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Favorite Spray Paint?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by westcoastbomber, Apr 14, 2005.

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whats ure favorite brand of spray paint

  1. Rustoleum

  2. Walmart

  3. Krylon

  4. Belton

  5. Moloto

  6. Montana

  7. Other

  1. SE6

    SE6 New Member

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    why isnt fresh paint up here... 2.95 and same quality as ironlak. comes with dope caps also.
  2. PHREEone

    PHREEone Senior Member

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    dude that poll is fucking old as shit.... lol and i love fresh paint, clogs fast tho, good bombing paint just for fat tips..
  3. dudeatyahoo

    dudeatyahoo Senior Member

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    Rustoleum 3x coverage painters touch!
  4. Tuke

    Tuke Senior Member

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    Anybody who using mtn 94 noticed that it has an smell of vanilla in it. No but seriously i cant be the only one
  5. Steam2014

    Steam2014 Member

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    montana black/gold. worth the money
  6. BridgeRat

    BridgeRat Senior Member

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    Montana Alien. I just love their quality and size.
  7. PHREEone

    PHREEone Senior Member

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  8. Ahoy514

    Ahoy514 Member

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    Bombing: Any sort of hardware cans preferably Rustoleum or Colorplace

    Piecing: Montana 94 all day, however what i usually use is Kolour or Ironlak because its cost effective.
  9. afaq2327

    afaq2327 New Member

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  10. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

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    went with rusto. Ive never tried Montana, Ironlak, Belton, or any of those big fancy paints. Rusto is the best ive used so far
  11. PHREEone

    PHREEone Senior Member

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    hard to believe you lmfao ,, #JS, I DONT! LOL
  12. dirty.

    dirty. Member

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    y is there no ironlak :(
  13. dangeri

    dangeri Elite Member

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    Do u not think there is a baaaad fade on ironlak in the sun? like noticeable over a week.
  14. Mannnnnyy

    Mannnnnyy New Member

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    Rusto is where it's at. IMO it's the best all-around paint (trains, walls). Most of the colors don't fade and will last for years and years.

    I found a store locally that sells Montana Gold cans, they're expensive as hell (6.99 on sale!) but I racked more than 40 cans from the shop. I really enjoyed using that paint. Only downfall I saw besides the price was that they're pretty loud when you're doing a fill-in. The cans have 2 balls inside so it rattles like crazy. And I am not sure if the paint will fade or not. But they certainly have an amazing color selection. Mmmmmmm Shock light green <3
  15. C200

    C200 Member

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    i like kolour its new and is really cheap good quality also liquidex but its super expensive
  16. Foo

    Foo Senior Member

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    Going on what the guy above me said, Liquitex is probably the best paint I've ever used. The colors don't fade (not in my experience at least), rattles like a normal can, doesn't spray loud, and it doesn't emit that recognizable odor that pray paint has.
  17. Mr.Late

    Mr.Late Senior Member

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    Fuck all that noise MONSTERRR
  18. AcidOneK10

    AcidOneK10 Member

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    Montana is owning my brah :D M RULZ!
  19. Artsupplies31

    Artsupplies31 Member

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    I like Walmart and Montana sometimes also use Maimeri Idea Spray Paint.
  20. writingis4life

    writingis4life Senior Member

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