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Flicks of Your Inventory [POST PICS OR GET AN INFRACTION]

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by oblong, May 3, 2004.

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  1. bountyhunter113

    bountyhunter113 Elite Member

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    shit, i can't find these or pentel 100w's anywhere in my area....i fuckin checked office depot and office max, where did u find these?
  2. ohgawdxcarcrash

    ohgawdxcarcrash Elite Member

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    they got them at staples ^^

    atitanicmodel.com_reviews_images_tools_minwax_markertip.gif not my pic, but are those tips like k71's?
  3. H3TT1NG3R

    H3TT1NG3R Elite Member

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  4. ThatguywhodrinksTea

    ThatguywhodrinksTea Senior Member

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    YNGLNS Senior Member

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    interesting, so I take it that it's refillable.. Home Depot find maybe?
  6. Baron

    Baron Moderator

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    Micheals has a bunch over by the wood area. Next to, or near, the aisle with the zigs.
  7. noxi

    noxi Elite Member

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    they have those at walmart too in the paint section
  8. ErrorOner...

    ErrorOner... Elite Member

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    they suck. non-refillable i'm guessing. might as well grab a zig medium point...
  9. ohgawdxcarcrash

    ohgawdxcarcrash Elite Member

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    they are refillable. i got a markall marker similar to it, just take some pliers and pull it off
  10. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    ALLOT thinner though.
    And theres some at Walmart.
  11. skull-e

    skull-e Elite Member

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    Those mini woodstain markers are hard as fuck to refill, trust, I tried and you end up chewing up the black valve part. Just rack something else
  12. CRAM760

    CRAM760 Member

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    this is what i work with on the daily...
    2 mini otr
    2 kr mops
    5 streaks
    50 ups posts
    50 hello my name is posts (estimating)
    2 pilots
    otr flowpen
    kiwi mop w/aluminum rusto
    silver mtn pocket can
    blu rusto
    im pretty high so i felt like listing it all.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2009
  13. Cesk

    Cesk Banned

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    This thread does nothing but depress me.
    How such shitty people have such cool things D:
  14. Nicht hellig

    Nicht hellig Banned

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    agreed .... i wish there were more toy writers here .... i need to find one and jack there shit
  15. MARTYRaz

    MARTYRaz Banned

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    u need a new sig dog....^^^shit ridiculously big as fuck....
  16. Osie

    Osie Member

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    3 Montana Blacks
    1 Belton Molotow
    16 Prismacolors
    8 Touch Marker
    Blue OTR Flowpen
    Red Montana Flowpen
    4 Kiwi Mops
    Orange Meanstreak
    Black Krink-77
    BleedThru Blue Krink-77
    Pink Krink-63
    Silver Hardcore Marker XL
    Black Hardcore Marker XL
    10 Painter's Paint Markers
    Few Sharpies
    ShittyGhetto Dalo
    Few caps: NY Fat, NY Skinny
    Post Office Stickers
  17. Osie

    Osie Member

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  18. noxi

    noxi Elite Member

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    you're stupid, go search the markers thread. This has been asked a million times.
  19. Live4TheWall

    Live4TheWall Elite Member

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    I just got insta-pissed at all these people with a shitload of markers. Promise you that 80% dont even use most of them, or dont even know HOW to use most of em. All my primsmas are dying :-( and the michaels AND ac moore near me just put everything behind glass, up front. BAH



    Most of the kitten-kaboodle.

    Didnt put my paint in there cause Im too fucking lazy to walk around my place and put it all together. But I've got another like 20-30 cans, and I think around 46 gallons of latex paint left.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2009
  20. Mick Jagger

    Mick Jagger Member

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    i need to stock up again..running low