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Ever Got Yourself In Your Local News?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by [breakout]-azer, Feb 23, 2007.

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have you ever been in the news becuse of soemthing youve done?

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. sort of

  1. From the Ground Up

    From the Ground Up Senior Member

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    woooow, u must live in a small-ass town for a trucker (of all ppl) to write a note to the paper my city its no big thing, they just paint over it
  2. RUDE_Bwoy

    RUDE_Bwoy Elite Member

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    nope,not yet though
  3. StAtiK1

    StAtiK1 Senior Member

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    lol ya its a small town, when i started writing it was me and like 3 other ppl then ppl started seeing it and now we got a new batch of retards with sharpies. shes not a trucker shes the head of commerce in the town and the owner of the home hardware here i think:p
  4. Skeggi

    Skeggi Senior Member

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    never have, never will. "I" will never be in the news, but my work has been.
  5. sactown916trainrat

    sactown916trainrat Member

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    i was staying iwth my folks and they ate in a small town, i did a all city bomb, i hit up parks, bathrooms, busses, rooftops and evey thing i could hit, i was out of the town the next day, today my mom calls and says the news paper has a full story on vandal hits our town and home owners are scard, she is sending me the news clip and all post it when i get it.
  6. nero122

    nero122 Elite Member

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    yh alot lol mainly bombing though cos when u hit the whole place everyone is like omg
  7. haze_one1

    haze_one1 New Member

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    iveheard that i was on the news at school but nothing that ive personaly seen .but i also dont watch the news around here so whatever
  8. 0lick v3.0

    0lick v3.0 Banned

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    i ended up being wanted in a local apartment in oxnard =P. my tag showed up on the newspaper over thier but i wasnt thier to see it. my cuzins had to tell me =[
  9. capitol

    capitol Senior Member

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    i was in the news for my christmas celebration in kindergarden:)
  10. YUMI27

    YUMI27 Senior Member

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    Does having sex with newz12 count as getting yourself in the local news?
  11. nero122

    nero122 Elite Member

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    well its in and out a few times so you get props
  12. Disec1

    Disec1 Senior Member

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    ive inadvertantly been in the news, but thats about it
  13. RUDE_Bwoy

    RUDE_Bwoy Elite Member

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    ha u wuz scaring folks.wowww.some funny shit
  14. BombingSciences Bitch

    BombingSciences Bitch Senior Member

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    I was one of those idiots you see shouting random stuff behind a news reporter once...
  15. Teez-EmM!!!

    Teez-EmM!!! Elite Member

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    i read the artical jokes
  16. PaintThaStreets P.T.S

    PaintThaStreets P.T.S Senior Member

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    id rack rack paint from thier then tagg thier van saying thanksfor letting underaged kids by paint, are you that desprete for money?
  17. CRN-one

    CRN-one Senior Member

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    never made the local news, but I made the paper next town over for some stickers I strung up by the truckload, and I made the front page of a paper a few states away for a single weekend of debauchery... mmm, good times.
  18. SEZ

    SEZ Senior Member

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    made the local newspaper, we were painting a legal in an illegal area or some shit, anyway it was on a main road so we attracted alot of attention, we were fighting with security, they took pics of us and our pieces and put it in under the crimes committed page!!!
    that rocked 4real! we were the shit just for painting hahaha
    even got laid because of it hell yeah
  19. 2facedkillah

    2facedkillah Senior Member

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    i shot some guy nd some girl with a bb gun n lodged it into there skin made front page of the weapons dangerous and assukt qith a weapon n went to trial
  20. phse2

    phse2 Member

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    School newspaper