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Ever Get Caught Or Almost Caught?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by "SOAP", Jun 12, 2005.

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wheres ur fav place to tag?

  1. bathrooms

  2. under bridges

  3. skools

  4. trains

  5. tunnels

  6. other

  1. irockyourass

    irockyourass Senior Member

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    i got caught doing a marker tag in a lirr train. they took me up to the police station in penn station and i sat in a cell for like 3 hours before they took me to jail downtown... i only spent like a total of 10 hours in jail before i got to see the judge and get out. wound up getting off on time served. they wanted to give me 3 days of community service buy the public defender got me off with nothing. pretty sweet deal.
  2. Seker One

    Seker One Member

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    Yeah, i was bombing up a pole on Mainstreet in my city.

    There was an I-Witness, 10 Minute later... 3 squad cars pulled up. Me and my homie both had Jumbo Sharpies, and streakers. enought to convict us.
    They took us downtown, spent a whole day in Jail untill my dad got me out.. Eventually got 50 hours of community service :/ But now i make sure to watch my back..
    A week later, bought 10 cans of Kyrlon and had a bombing sesh.
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  3. menso

    menso Senior Member

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    busted a nice tag on a electrical box and a cop creeped up saw it i told him it wasnt mine as he got out the car to go and touch it to see if it was wet i was half way down the street and just took side streets till i got away from the jake.

    SMOETH Member

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    Learn Parkour=NEVER GET CAUGHT.
  5. Junglizt

    Junglizt Senior Member

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    I thought it would be a good idea to go bombing after a heavy drinking sesh in town. I was stupidly bombing in high streets in the city centre. feds came round the corner and stopped me, saying they had been called by someone watching me do it on CCTV. got an £80 fine for it. That same night i lost my wallet, wasn't a very successful night to be honest haha!

    lesson learned though,
    don't go bombing after drinking loads
    don't bomb where there's CCTV
  6. InnerCityRebel

    InnerCityRebel Senior Member

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    I've been caught maybe once or twice for tagging out of the million other times I almost got caught. Doesn't really phase me, the adrenaline rush just makes me go crazy and might as well finish what I started with a BANG, and sometimes idk what I'm capable of. The other shit on my record are for assaults and hitting a lick once, but I did my time, and all that's behind.
  7. wolf806

    wolf806 Member

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    I was going around hitting handstyles as many as i could. then i hit this shed in a alley close to the street and while i did it my buds were hitting me and slapping me. I finished and then turned around like "WHAT!?" my boy goes "DO YOU NOT SEE HIM?!" there was a guy standing by his gate smoking a cig and talking on the phone the whole time. we asked if he was gonna snitch (being 14 at the time) he goes "Nah man i dont care im talking to my girl right now go away!" it was crazy if it was a cop i my dumb ass would of been busted. "if it was a snake it would of bit you."
  8. Steam2014

    Steam2014 Member

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    this one time i was hitting up a wood panel on an abandoned house with a crayola streaker and this guy came out of nowhere and said what the fuck are yuo doing. and i said dont worry its just a crayon itll wash off in a day, (i knew it wouldnt) and he grabbed his phone and said im calling the cops and that was the signal to bounce. I was twelve or some shit when this happened
  9. BridgeRat

    BridgeRat Senior Member

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    4 years ago I got caught doing spray paint stencils by boonie-town PD. They confiscated my tools and brought me to my fathers house. I think because I was young and they were very small stencils on one building,they let it slide.