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Finger Ever Go Numb

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Emerica, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. Emerica

    Emerica Senior Member

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    like on sturday we were taggin like fo ever and the tip of my finger has been numb ever since..that ever happoen to ne of you?
  2. ASEN

    ASEN Banned

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    no, never. i think you might have cancer.
  3. infer one

    infer one Elite Member

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    like taggin in da cold yo!? like dude that happend to me man, weird bro, k3wL thread!
  4. DismGraffiti

    DismGraffiti Senior Member

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    that happened to me it was weird feeling wouldnt go away until the next day
  5. vungoh

    vungoh Senior Member

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    it happens <_<
  6. Emerica

    Emerica Senior Member

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    yo thanks for the comments
  7. ares

    ares Elite Member

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    And herpes.
  8. KAY-lo_use_RUST-o

    KAY-lo_use_RUST-o Elite Member

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    mine was numb for a week... its normal... i think....... haha
  9. wreckone.

    wreckone. Elite Member

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    Possibly carple tunnle or whatever. All i know is that I'll never have can control becuase the longest i can hold a can down would be like two minutes before my hands and forarm go numb.
  10. ->toNE*

    ->toNE* Elite Member

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    yaa i have had my finger go numm but it only last a cupple hours
  11. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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    it means the can will explode soon.
  12. name1

    name1 Elite Member

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    i got frost bite a few times, but yea.. seriously last night it was like 50 degrees at least and i did a little 3 or 4 minute piece and my finger still today is all tender at the very tip.

    i knnow alchol thins your blood and makes it easy to get frostbite when you are painting, but yesterdaywas the first time ive ever experienced the numb sore feeling when it wasent even that cold out. i think maybe eentually u just do lots of nerve damage and now my shit is fuck.

    anyone else?
  13. Skore_One

    Skore_One Elite Member

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    its true it does happen its happened a couple times before just yell at your finger and stab it with a mini shank BIATCH then it wont fuck with you
  14. epikstyles

    epikstyles Senior Member

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    frostbite, kills your cells, so if you really got frostbite it will never go better and all the skin should be dark, just a numb finger
  15. glue

    glue Elite Member

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    shits happened to me. thw worst is when you poke something with your thumb and it hurts for a few days then you hit it gain and it like never goes waay. :ph34r:
  16. fiction

    fiction Elite Member

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    And herpes. [/b][/quote]
    and....and.......and.........poop. lol

    i got a wall i made in my back yard its huge and when i do a peice it takes forever, but anyways like my arm REALLY starts to hurt.

    not my finger though.
  17. Slob

    Slob Elite Member

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    most aerosoul producs are very cold, like compressed air. it can freeze your finger tips if you get enough paint on them. put on a laytex glove and spray your hand.
  18. name1

    name1 Elite Member

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    u can get frostbite without it turning black and falling off im pretty sure , or frost nip. i dont think theres a distinct differene, all i know is my shit has gone frozen and then swollen up for like a month before it came back to normal, and now the tip gets tingley and numb way to fast.

    i have apic of the piece i got frostbite at once when i was like 16 its funny
    [Broken External Image]:
    i shoul dhave only used one m. that would have been suffiecient.
  19. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    when your finger goes numb its a sign from god to stop writing
  20. epikstyles

    epikstyles Senior Member

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