you walk over to the overpass.

    A place for everything, and everything in its place... ;)
  2. ClasZWun

    ClasZWun Senior Member

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    If you are gonna write, don't write everywhere, don't go as big as fucking possible, do your BEST. fucking over Churches, religous places, that's for nine year olds to think they're cool, and years later feel like shit. I Personally think bombing is rough and dirty, rooftops, going over people, etc. But Piecing, taking time to do something you've practiced, put effort into, and ofcourse are proud of prior to buying your paint, is completely wonderful: On the Right Place ofcourse. You don't see pieces of Kings on churches, or city hall. Don't try and be like the fucks you see in video-games. You see king pieces on trains, walls, alleys, stations.
    Just use common sense. Plan things out, think about how it will affect people. Don't be all "IM BOMBING THE SYSTEM, YOU ALL GAY!" Because that kinda stuff gives graffiti writer's a bad name. We are Vandals, in a legal Sense, but we're not vandal's to eachother.
    Maybe I'm retarded.

    PS: C3ZR. Your Signature made me laugh for like, ten minutes.
  3. Genocide

    Genocide Member

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    Ill only hit signs blank walls in shoppin malls corner stores and shit like that. Churches are a no no. I dont care if your Muslim, Jahova Wittnesses, well maybe them always knocing on my door. Bastards. No matter what religion or lack thereof you are. Dont hit a church. The one time I did was cause it was lookin raggity and got caught by a preist type guy or some deal and ask me to get some boys and do a big mural. I wasnt there but it looked good. Dont hit graveyards. Thats just straight up disrespectful. You could be good as shit but it dont matter. I aint got much of a heart for that shit but I know what its like to have someone close to you die and then have their gravestone painted. Its a bitch to deal with. For all the onces that say LETS GO TAG A POLICE STATION! You can try. Good luck with that. Your a moron. No houses or cars cept for revenge. Other wise your just an idiot. Would you like to see some shitty ass piece on your property? No. So dont do it to others.
  4. satenbake

    satenbake Member

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    it never even came accross to me to ever hitup a church, common sence more or less... with schools also. you come out lookin like a toy no matter how nice your style is cause these are places you should kno better than not to hit. although i did hitup some kids garage door cause he was stalkin my g\f lucky i didnt get snitched on, i usually just hit greenboxes/signs/anything legit that people can see. but it bothers me when toys run around throwin up weak ass handstyles over perfectly good spots...errrr
  5. NKY Ali

    NKY Ali New Member

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    Yeah, No churches, I don't screw around with other peoples beliefs...
  6. *MNR*

    *MNR* Senior Member

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    there's no point in hittin up a church..even if you arnt religious..

    so thats that..

  7. Sli

    Sli Senior Member

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    every cop car
  8. shie a.k.a. drone

    shie a.k.a. drone Senior Member

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    well if you dont want beef then follow this:

    throw-up over tag
    peice over throw-up

    a tag over a tag is a dis a throw ova a throw is sometimes a diss and a peice over a peice is a dis to some people.
    tagging churches is f^ck3d up to me and so is tagging private property.but to me tagging public isnt a crime because you or your parents have to pay taxes that go into the city sooooo we own a share of public property and writing on your own sh!t isnt a crime. :p
  9. xXSARSXx

    xXSARSXx Senior Member

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    for all of you who says y do we care if u choose to bomb church's...... we care because that gives us "writers" a bad name and seriously most people wont give u any respect if u fuck with that shit
  10. [NESTER]

    [NESTER] Senior Member

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    ya man writing on anything religious is so stupid
  11. reka one

    reka one Senior Member

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    if its nice ill do it

    cept for churches and houses
  12. efso

    efso Member

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    yea man i think that vid is fucking sick.. i'd do that to subways if my city had em. [/b][/quote]
    that shit's hella fucking stupid.
    that's not even graff anymore.
  13. Ewzer

    Ewzer Member

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    NAH man diferentiate ancient buildings from new 4 walled churches, those are ok to hit, but only if its in a prime spot, used to be one in lachine where the back was visable from the highway, i woudl have hit that! but they put up a sound barrier, so out of the question.
  14. Self 19

    Self 19 New Member

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    tagging everything in sight makes us look like vandals more so than we are but barren walls and abandoned shit open season
  15. Brian Peppers

    Brian Peppers Senior Member

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    Here is a question about ethics. If there is this toy, that just follows you around and rags all your shit, and i mean everything, shoudl you just send him home bloody, turn the bastard into the cops, or just leave it be and just put your name back up?
  16. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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    the last one.
  17. Albert Fish

    Albert Fish Elite Member

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    no matter how toy someone is why would you ever even talk to the cops. never.
  18. slEEt

    slEEt Elite Member

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    You want as little confrontation with the law as possible.

    I say beat the fuck out of him and spray him in the face, then put your shit back up.
  19. thatnortherntwat

    thatnortherntwat Member

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    dog all his shit, scare the fuck out of him. If they are little give em a little slap and make em shit themselves then id imagine that would help xD

  20. war terror

    war terror Senior Member

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    my philosophy:

    1. never on churches or schools
    2. never on cars, but yes to cop cars
    3. never on business signs
    4. dont etch on windows to restaurants or cafes
    5. hotels, motels, resorts... you must be dumb.....

    1. steal only from big business stores that have the money to get the shit back
    2. if the store has more money than you.. rack
    3. dont rack from the same place twice in a week...
    4. bring someone to help you
    5. act super friendly, theyll never know
    6. dont wear baggy jeans black hoodie and a black skully.... youll look like a criminal.... to the public..... blah blah
    7. be chill, and always think positive