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Ethics, Morals & Code Of Awriter

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Big TL Springs, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. senrox

    senrox Member

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    ya i hate those kind of people who are like just plain fuck stuff up
    its a shame people think of us REAL writers as bitches like them
  2. blondeshady2001

    blondeshady2001 Senior Member

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    yea ive seen that video of thoses morons on youtube who think thier cool.
    its like embarassing to watch. [/b][/quote]
    asses... plain and simple. you wanna tag it fine, then ppl see it cool. you trash the car enough, they'll take it off the tracks and then no one sees the shit...
  3. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    HAHA this video is sick.
    I honestly dong give a fuck for the most part. like, i dont like hitting schools or whatever.
    But chuches and graveyards and peoples houses and shit are another story.
    But anything that peoples tax dollars go to is another story.
    Some fucking dropout asshole is getting paid to whitewash that shit, and its me employing people if i feel like being naive.
    But as far as that video goes, Who gives a fuck. Seriously. Were fucking criminals, and your never going to get anywhere with graffiti socially if you dont accept that and learn to enjoy it.
    Go hit legal walls and canvases if your not down with that shit.
    More room for me to fuck shit up.
  4. Excalibur

    Excalibur Senior Member

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    Some of these peoples replies are so dumb son. Wtf, man, learn from the Legends son, don't mess with churches and stuff, that is like common sense, and as for the whole there is no "man" shit, there is "The Man" he's just gotten smarter, and he's fooled all of those who don't see his ass. Get real, I'm not really on some rebellion shit with my graff, but I am fightin' the Man, and getting up at the same time, ya feel me son? Check this out, Don't be stupid, just get up, and get out, and get smart . Stop talkin' stupid shit, the enemy is always there, wheter it be another Krew, or some dumbass pig, the enemy is there, Keep ya head up kids, and stay in the game.
  5. kaiser

    kaiser Senior Member

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    public a member of the public..therefore its partially my property so i get a say in what happens with it....if i say i wanna bomb the hell outa it..then i will
    just my opinion
  6. x2112

    x2112 New Member

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    I live by oklahoma city and well there is a shit load of churches on the way to my work and some kidhit the doors,walls,and even the crosses with his tag I was like damn he must really be searching for some attention he hit like two or three of them. I have only meet one guy that like started back in the day around 80's and he just told me the simple rules you know the basics I need to know so I don't get my head busted in.
    it sucks casue I moved away back to to OK and have no idea where the scene is if somebody knows anybody that hits in OKC hit me up.
  7. live-EVIL

    live-EVIL Member

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    WOW, you shouldn't even be doin graff if you think destroying windows and seats is ok becuz you pay tax money for it, your jsut another toy out there whos not gunna be in it for a while, and yo ass is gunna get arrested for doing shit like that video mutha fuckaa!
  8. Cose

    Cose Member

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    live-EVIL: You pay tax money to clean graff. You get arrested for graff. Don't get me wrong, I think those guys in that video are retards, just looking for attention. I mean sure, it was probably fun but sometimes you gotta set a limit.

    Anything privately owned should not be hit up by you unless you have reason to. Like some guy who lives on my friends street is a big prick, so one night while we were bombing, we took a shit on his porch. But spraypainting some random person's car who probably doesn't deserve it is NOT cool. Same especially a place of respect like a Cemetary.

    When I see graff on churches or graveyards im dissappointed cuz thats disrespectful. You may not beleive in God, but the people who go there do, so if you wanna vandalize somebodys place of worship or their tomb, think twice and go tag your own great-grandma's grave.
  9. The Ant

    The Ant Member

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    yeah i believe hitting up churches is wrong. or small buisness owners (unless you hate them cause they kicked you out of the store)

    first..its a church. people thier dont even care about graf. if they see a tag in the bathroom theyll be all "hey,,look at this kid. he taged a church. God be with him" cmon seriously. dont fucking tag churches. its just wrong and stupid.

    and dont fuck up small buisnesses too. cuase their probably broke already. and tagging thier walls make it look crapier then it is already. but then again. if you hate them. go ahead lol. just draw a giant black line across the entire building.

    but seriously. think about what you tag. cause technicaly your paying for it

    the moral of this. is have sum respect. cause technically being a graff write has nothing to do with destroying trains like dumbass. being a graff write means that you write on walls..simple as that. it doesnt include destroying public property.
  10. Red3

    Red3 Senior Member

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    I don't think you gave near enough info, can you elaborate please....


    Nice job though

  11. purik1

    purik1 Senior Member

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    yo that movie si funny shit
  12. fitzy5814

    fitzy5814 Senior Member

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    that movie gives a bad name to bombers all around the globe
    we do art.
    not destroy shit.
    those are the types of bombers who give us a bad name because the general public who sees that make a generalization about us.
    I for one dont want to be labeled a "criminal"
    I see myself as an artist who expresses himself through aerosol art.
  13. Cose

    Cose Member

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    I agree with you that we are all artists expressing ourselves, but unless you only do legal walls, you are a criminal. To me bombing is half about the art, half about the fun/rush of breaking the law.
  14. Mr.Sars

    Mr.Sars Senior Member

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    I'd take paint from a couple of toys who dont deserve it, wouldn't you?
  15. Mr.Sars

    Mr.Sars Senior Member

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    Fuck everything, If see a class spot on a church it doesn't mean i won't do it.
    Just not peoples houses.
  16. skech

    skech Senior Member

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    Mr.Sars ... as in 902 sars?? is it you?....


    double posts are weak
  17. Tade

    Tade Senior Member

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    I won't tag houses, or cars. The only way i would bomb a church, is if i was gonna do a "Jesus" piece or somethin' :p. Government buildings, schools, highways, franchises, and shit like that are my playground. That Youtube video is just retarded. I HATE stupid kids who think they are fuckin' god cause they can break a window. It's completely retarded. Toys like them are the reason why graffiti has such a bad image in society.
  18. DNA1

    DNA1 Senior Member

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    i wont write on churches cars or houses. it depends on whos house tho. other than that everything else is fair game
  19. RoEbot

    RoEbot Member

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    The only rules i go by are

    1. No churches, or any house of worship for that matter

    No personal property like Houses or Cars or shit. Unless its someone you ahve something personal against the person. But I believe delivery trucks and shit like that, stuff thats used for business is fair game.

    Also i think public bathrooms, schools, mirrors, inside of subways, pretty much anything that isnt a church or belonging to someone personally is fair game.
  20. clockwork

    clockwork Senior Member

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    I think that so far the posters seem to have a good head on thier shoulders.

    Churches are a no no unless its a jesus piece. Schools too. I dont like the thought of the schools getting tagged then there will be hella toys lol.

    Cars houses and pets are no nos too. Unless they desrve it.

    Anything GOV, company owned, State city owned, Property of candy soda and machine companies, ALL fair GAME in my book.

    Children. I tag them if I get the chance.