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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    my verbal assualt causes a furious tantrum.
    i cant stand ya, ur wack like miss sandra.
    too thin to be hot, u can win in my spot.
    my thesis is to fecitious, no joke like diseases.
    call me lucifer cuz im evil, opposite of great jesus.
    im illicit when i spit, im hard to come by.
    dont miss it, or let ur gaurd get down sized.
    this may be my best, im at the top of my game.
    im better then the rest, no need to have fame.
    that will come later with more experience.
    have these rappers fake, they so delirious.
    talkin shit how they got it rough and shit.
    they not like me, they aint tough and shit.
    ill stop for now, before you all die,
    im like the drop top, wind all in ur eye!
  2. MonoR

    MonoR Banned

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    i was talkin to tyler durden
    but if it hurts you
    then take it personal
    im personally hurtin you
    yeh thats what im talkin about, no doubt your a sucker
    and yeh your sucking your shemale sisters dick
    im hurtin you like i stab a bitch on the street
    no shit no mess
    just wreckin your pookie ass face
  3. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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    word up monor
    you aint ghetto youll never be a *****
    you cant fuck with us man go in california
    in compton , south central or where ever you wanna
    same gee's like in here fuck you up for your cheddar
    but you aint got money so theyll fuck you up for cheese and butta
    i mean fuck man im spittin realness in this motherfucka
    you aint got shit on us we too hot like summer
    so youre gonna come over here bite rhymes from cry now die later?
    man you aint even a writer so you wanna be a rapper
    man fuck ya i kill you and put you down under
  4. bouncingsoul

    bouncingsoul Elite Member

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    She was driving deeds and rhyming the breeze, miming trees
    It was a floating peace, she was flying free finally
    Clear as I can see, she was trying to be
    Nothing but to be what being is being and sleeping was sleeping
    Peacefully, her moonlit face, goddesses couldn't perfect her
    Holy coloring books couldn't control and correct her
    Gliding, never siding, riding always objective, selective
    And corrective, everything always in it's place when she walked
    Never destructive, spread peace, that's what love was, she'd talk
    And the world would go silent for her, birds would curse, mid-chirp
    Mid-work, mid-day, any time of the week she'd speak and hurt
    But always painless, always chainless, never vindictive
    Loved life and life loved her because she lived it
    Never missed it, a second was lost but didn't matter anyway
    I'd pay a dollar for her thoughts, she'd give me a penny to take them away
    Always careless and always brainless, lived from the heart
    But that doesn't mean intelligence aint a good start, she was street smart
    And beats talked to her like no other, music the mutual brother
    Between us, no language barriers, volume knob the translator
    Nature was natural to her, intrinsic minutes gasping to keep up the pace
    Time passes in masses, breaks the hourglass, past classes, and her face
    Keeps steady composition, phenomenal fiction of fake photography fixin
    And mixin with break beats and her eyes glisten
    Sets the stage ablaze, and there's no crowd but me, silently cheering
    Mute victory, celebrate it, never hated it, awesome blossom nearing
    She turns and love burns, eye contact fakes direct and fizzles
    She's one of a kind, a heavy raindrop caught in a light drizzle
    On a one-way path to that true lover's wide-eyed, bright skied
    Hope, and she doesn't know where she's taking me, just along for the ride..

    Started last night

    Maybe I'll add more to this one later actually. I kinda like it. It's different for me
  5. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    Pass, i dont remember talkin to you,
    i was talkin to monor, but fuck u too.
    Cant even type the word, usin astriks,
    callin ur self ghetto, ull get ur ass kicked.
    Ur rhymes are wack, cheese for butta?
    who says that shit? bitches who studda.
    you accuse me of biting the cry die line.
    ill abuse u for writing, u should die guy.
    ur rap is wack, doesnt even flow.
    u need to practice, u need to grow.
    not enough experience, in this rap game.
    but right now im serious, putting ur ass to shame.
    please quit now, cuz if u dont
    ill rhyme again, and my shit is dope.
    i see that monor's got is butt buddy to help him out.
    ur a fool for helping him, thats without a doubt.
    when was the last time u went to the hood?
    o thats right never, and u never should.
    im done for now, and u got killed.
    i shot u up lyrically, ur blood got spilled.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2007
  6. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Elite Member

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    whenever i keystyle,
    or whatever you call it,
    you get your shit robbed,
    best check your fucking wallet,
    youre simply outmatched,
    so how bout just give up?
    youre messin with a mind thats simply corrupt,
    once your raps are not so retarded,
    and we don't end up, where we started,
    the day where you have multisyllable words,
    and your rhymes aren't so absurd,
    we can do a tight battle,
    until then its best you SKEEDADDLE!
  7. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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    man i went away for 20 minute time to fuck your girl in the bed
    and i come back see that shit im like bitch i aint dead?
    you rap is lame always the same
    make it rhyme at the end put comas here and there and thats the end?
    mothafucka i aint the one to blame
    i gotta tell you somethin man , dont get too full of yourself
    its a freestyle battle i dont give a fuck if you took it personnal
    but go kill yourself cause i dont wanna do it
    so ill just satisfy myself banging your head on my gold record shelf
    and thats gonna be enough for today faguett
    you think you won thats only the beginning isnt it 3 rounds you gotta do before winning
    you gotta learn to count cause im gonna cut of your fingers
    stop biting my shit take my dick out your mouth
    now stop battlin
    gimme the money and im out
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2007
  8. MonoR

    MonoR Banned

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    man your talking about an e-hood or what?
    what the fuck is this lame shit, do you have some fucken consicence or what?
    how can you lyrically spill some fucken blood
    ill show you whit my fist how you spill some fucken blood
    ill make you bleed and love it, scream and ill love it
    take it personal bitch
    your a hoodrich sucka
    and your the worst rappa
    im young in this game
    but old enought to spit that your lame
    fuck it mother fucken snitch
    i love to test your patience
    like my man said
    go kill your self cause your impotent
  9. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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    man i cant get rid of that hoodrichsucka
    i can say his name fits him pretty well eh
    every line i spit every word i say pure violence
    my post traumatic flow send you to therapy quick
    spit quick , kick whack mc's outta my way
    old fashioned kung fu stance
    your rap is boring mine is elaborated
    see how i spit different styles different rhymes
    my words penetrate you like a fork in your eyes
    you go blind searching for beef motionless
    backflip when you attack me , skip your verse and leave you defenceless
    im merciless , dens one aint scared of death
  10. Case-One

    Case-One Senior Member

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    everyone talking bought the killin, ya stupid toy,
    thats the only shit that i ain't feelin
    you think it's about bustin caps an slappin bitches
    that shits not cool ya fuckin toolbag whatchu spittin
    you rhyme all sloppy, retard on the mic you making me happy
    clappin ya hands like H-Chris do, man fuck that kid he a retard like you
    create sum original shit make this game positive
    writtin fo life always sprayin knowlege kid
  11. yo c'mon check out the flow
    i'm spittin simple shit, so you'll know
    might as well call me the dirty maverick
    your flow is stagnant like NYC traffic
    i spend big money, so cans i don't rack it
    i see weak lines, hell i attack it
    i'm a fiend for music, i'm an addict
    only a matter of time, before i go global
    you still in your house boy, not even local
    i spread my message by vocal
    you just a broke fuckin joke
    you'd get high, but weed you can't toke
    you couldn't afford it, so there for you don't smoke
    no matter though, you still twisted like a bag of rope
    a bullet in a barrel, you don't have any hope
    you standing on the corner, but your not slingin dope
    in the red light district in a car on a slope
    fuckin homo ass bitches, need to receive stitches
    lace ya up, narcs, snitches, rats ain't shit
    can keystyle, but fumble when i spit
    but shit don't get me down, ain't gonna quit
    i'm untouchable, i'm a global threat
    when i come around i make you sweat
    i'll let you worry for a while, so don't fret
    i'll strip your money so quick, i'd put you in debt
    me demolishin you, i'll take that bet
  12. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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    aight aight aight
    theres a lot of talking going on
    so imma start doing my shit on my own
    lets go

    bustin caps an slappin bitches man where dyou get that from
    all you ever did in your life suck dick and swallow the cum
    case-one , you gotta be kiddin me
    this guy come over here to try to diss me
    thats pathetic man , your style sucks
    spit 3 bars run out of the place hope to not get shot
    thats yuor lifestyle , you cant assume what you did or not
    i hate you man , more than i hate all those bigshots
    in here man you nothing never ever will be something
    you wnat something original here it is
    paraplegic mothafucka do you eat with your feet cause youre hands aint dirty MIND YOUR OWN BIZZ
    homo rapper , i bet you dont even write
    and if you do , i bet your shit is WHACK
    dont claim to be something your not , cause motherfucker,
    ill be back
    im lovin these streets like fiends love crack
    and you love that
    now im out , holla back or shut yo mouth thats that
  13. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    (im done with beef, just freestylin for fun now)

    my steaz is a sea of wicked diseases.
    i seize emcees with ease and breezes.
    spit at cats like a skeez on she knees.
    trying to breathe like fab just count to three.
    dont stray far away from the rap game.
    u might get lost and put to shame.
    repitition is a must when u rap a lot.
    the solution is to switch it up on the spot.

    Last edited: Oct 23, 2007
  14. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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    I was born with the mic in my hands
    wearing pampers , i started smoking grams
    you cant battle me imma champ
    imma show you whats gold , my flow comes in bars
    i got so much money i could buy you , shit is what you worth
    you like wearing baggy pants right
    fuck with me , and all youll be wearing is shorts
    try to run away its impossible my flow got you entangled
    your turn to struggle ,
    you battle on internet , cause you cant win a fight
    im hurting your feelings , cause what im saying is right
    im picking on case-one cause you in my sight
    so next time if you wanna answer try not to bite and ,
    i dont wear a bullet proof vest so if you wanna shoot me,
    do it right


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    i was not born with a mic in my hands
    i was born with abnormally large salivary glands
    i drooled puddles, lakes they say
    wanna battle me, i'll drown ya any day
    better hold ya breath, save ya last words
    battle rap blah blah blah rhyme birds

    ahhh shit man
  16. CRN-one

    CRN-one Senior Member

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    Its about time you slow down and change direction
    no mistake taken from my comical inflection
    I use words so hot they'll burn through your retina
    no amount of fuckin visine could ever protect ya
    a legendary culmination of style and force
    burnin down bridges when left no other recourse
    first one to throw fists to keep shit right
    knockin out *****s like my name was Dolomite
    rollin hundreds deep just to reinforce the sight
    of hard jabs to the face like Round 3 of Fight Night
    a lyrical jack move, words so hard they fuck up your looks
    a beatdown so apocalyptic, its one for the record books
    while you all sell your dope and slang your coke
    I'm runnin your pockets and leavin your ass broke
    I've already wasted too much time on these bullshit rhymes
    time for me to merk, and leave you all behind
  17. AWR Satin

    AWR Satin New Member

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    y can't you *****z get along
  18. CRN-one

    CRN-one Senior Member

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    no reason. We just love drama and beef.
  19. AWR Satin

    AWR Satin New Member

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  20. CRN-one

    CRN-one Senior Member

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    Already left. Stop bothering me.