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Finally a decent tagging app for android! Made by Sydney Writers. DOWNLOAD HERE

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by droptags, May 19, 2020.

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  1. droptags

    droptags New Member

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    Hello fellow writers!

    I've made a sweet new tagging app.
    I need all the support i can get! (feedback, reviews, etc)

    Currently only on android.

    Fresh drips, nibs and backgrounds.
    Next update--->. (Fatter markers, undo button, more backround options and a lot more!).

    Made by Graffiti Writers, for Graffiti Writers.

    App name:
    Tags - Graffiti Marker
    (download in playstore)
  2. gumOnShoe

    gumOnShoe Elite Member

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    This is a fire ass app.

  3. droptags

    droptags New Member

    • Messages: 2
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    Im glad you like it!
    It will be updating in 1-2 days and will have more functions.
    please feel free to share this app around :).

    Stay true to the scene.
  4. SUG

    SUG Elite Member

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    I like it! just a little choppy when going fast

  5. Jdogtags

    Jdogtags Member

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    Please make it for App Store, Android is garbage