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Fire extinguisher

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Greky, Jan 6, 2018.

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  1. Greky

    Greky New Member

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    Hi guys, i wanted to fill a fire extinguisher with some paint but i can't seem to find one wich has a valve to pressureise it with a bicicle pump. Any of you have an idea where to get one like that?
    Sidenote: I don't want to buy one from Krink, way too expencive.
  2. Flow845

    Flow845 Senior Member

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    they're called water fire extinguishers and they're all over craigslist. get a raincoat while you're at it
  3. Greky

    Greky New Member

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    Thanks for the help !!
  4. BombingWriter12

    BombingWriter12 Elite Member

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    can you extinguish a wall with a regular fire extuingisher with the regular fluid thats inside of it
  5. gumOnShoe

    gumOnShoe Elite Member

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    Yes you can. Now, brave knight, embark on your quest.
  6. doped

    doped New Member

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    Anyone ever tried using an extinguisher with ink instead of paint?
  7. nastynasty

    nastynasty Senior Member

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    No, but it'd be the same effect I assume. They're both liquids.
  8. HexxInkworks

    HexxInkworks Senior Member

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    the whole reason why you use house paint is so you can thin it down with water to make it runnier, which as a result makes it a similar consistency to ink, but not as runny as ink. filling an extinguisher with ink, instead of paint will be very messy, but also dramatically more expensive (in either money or time, thats if you decide to rack your stuff)
  9. nomadic.carpenter

    nomadic.carpenter Senior Member

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    Hahaha please post a pic if you end up doing this
  10. Dabaddictedmonster

    Dabaddictedmonster Member

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    I dont get why you would wanna use ink shit whould be expensive as fuck and would faid. Just go to home depot and get a gallon of oops paint and mix it with a gallon of water, i find that to be a good ratio. I have seen people cut the tips off calking and tapeing them to the nossel to have them spray farther but have never tried it. Personally i don't like them at chill spots because they drip and why ruin a nice piece with a tag, so keep them in the streets. Thats my bit of knowledge on them
  11. doped

    doped New Member

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    Before anyone even responded to that post I was already thinking about the cost difference. I wasn't asking for help working with paint though, only whether anyone had tried using ink. I'm more than aware how to get marked down gallons of paint from hardware stores.

    I'm with you on spot selection though. Always thought it was stupid to get up with an extinguisher someplace where you have all the time in the world. If it's height you're after, just use rollers. Save extinguishers for the spots you can't afford to linger at.
  12. ZERØbombing

    ZERØbombing New Member

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    That’s true I dislike when people use extinguishers at a good spot because it basically make a big part of a will hard to use or sometime unusable. One good spot got tore down because someone decided to cover the building in dicks so they destroyed the spot it was a chill as spot and you didn’t have to worry about cops or anything you could even paint in the day whelp now it’s gone