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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. fuqqdiqq

    fuqqdiqq Senior Member

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    just livin in the city and ridin the bus around
    you could catch me at the local spot or at the playground
    i used to smoke weed and do drugs of sorts
    now i paint graffiti and use the force
    this shit aint a hobby its like a source
    to the underground movement
    you should take a course
    and stand up and take action
    to the political advisors
    fuck their satisfaction
    i wanna go out and destroy the world
    get my name up and get that girl
    most kats these days think they can write
    but mostly they toys
    and all they do is bite
    so if youve payed attention
    to my rhymes you can see that i got.. mad time
    to sit and flow, with people of my kind
    now id like to thank you for your ear
    just remeber that when i paint graffiti
    i write YEAR

  2. i've been patiently waiting
    for my final initiation
    slayin mics with such power and force
    i'm showing you how, i'm teachin a course
    your weak rhymes, are my inspiration and source
    spit at me, i'll spit back,
    constantly ready to attack
    verbal assault in matter of fact
    i hear sirens in the street
    the puttering of a graff artists feet
    you start to spit, then comes the beat
    i constantly win, never accept defeat
    i do a throw over you, it's a treat
    you gonna regret it, if we ever meet
    i'm like a young ali
    prime in his time
    it's artwork homeboy
    it's not a crime
    call me a light, cuz i always shine
    stick with the hoody and a fitted
    went over you shit, yeah i did it
    what you gonna do?
    it's your move
    sucka think you can come at me
    you hood rich, i know you are lying
    sit in your room, holding a pillow crying
    i mean attacking me, why are you even trying
    you know you end up in the street dying
    i'll put you 6 feet below the earth
    you know you were a curse
    from the day of your birth

    no beef, but ya came at me
  3. bouncingsoul

    bouncingsoul Elite Member

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    It’s funny how time digs a hole and lies underground
    Travel so fast it’ll beat the sun, but light is still unfound
    I’ll break the circumference and redraw the round
    Atomic bomb the borders and enjoy the sound
    The snap crackle and pop are replaced with criers
    Crack saddled and lost empires are dreamt higher
    The flying’s awake but in paraplegic silence
    The motionless, notion less, rest in quiet defiance
    The static immobilizing driving force of course
    The torque is short and ports whiskey at the door
    He’s courting whores, spitting fast and talking slow
    The prated fates, ostentatious fakes of show
    Cast is breathing, essence of life assured
    Natural, catching, beats matching the cure

    I kinda like that one. I'll finish more later

    And this one's like from 2 days ago... I'll finish it more sometime haha

    I create a nexus of flexes, I'll wreck it
    From the inside out, brain's melted, four seconds
    The intrepid, eclectic enthusiastic, fantastical
    Magical radicals preach statical laterals
    I'm the emphatic capital of static solemness
    An erratic answer of drawl calmness
  4. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    i got rap apeal, mass appeal, my shits unreal,
    heavy like steel when i spit and deal.
    never indigent, deligant, rhymes so sediment,
    i spit all the 4 elements, speak intelligent.
    sentimentally, you can see, im fresh so clean,
    im the dean, of this rap scene, so mean.
    dont test me, hest me, invest in me.
    im thursty for more, therefore, im not poor,
    i store it near and steer it far and dear.
    remember me, december tree, alive like a holiday.
    mild you say? im too wild today, you cant handle my way.
    im done, it was fun, left you stunned.
    dont forget, when i transmit, this shits legit and whit.

    i seriously made up as i went, really no thought involved, haha . tru freestyle but it was WACK

  5. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    if your shits unreal that makes you a phoney,
    your a fake, see me on the street pretend not to know me,
    cuss i dont affilate with fools whos I.Q. is below 3,
    i hang with gully guys who grow trees, only the high weed,

    cant be bothered to continue, no beef

    AZTEKA Senior Member

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    Yo you coming to me wit weak ass disses
    and you wonder why your punches are all misses
    you couldn't beat me if yo had a genie that granted you 3 wishes
    this kid probably carries his cans in a purse
    this bitch ant worth the swaer and the curse
    oh fuck it ya'll probably aint even bearin my verse
    ill gat your ass with weaponary thats illegal
    ill control you with the gangsta inside of me thats lethal
    ill leave you verbally assaulted and battered
    this bith would probably run as soon as the 1st blood would be splattered
    ill leave this kid like his dreams all broken and shattered
    it rattles your mind evertime i spit
    you twithin wit every word i submit
    yo ill finish this off and say homie you should just quit.

  7. When i spit, it's never a miss
    tear you up, bit by bit
    hmm, if i had only 3 wishes
    i cut you up, and serve you in 3 dishes
    pretty damn rare a gangsta thats lethal
    i don't need to fight you, i got people
    you say you'll leave me battered
    you're starting to realize what really mattered
    that you leave this site
    before we've all gathered
    ready to fight, in the dark of night
    you envious of me, homie you spite
    well this was no diss tonight

  8. Oink.

    Oink. Elite Member

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    this is a diss.^ hahah jk

    A contracted wackflow to the periods the toys blow
    pay for the cd's you bite, download some ish
    comepacked disk inorder to understand the diss
    underlined and bolded my styles unforgettable
    bitches find me edable(sp?) so please just bite

    ahahah all love baby
  9. bombthesystem

    bombthesystem Member

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    8 mile bitch does that shirt cum in yo size

    i'm in a rage hes tappin my mom where almost the same age
    on this micrphone i drop bombs THANKS ALOT FOR THE CAR MOMS
    its a 1938 delta this shit wont even get me to da shelta and i cant even stand fo motels so i'm back in the V wih no deal


  10. Oink.

    Oink. Elite Member

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    wow, prepare to be clowned on
  11. MonoR

    MonoR Banned

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    yo your talking about some gangster and shit
    but evrything i see out of you is a lil prankster bitch
    put a cops dick in your ass your being a snitch hoe
    they love it lil prankster whit huges assholes
    your just a shit you should get off the game right now
    you cant handle it if you feel like your pointed go hang your self
    and dont worrie ill be there whit your mom to laugh

    peace monor
    da classic krew

    (edit)im aint english but yeah..
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2007
  12. BotoX

    BotoX Member

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    lyrically im more vile than the southern confederation
    my words give your ear drums abrasions
    i wanna see real rappers, not these cheap imitations
    i didnt wanna cock the glock but yall is testin my patience.
  13. MonoR

    MonoR Banned

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    ill test your patience to the max
    i got a ak 47 full clipped
    waiting to get emptied
    you aint nothing but a bitch whos bitching
    im telling you me and my crew
    aint frontin but man step up on me
    and ill show you what the ground is
    ill ground you down like i ground up a bitch on my dick
    your glock you get it from the cops, sucking cock is giving eh
    ill kill you snitch ass
    i explode your rap police
    im aint a cop im a criminal
    compare my self a to a terrorist
    im aint here to plaY
    im just here to front whit people who dont even know what rap really is
    fuck you and your shit im dissin you thats right
    next time you get in front of me its not gonna be fronting
    but wrecking your wack ass shit

    wack mc your life you are
    me im just me and you what the fuck are you
    nothing but a toy ass fuck you
    dck here to stay

    word up D

    (its free style battle not beef) (edit)
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2007
  14. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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    look at these guys talking bout federation
    i got something for you suck my dick im on vacation
    im sick of this shit , whack mc's for life man
    we got pounds to sell while youre proud of smokin your gram
    shit man , youre a broken ass *****
    in this world bitch ,youre the motherfuckin worst rappa
    u aint a hustla u aint a writer
    face it or not ***** , youre a fuckin looser.

    dens one dck only crew i'll ever rep
  15. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    i slang trees with ease, bleed eyes with weed.
    see the feins pleed for more green and speed.
    i proceed to sell and indeed its greed.
    my creed is to breed the greenest weed.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2007
  16. MonoR

    MonoR Banned

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    ya love to rhyme whit eed eh? :p
  17. our houses being raided
    our privacy being invaded
    the cops, our shits been searched through
    in front of our families we've been degraded
    by people who don't understand
    we've been hated and violated
    got yall mad, cuz we still made it
    through and through, toughing it out
    freestylin and graffiti, is what i'm about
    pretty soon, i'll be burnin up clout
    go ahead and doubt, like sketch says
    you'll end up with a dick in yo mouth
    you are either my advesary, or my foes
    to my foes i do oppose there vicious flows
    i got you on lock in the scope, so bitch pose
    my vocab can be complicated or simple so everyone knows
    spittin rhymes off the top of the dome
    i'm a giant to you, you are a gnome
    i'll still do what i do, even if they tap my phone
    and to my boy week, stay up homie
    don't let the 5-0 bring ya down
    take advice from my homie the clown

  18. P-love

    P-love Senior Member

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    verse of some lil ish i been working on

    Look at the world today, so discombobulated hated
    belated plans of action, oh well we'll try it later
    unsatiated thrist for things updated
    traded between the void of human spaces
    traces of time running places, places unrelated
    stated chases and races upon which we build our bases
    A basis from which we stretch our homeostasis cases

    more shit (my cousin)

    TV's on, stereo blaring, children staring
    scaring parents losing their bearings
    No ones caring

    Daring daredevils jumping down railings
    Failing school cuz its cool no one's caring
    Life's not smooth sailing, anger flaring overbearing
    Trailing toxic exhaust fumes our young ones inhaling
  19. Kaze

    Kaze Elite Member

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    sometimes i feel the pressure inside i feel the pain
    i aint the only one hurting someone else feels the same
    i hope you understand you aint the only one alone at night
    sitting there another day hold your game face trying to fit
    in place put the pistol to your brain bang *****s gone back
    then its all about chrome keep in mind you only got one life
    try and make it work if it dont last someone out there got it worse
    fight to sleep i like to drink i only see in my sleep head up high
    i keep moving grey goose and i light a sac concrete stones inscriptures
    my lifes blown no pictures ive been there done that had shots shot back
    been broke no cash sold drugs it dont last
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2007
  20. BotoX

    BotoX Member

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    you can rap a story and not make any sense with it
    ill chew you up and spit you out in 3 fuckin sentances.
    in this rap shit you'll get learned and in this graff shit you'll get burned.
    step to me face to face, fist to fist and watch the tables turn.

    (no beef)
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2007