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First Time You Had Sex

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clockworkfuse, Aug 16, 2006.

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  2. Msfyt

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    you and jj use that last night?!!?
  3. TwoWords

    TwoWords New Member

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    first time i had sex... hmmm.. well.. she was 16 or 17, i was 13... IT WAS MY 14th BIRTHDAY matter of fact. anywayzzz.. i was her 2nd guy.. and the sex was horrible... she insisted i wore a condom, and i couldn't bust to save my life.. so i gave up and told her i nut (when i really didn't) just so she would get off me and i could go and play with my power rangers again.

  4. TwoWords

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    lmao.. yeah a little.. ive been here for over a year.. just never posted.. figured i had to considering this was such a funny thread.
  5. near

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    if your waiting to have **that special moment** i say practice on a burrito first cuz its gonna be awkward the first time no matter what...especially if your the type of guy that waits...
  6. bruce

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    they got two! har har.
  7. Ova

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    so... back to topic anyway,

    My first time--i was 14 years old. i was ready to kill myself, so my mom had stayed up with me all night to make sure i wouldnt. she got tired, and allowed the guy who was living with us to watch me. he was 16. we had already been messing around for like 4 months and hadnt had sex... i was to scared to do it. but that night, i didnt care anymore. i didnt really care about anything. he was a raging slut, who prized himself on taking girls virginities... so he knew was he was doing. it didnt hurt and i didnt bleed (which is a unique place to be in i guess.) but it was the most interesting and incredible feeling i have ever experienced. i didnt orgasm or anything, it was just that i could feel everthing. *is careful not to get graphic* after that, i had sex at least once daily. i couldnt get enough of it. ive been dumped for being a nympho--which is pretty bad, id have to say. anyway, after about a year of sleeping with him on a regular basis, i didnt have sex for two freaking years. two years! and then i had my first one night stand. it sucked royally. he was my bestfriends boyfriend's best friend. he was cheating on his girlfriend with me ( and it wouldnt be the last time i "assisted" someone in their cheating.) but at least i was smart enough to not pull the "can i have your number?" card like some giddy desperate girl. because honestly... i didnt care to see him again. i did, however, and he was very uncomfortable around me after that. ahahahah.

    my first doggie style experience... Holy god. it was like somesort of barrier broke--it was the first time i could not shut up. i couldnt be quiet. it was impossible. and its been impossible ever since.

    now, so many years later, sex isnt a big deal. it is when youre new to it, but after gaining some experience--oral, anal, positions,and getting jizzed and etc. aint a big deal-- just part of sex. as long as you both get yours!
  8. cast LI

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    hahah wow girls post in this thread.
  9. Ova

    Ova Member

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    yes. yes they do, and i wouldnt be the first.
  10. HEAT

    HEAT Senior Member

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    i was 12 i think. i was practically raped by my homiez sister. my ma said that girl was probably sexually abused cuz she was like 11 or 10 and horny as fuck. yeah my ma found out cuz she kept a diary bout us fuckin and all the head she gave me. fuck that was a good 13 years ago or so, wait a minute, 15 yearz im 27.
  11. G - Wahl

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    did anyone else masturbate to this?
  12. nero122

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    no n heat that is just sick in so many ways n wrong on so many levels

    n damn ovas post was funny to me
  13. Asshat

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  14. Sesh

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    2 years ago when i was 16, wasnt my first experience but my first time going all the way, was at 9:00pm in the summer in a playhouse at a park, but we moved to the hockey box cause people were harsh scoping us
  15. Ova

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    ok, i dont even know what to say to that. to laugh.. to cry.. to run screaming in terror...

    remind me not to share anything sexual again.. now im getting hit on.
  16. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    is that seriously what gurls think hitting on is?! damn, ive been a flirt all my life, haha, well, atleast since i hit puberty...
  17. aefx-one

    aefx-one Member

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    I was at my girlfriends house and her mom went to bed and she said i had to leave by 11, so 30minutes after she said that we went my gfs room and started to make out on her bed and then she said 'i have a condom' so i said sure but i wasnt really feeling it cus i was semi-hard so we did it, wasnt that great
  18. Stim

    Stim Senior Member

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    i laughed out loud reading that and kays post withh the wine cooler
  19. Stim

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  20. HuntingLOLs

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    yeah when was that time? when your dad was cheating on his wife to knock up your mom and then take off? yeah, such great days...

    sex never been something special shared between people

    but i do laugh at the kids online "braging" about their wild first-time sex or sex generally.