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Ever Get Caught Or Almost Caught?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by "SOAP", Jun 12, 2005.

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wheres ur fav place to tag?

  1. bathrooms

  2. under bridges

  3. skools

  4. trains

  5. tunnels

  6. other

  1. EsKoNeR!!

    EsKoNeR!! Elite Member

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  2. i write

    i write Senior Member

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    never been caught, but an old bitch did stare at me once whilst performing a cuttie. speakin of old women this fukn hore on the train took up 2 seats jst so she could have an extra seat for her bag 2day, and she wasnt evn good lookin women are only good for makin dinner, doin laundry and makin babies thts rite i sed it. fuk rude cunts like her its makes me wna put a glass bottle in my sock and beat the dog acorss th mouth.
  3. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    fuck home depot. i work at lowes and ill tell you right now, our corporate store policy is to never, ever approach a shoplifter. you could quite literally drive a john deer tractor filled with paint through the front door and nobody would say a damn thing. where i work we dont even have cameras or any security personel. ive personally watched probably 5 grand leave the store, and nobody gives a shit. so next time you're itchin to rack ssome paint steer clear of the big orange box and head over to lowes.
  4. A.C.K.

    A.C.K. New Member

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    I got caught putting some stickers on a sign like a dumbass.
    "You wanna take thos stickers off?"
    "That's what I ws tryin to do"

    Haha, he drove off.
  5. Rasp

    Rasp Member

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    last night i was showing my friend my tag and some others i had found,we were at a park and i was showing him this tag i found and a rent a cop comes up and im thinking what does he think he's gonna do and he said had already called the cops so we just walked away
    fucking rent a cops
  6. noam12

    noam12 Senior Member

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  7. buffadds

    buffadds Member

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    Once I finished a can of spray, dropped it where I stood and proceeded to walk home, only to get rolled up on by an undercover in a car. I remained calm, let him know I knew my rights, turns out he didn't see me graff he was just fishin. asshole. Anyway, he didn't find shit on me and got frustrated trying to assert his self importance at me and drove off when I questioned him on the probable cause that allowed him to search me.

    Then another time I started on my outline and my spotter walks over to me fast but casually saying "po, po, po, po, po, po," I drop my can and grab the smoke from my ear and put it my mouth and start pretending to bum a lighter off of my friend. They slowed down real slow and glarred out their window at us but kept driving, it turns out there was a fire in the projects right next to where we were bombing and that was where the cops were headed. We realized how heat it was and booked after finishing a hollow.
  8. shifty_ruc

    shifty_ruc Senior Member

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    Na. I rep the Hella Cutty Ninja's. We're like the fucking wind. Gone. :ph34r:
  9. Cham

    Cham Elite Member

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    I got trial in a few months for not doing graffiti, but being accused of doing it......snitches get stitches.....
  10. EAK

    EAK New Member

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    DAMN i just got caught today and i have to go to court (first time gettin caught) and i'm like 13 so dey givin me like 500$ and sum community service so i might not graff for a lil but work on more of my Bbook! <_<
  11. AcuTe1-StaSHBoy

    AcuTe1-StaSHBoy Senior Member

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    ive only been confronted one time and thats wen i was the biggest toy on my life i was writeing on a fire hydrane with a pen lmao and some random lady pulles up to me in a car and says "what are u doin!?"
    and i said nutthin and walked away lmao

    and another time i left my house cuz i was mad as shyt so i left with my magnum 44 and i was tag on this wall and i saw a light comin down the alley way so i sat on the step and put the marker away it was the cop so they flashed that bright ass light at me and i just looked at the and they drove away
  12. theprokilla

    theprokilla Senior Member

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    i got confronted the first time i ever went out. We were out at like 1-2ish and on the side of a major road getting rdy to do a 4'x6' (not me i was just there for fun) and one of my friends was sitting ontop of the 8' concrete wall they were about to paint and a cop drives by. Im like shit and they guy top of the wall goes "THEY'RE MAKING A U TURN!" and we all run through some of the "wall bushes" (u know the ones around edges of rish neighborhoods) and were like ok were in in the middle of some huge neiborhood behind the arpartment buildings were stright so about 10 seconds later a cop pulls up inbetween 2 buildings and shines the lights on goes hey what u doing? my friend goes FUCK and we all just ran the fuck in every direction... it was realy fuck actualy since i wasnt the one chaced.
  13. WritinG_SPIRIT

    WritinG_SPIRIT Senior Member

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    I was up in washington state visiting right... had to leave the next day so i decided i wanted to leave a few marks on some trains and hit up some walls. i didn't live there so i did my shit recklessly, motha fuckin' 24 hr surveillance cam was in my face, i danced for the motha fucka and blasted the walls pretty good!! did the same for some other cams @ different places. movin' on to the trains, it was me and my 2 close cats. percith was takin' my graff shots on the trains till this old train dude was on his little cart speedin through checkin' the train tracks... that foool was on the other side and we fuckin' ran and had to climb over inbetween the trains, haha, shit was funny cause i kept trippin' with fuckin' 4 cans in my arms! we all ducked down while that cart motha fucka was passin us through, then we just continued our night on--- oh yeah, by the way, that track was fuckin' haunted, some prostitute died there and it felt like that bitch was around watchin' us... yeppp..
  14. sabe2

    sabe2 Senior Member

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    i got caught in febuary i have too go too court march 12 i have 4 5000$ charges wright now
  15. oni.kin

    oni.kin Member

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    i thought we were getting caught. in the most inconspicuous place, where no one should be (me and mate were practising), this fella walks past. his shirt had some sort of sign on it, so im thinking someone called him ( i thought he was security-council fella). me and my friend freeze......then this guys just goes "whaddya doing!" jokingly and keeps going. wat a legend. people like that keep my faith in human kind intact :p
  16. m3ssagexinxbl00d3

    m3ssagexinxbl00d3 Member

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    Today me and my friend were tagging on the side of this building and my friend shouts run then i look behind me and there are these dudes in like suits that look like cops. So i dipped and i my friend hid behind a dumpster and he put his paint in his bag when he went around the guys grabbed them from inside there car and i was watching and i was scared as shit. I was like fuck it so i went over to them and they were like your not in trouble or anything we are mormons and im like wtf and they gave us a mormon bible and asked for his parents number so he gave them his cell number and they have been calling non stop
  17. nero122

    nero122 Elite Member

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    lol last night got off the bus stood at the stop took out my pen man drives past stop in the middle of the road starts beepin n im like yh whatever like in the song finished the bomb n walked off calmy n just him sitin there like wtf . oh n bombed up a whole bus while it broke down people just stared lol .
  18. m3ssagexinxbl00d3

    m3ssagexinxbl00d3 Member

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    and they took our cans and threw them in the dumpster so we went back when they left and got them back
  19. Sentile

    Sentile Senior Member

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    Some old black women called the pigs on me today..didnt get caught
  20. the boogeymonster

    the boogeymonster Senior Member

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    get caught by cops or anything?

    I got caught by a seamonkey while I was hitting up his place