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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. Edward"Sezer"Hands

    Edward"Sezer"Hands Elite Member

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    off the top of dome like rogaine.
    so much speakers in my car i jumped out and caught the train.
  2. G-Fat

    G-Fat Elite Member

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    oates in my cereal
    yee, i'm fo real
    caps aint peeled
    a city kid
    on the net
    oh shit

    hip hip heraa for lays chips
    fuck it i aint need no dip
  3. repsSDN

    repsSDN Senior Member

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    I've had time to rest and think on what you said,
    I spoke to my girl and she said she gave you head,
    but she cudn't even see what she was given head to,
    and she said you never cumed you pissed in her mouth EW,
    so now im back to slaughter you like a foot n mouth herd,
    your in the corner shaking with your back turned,
    you can't fight back you life is finished,
    i'll be crushing your bones until your completley deminished,
    and then i'll be feeding your body to the pigs,
    because they love the sight of fucking gay dead kids...

    no beef...
  4. Ginsu

    Ginsu Senior Member

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    sable, ur spitin' the same raps i like to attack
    pimps and gun wayving n****s can both suck my sack
    so spread those legs and get on ur back
    RUGBURN bitch u just got raped up the ass
    just kiddin no need for that kinda attack
    just a bord sunnuva bitch tryin ta rap
  5. MiNZ

    MiNZ Senior Member

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  6. syrup2

    syrup2 Elite Member

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    you must not know me cuz homie Im hung like a moose
    bitchs need asprin after I hit the caboose
    your right I pissed on your girl
    after that she clevland steamed with my boy earl
    you aint slaugtern shit and my backs not turned
    I hope you learn to accept the beatdown youve earned
    I cant fight back ?
    im and amatuer prize fighter
    get heat on the spot like a zip lighter
    you cant crush no bones but ya can crush my weed
    remeber bitch no sticks and nor seeds

    no beef
  7. repsSDN

    repsSDN Senior Member

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    Funny that cos i don't even have a girl,
    Its sounds like your so bad you shud be on "my name is earl",
    I'll accept that beatdown cos ill fight back,
    I'll be like the nut cracker making your head crack,
    And what you on about a zip lighter,
    you never had one mate cos it's not righteous,
    And the only thing i'll be crushing is your face,
    with my foot on it while you lie crying in disgrace.

    Not so good meh, no beef.
  8. syrup2

    syrup2 Elite Member

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    I just woke up its around nine
    before I saw your whack spit evreything was fine
    get some lines and get some style
    and then maybe we can pass around bars for awhile
    untell then step off the nutz and hush up the mouth
    before the 38 snub goes somewhere south
    you from england ?
    ***** im from cali chulos lean back when im in the vally
    born in compton and raised in the wood
    doing the rap game somthing good
    I seen broke cats get rich and ballers get dropped
    and as hard as you can try kid this rhyme cant be topped

    no beef
  9. snap_pxc

    snap_pxc Senior Member

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    man reps jst give it up already u got pwned
  10. war terror

    war terror Senior Member

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    holy shit, look whos come out with another hit, next time you should actually think before you spit, this is real hiphop, so stop spittin wack, shoot forward but watch your back, hittin your stomach like a snack attack, im never the least, you must know this name, burnin walls and crushin trains, im a midnight stalker smokin grass and takin names, matter fact, ill be in your hood kickin ass and breakin frames, this is a verse that hurts the worst from the center of the herse, dead birth or even born dead, shave your nuts and you cant tell them from ya head, the bell strikes 6, i need more quick, drop the shit by the door so i can split

    stop tryin to hurt me, this isnt torture, you aint hip hop either, get ya ass off the sofa, in order to spit longer, you need a motor, but for me all i need is to bleed and for anger to take over, i made this universe so called me the sculpter, im a phenom who doesnt take no for a insult, confused, well thats all your fault, its the reason that brought us here, so why fear, cuz in a second im about to leap the fuck outta here, its freestlye shit that gets me amped, get run over by hooker stampede and get tramped

    me and my friend fuckin around with battles... these were my verses
  11. -GEKS-

    -GEKS- Elite Member

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    none of yoo bitches can rap
    im really bad at freestylin
    bt all yoo kids gotta stop wylin
    i cant think of another line to say
    so thank yoo good night have a nice day

    wat wat
  12. -GEKS-

    -GEKS- Elite Member

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    wat the fck no one replied to my verse
    someone stand or i'll pt yoo all in a herse
    im in the mood to make some raps
    even tho its 2 am i aint takin no naps
    i been listenin to a lot o hip hop now i wanna try this
    so angry the steam comin owt of me make a hiss
    im really bad at this its all random words
  13. who is mike jones ?

    who is mike jones ? Senior Member

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    Oh SHIT yoU BitCHz Bout To WISh Mike JOOOOOOOOOOOneS nEvER CAme UpON DIS ShiT noW you FOOl'S Are DONee

    yo diz be mike jones
    breakiN All You BiTcH ASz Bonez
    SlAnGiN ouT dEm StonEs
    Im StaCkin DAt PaPer
    MiKe JoneS And HiS HomieS see You MomS and Rape heR
    DA BiTCh kEeP YelLin
    BuT SHe AinT TeLLin
    CuZ ShE kNows HeR aSz WiLl Get DRoPpED
    bUt NoT mIkE JOOnes ThAt ShiT Is SolD OuT iN SToW'es
    NoW Im TipPin On FO FO's

    Who? mike jones who? mike JOOOOOOOOOOnes
  14. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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    ill try
    dont really even listen to much rap..

    dope verses fly from my mouth like spit
    hit you in the face like a verbal pistol whip
    leave you in a puzzled state with a swollen lip
    i dont need a gun i just use fists, no clips
    pussys hear this, i will break you from your state of bliss
    shock you and tear off your lips
    words hit you like a round, im addicted to sound
    thoughts so profound
    hit you off your pedestal back to the ground
    rob you of your undeserved crown
    im known to shock and astound
    every crowd, world renowned turning grown men into clowns
  15. *OsBaGoSh@

    *OsBaGoSh@ Member

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    I see your a cunt that smells a lot like fish . so ill punch your throat and put you in a dish, rub ya nice while ya give me three wishes and after im done you can do my dishes!!! haha im stupid
  16. *OsBaGoSh@

    *OsBaGoSh@ Member

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    Wit so much things to say and so little time to spit
    i will always step legit so get off my fuckin back you toy ass idiot
    my graff may be whack but i will always lay it down heavy
    the shit will break ya back
    and so with a smack smack ill knock ya onto ya back
    ya dumb ass haters should stay off the crack.
  17. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    osbagosh took a fatle loss,
    got greedy try to steal from his boss,
    on the sly snaek a peek at my cash,
    stole a spliff of hash, feindin for my stash,
    head to end this fool real fast,
    didnt pack a gat, no need to blast,
    broke every bone he had, saved his neck for last,
    cuss my skill of the charts,
    my flow can stop a fat guys heart,
    batlle me u'll fale befor u start,
    my words will tear ur family apart,
    ur girl left u for a guy called mark,
    but she dosnt know mark fucks bob from work in the park,

    im gunna stop cuss im to high, kinda shit imo
  18. nsscanlon

    nsscanlon Member

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    rollin up with so much smoke you cant see me/
    got sick rhymes so they call me lil jeezy/
    be easy/
    stabbed four times in three seconds/
    shot 5 times with four different saw'd off weapons/

    got money on my mind and money is all of think of/
    blow so much dro its impossible to get the stink off/
    drink off/
    2 blunts and a cause of MGD/
    you think i cant drink boiiii just wait an see/

    after im all hammered i kick a lil freestyle/
    its still lil but the bitch go for a while/
    sounds a lil like you head bouncin off the tile/
    hopein for lil jail time when i go to trial/

    when i get out ima burn ya fuckin house down/
    stop pouring the gas an turn right the fuck around/
    chase you for a minute and then beat you in the ground/
    kill you so fast you aint have a chance to make a sound/
  19. You want beef?/ alright you got it
    /when you hear my flow/ you can also spot it
    /step up to me/ i capture you/ put you ina cage and make you babble
    /as i grab the cage/and make it rattle/ so come on
    /you wanted to battle/ you the defendent/ i'm the judge
    /i hold the gavel/ i sentence you to life/ 6 feet beneath gravel
    /i kick your ass/ and i watch you travel
    /when my pen hits the paper/ it sparks a chain reaction
    /my flow is a fatal attraction/ i can't not go hard/ no relaxation
    /no time for a vacation/ i've just destroyed anyone who wanted beef
    /so next time/spit for me
  20. nsscanlon

    nsscanlon Member

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    i wanted beef and i got it/
    you so poor you dont buy weed you spot it/
    im steppin up to you/ you aint capturin shit dude/ my rhymes about you are gonna be a little crude/

    ill take your rhymes and flip em/
    you barely hangin on, you drippin/
    your rhymes stink worse then when im in the bathroom shittin/
    this dude thinks hes hard but hes softer then a kitten/
    ill skin it and make a mitten/
    your mom so ugly she pays people to watch her strippin/

    my rhymes so intesnse/
    like 22's on a benz/
    im makin real money so this shit dont need to make cents/