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First Time You Had Sex

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clockworkfuse, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. syrup2

    syrup2 Elite Member

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    this nigga mayng
  2. LESBO

    LESBO Senior Member

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    what a horrible thread.

    this wasnt my first time, just a story.

    last year around the time i was really going down the drain, i was addicted to oc's. well when your on them its hard to get an erection, and even harder to bust a nut. anyway i think i buffed an 80 before i went to this girls house then we smoked some blunts with her sister and mom... and her nana, i smoked up all of em'

    20 minutes after that i was noddin out and shit and next thing i know shes on top of me ready to fuck. i couldnt even feel my dick but i took it out anyways and she sat on it for 20 minutes, she even asked me if i wanted to get on top cuase her legs were tired, but she ended up cuming and i made her suck my crank till i blew a load. and i dont even remember how long she sucked for but i know it was loooooong time. i asked her to chill again the next night though cuase i felt bad, but i think i blew her off to go blow some contins. havnt chilled with her since.
  3. morningglory

    morningglory Elite Member

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    braine: hahaha mysteries hahaa
  4. Clear Fruit Nectar

    Clear Fruit Nectar Senior Member

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    yeyahhhhhhhh nigga!!
  5. GLOKnine

    GLOKnine Senior Member

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    my first time was in the back of her moms van.. her parents were in the house
  6. elcs

    elcs Elite Member

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    putting it in the butt is better
  7. wordzcantexpress

    wordzcantexpress Senior Member

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    We were both 17 and I drank a fifth of soco throughout the day well later we went to a friend of mine house and we fucked in the middle of the floor with a bunch of people passed out around us.
  8. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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    The people who lost it at like over 16, weren't you guys fucking sexually frustrated? That shit must of been hella hard.
  9. morningglory

    morningglory Elite Member

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    haha not really im just antisocial, dont drink, didnt do drugs at the time and i hate parties and most social groupings. therefore i never really got any opportunities
  10. FaultO

    FaultO Elite Member

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    i didn't do it til i was 17.... didn't bother me that much. though i was happy as fuck when it happened. not very good. actually quite wack indeed.
  11. dotone

    dotone Elite Member

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    my first time was fucking gay. the girl i went out with at the time was a whore, which i didnt know at the time, so she had a really loose pussy, so i couldnt get off. what a great 15th bday present....fucking whore.

    then this girl named tia i went with for a while. we lived close so i would sneak over to her house all the time during the week, but it fucked me up cause id have to go to school and i would only get like 2 hours of sleep(and unlike some of u, i need sleep) and it was fucking with my health

    but now i have a gf who i love and who has a big ol booty
    so life is good
  12. FaultO

    FaultO Elite Member

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    I Bet it was!


  13. graffiti*is*wrong

    graffiti*is*wrong Member

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    i met this gurl in holywood she had green hair but damn she looked good i took her home cause she was fine but then she wipped out a dick that was bigger than mine!
  14. morningglory

    morningglory Elite Member

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    haha i love that song.
  15. shifty!

    shifty! Senior Member

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    dont we all...that song never gets old
  16. FSH

    FSH Senior Member

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    (keep in mind im from az) i went to another standard party and got shit faced. after awhile of just laughing at all the drunk bastards around me, i started talkin to a girl i had known for a little while. sure enough by the end of the night i found my self ass naked on some desert like terrain banging a chick. moral of the story.......gettin laid on rocks hurts like hell the next morning. hah........
  17. NumbPain

    NumbPain Senior Member

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    it was with some girl i had dated for about a year.... i was 13 at the time.....
    we were in a movie, not sure ehich one, making out and shit, she started rubbing my cock, then pulled it out and sucked me up for a lil....then we went into the bathroom and she sat on it for a lil, it was hurting her too much so that was the end f that, the next day i went over and fingerd her like crazy to loosen her up a lil then i fucked... well she fucked me, since i couldnt even put it in she had to go on top... that all changed a few days later and i was having sex for 3-5 hours, not saying i didnt bust in that time but i would bust keep going till i was getting soft, eat her out or 69 get anopther and fuck again...

  18. clockworkfuse

    clockworkfuse Elite Member

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  19. -AbSrD

    -AbSrD Senior Member

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    this threads so lame
  20. E-Terror

    E-Terror Elite Member

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    one time i was feeling squirrely and stuck a pilot up my ass

    does that count?