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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TIONZ_ER!, Jan 11, 2005.

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  1. TIONZ_ER!

    TIONZ_ER! Elite Member

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    Post up what your style is, from clothes to hair, If it deals with looks, lets see it.

    [Broken External Image]:

    I dyed my hair last night....
    Dark brown and platinum!
    My wardrobe usually contains, very tight shirts, tight girl jeans, dickies, baggy jeans, and some camo and black fallens...

    Gosh! im so emo!

    lets keep this alive!
  2. hitshit89

    hitshit89 Senior Member

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    :ph34r: tionz ur a girl?? neway i got da hip hop look i got a blowout and wear all my clothes baggy!
  3. Captin Incredible

    Captin Incredible Senior Member

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    Tionz is a model....
 hot right now
  4. CaSoNe

    CaSoNe Elite Member

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  5. TIONZ_ER!

    TIONZ_ER! Elite Member

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    im no girl.... thats me though :-\ mr skunk said waster !
  6. ViKn

    ViKn Elite Member

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    im no girl.... thats me though :-\[/quote]

  7. Shrink

    Shrink Senior Member

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    Band T, Short Hair, Uh, Vegan Shoes Or Boots, Rolled up Jeans.
  8. ASEN

    ASEN Banned

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    Old skate shirts, jeans, work pants, old skate shoes, leather jacket, boots, a few hats. Sunglasses when i feel raunchy. Sandals when i'm high.
  9. infer one

    infer one Elite Member

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    i go naked but when my mom dresses me i have some g-unit and eminem shirts...with some g-unit shoes and the g-unit spinner piece for a chain...and some gangster hates and rags...also baggy jeans. im all white im all jewish and everything but my soul is black. word is born niggas. and yo my hair is in corn rows!
  10. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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    cool hair..... im more into wearin abercrombie and aeropostle and stuff but when i go bombin i rock the big hoody w/ the backpack and the the dana
  11. Payney

    Payney New Member

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    I wear A ecko jacket Jum baggy Jeans Bandana and sum Air force ones. :D
  12. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    who fuckin cares
    this is the dumbest thread ever
  13. infer one

    infer one Elite Member

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    dont get jealouse cuz you arent in g-unit...sides just let the post whores do there thing and sit back and relax
  14. ILL

    ILL Elite Member

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    short hair always baggy clothes hooded sweatshirts always with tha hood up and my dope T.O.B hat
  15. bez

    bez Senior Member

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    what tha fuck? stupide thread!
  16. Alyte

    Alyte Elite Member

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    im gonna try this new thing i though of today. im gonna take a white sock and cut the toe off and put them over my shoes, it'll be sweet. but yeah, im all about the ripped up hoodie with thumbholes and weird ripped pants that i'd sewn up a bunch of times. hair with wings...multiple collar'd shirts at one time. umm yeah
  17. Alchohlics_Anonymous

    Alchohlics_Anonymous Elite Member

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    hahah comin straight from msfyt's mouth! and look like a girl. either that or your a fag. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    tionz hes so hot right now, tionz

    it too shows that modles can die in freek gasoline right accidents :lol:


    ill play along
    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
    i got b boy stays for miles
  19. infer one

    infer one Elite Member

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    omfg! gesus do you have fake wooden legs that are like stencils!?!?
    sexy mask i must say
  20. Nikon

    Nikon Senior Member

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    How...euro [/b][/quote]