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Favorite Spray Paint?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by westcoastbomber, Apr 14, 2005.

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whats ure favorite brand of spray paint

  1. Rustoleum

  2. Walmart

  3. Krylon

  4. Belton

  5. Moloto

  6. Montana

  7. Other

  1. afek

    afek Elite Member

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    it doesnt matter to me
  2. Lemon

    Lemon Senior Member

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    Montana as it's the only one available to me.
  3. svker

    svker Senior Member

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    krylon, cause i like it colors, color vision for some shit.
    but If there out of Krylon then I go with rusto. have tried montana as of yet :T
  4. pace1

    pace1 Senior Member

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    WTF? are you on planet numbnutz.
    rusto is sick
    fucking american accents line is the shit
  5. FaultO

    FaultO Elite Member

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    i'm guessing the majority of people on here havn't used all those types of paint to make a real decision.

    i don't care what i use..... i prefer colour vision, or tru colorz
  6. NOMX

    NOMX Elite Member

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    if i had tons of money i would go with montana, in terms what i think is the best i would go with molotow (but isnt very appealing to me.... dont know why) , but i usually buy rusto or painters touch
  7. otrfatcap

    otrfatcap Senior Member

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    i love belton, its the best ive found, then rusto and montana are fighting for second.l..
  8. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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    Yeah I dont care what paint I'm using. Although I do preffer Rusto over all.
  9. =Threat=

    =Threat= Member

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    montana...were i live u get paint for £1
  10. AcErErEaGaIn

    AcErErEaGaIn Member

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    beltons da best 4 me cos its da easiest 2 rack and wen u avent got da guts 2 rack they sell it 2 under 18's
  11. RAIN_TRB88

    RAIN_TRB88 Senior Member

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    i have used most paint apart from rusto and wallmart ya dont find it over here in the uk, my personal favourite is montana hardcore.
  12. REMEK

    REMEK Senior Member

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    belton premium, partly because ive only had diy shop paint one can of alien, one can of montana gold and 20+ cans of belton
  13. RAIN_TRB88

    RAIN_TRB88 Senior Member

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    how comes a lot of people on here dont get hold of montana so much i got like 45 cans in my room now.
  14. REMEK

    REMEK Senior Member

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    beton is cheaper where i live. plus montana is more drippy and smells more that belton.
  15. 7th chamber

    7th chamber Member

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    ive only used krylon and walmart,so im going with krylon.montana is too expensive
  16. RAIN_TRB88

    RAIN_TRB88 Senior Member

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    belton is drippier its a load of shit and is oo high pressured i have to put montana stock caps on it to get a decent pressure i can work with.
  17. start today

    start today Senior Member

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    krylon and rusto cause i get em for a dollar
  18. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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  19. kidsorama

    kidsorama Senior Member

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  20. wrek10

    wrek10 Senior Member

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