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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    you dont wanna bring beef on road,
    cuss im a street fighter,
    im hardcore i eat lighters, just to make my teeth brighter,
    but seriously, you might catch a hurricane kick jawside,
    better appologise, befor i tiger uppercut ur futer bride,
  2. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    call me a hoe.
    theres only one way and it goes like this.

    haha let me tell ya.

    You thinkin you all hard like you gonna a bust a move.
    You actually think I'm scared of you and a kru?
    Theres nothin you gonna do,but you say you aint a gangbanga
    But you actin like you killin for a color.
    I'm just a brotha tryin to get up in the hood,I'm never understood,up to no good.
    I'm holdin it down,making a sound,takin ya town,even takin the crown.

    call me a hoe.
    theres only one way and it goes like this.
  3. entry

    entry Senior Member

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    Riot you cant rhyme give up
    you should of never tried it
    im taking your rhymes to the pan
    starting to fry it i just burnt you
    everything you say is recycled
    start from scratch like a little kid
    trying to ride a bicycle,
    i can rap soft core like some porn
    or rip you apart hardcore like
    a new Orleans storm,
    this shits til infinite endless
    but right now its only you getting it,
    i beat you just left for preparation
    chop you up sell you to the local dairy
    put you in the beef section..

    hmm all i could think of no beef riot hahah
  4. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    haha its all good dude.
    I'm just fuckin around I'll try to come up with something,i just started this shit like last month.

    but i gotta piss.
  5. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    yeah yeah.
    I know I can't rhyme worth shit.
    maybe one day when I can actually spit,my words will hit.
    I could spit a whole page of rage to ya ass,then I'll ask ya how ya felt?
    My rhymes can hit hard depending on how its spelt.
    Meh,I'm misunderstood,No one understands me.
    Maybe sometime I'll make ya believe.
    But,until then,I'll pop a couple aleves.
    Continue my status and the anyonomous thief,while the little biters be jockin my steez.

    Fuck im out haha.
    soo fucking tired.and high.
    i'll try again tommorow:)
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2007
  6. entry

    entry Senior Member

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    im freeessssssssssh like ugghh
  7. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    that freestyle was pretty ill on the last page you did.
  8. Oink.

    Oink. Elite Member

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    spittin wack shit, yall need slimfast
    cause im phat with a ph medical degree
    i fall like 9 seasons hit the ground so hard no ones breathin'
    corpses left to start breedin; left to repopulate the planet filled with hate
    battlin yous like a blind date

  9. entry

    entry Senior Member

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    anyone down for a battle
    you start off i perfer a certain kinda theme to it
  10. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Elite Member

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  11. CRN-one

    CRN-one Senior Member

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    it's been a minute since I graced you haters with my presence
    when I'm done there'll be time for your slow convalescence

    immaculate conception, I was born larger than life
    I'm the kinda ***** that would straight out fuck your wife
    in front of you at parties while you sit there and cry
    you can point your heat at me but I'm never gonna die
    haters like tyler can run they mouth and doubt
    but like dj kahlid said, them *****s can walk it out
    because they ain't hood, and they don't know what we talkin bout
    I'll get up in his shit, and rot his bones like he had gout
    we'll smoke that blunt, run up and smash that chump,
    tie him up, throw his ass in the trunk
    drive out to the river and take him out on the boat
    a righteous man sinks, only fucking witches float
    you wanna put my name in your mouth? go right ahead
    and when you're fucking done you'll get deez nuts instead
    I don't break the rules, I make the fucking rules
    *****s in this bitch run they mouth like loose stool
    Montazuma would be proud when he saw them all go
    I'd be mad depressed if I had that diahrreah flow
    I'll be alright with getting caught ending your life
    I'll wile out in court and threaten the jury with a knife
    and the worst they'll do to me is hit me with probate
    I'll tell the fucking judge that he can go sit and rotate
    I'll sit in my jail cell and fill my soul with hate
    then I'll come back and clean the haters out like my name was Colgate
    Gee TylerDurden, you think this is fight club?
    you sit around and act all tough with that mean mug?
    last time I checked, and I'll gladly reinspect
    your ass died at the end of that movie, which I can respect
    cause they got tired of hearing your fucking mouth run
    same as all of us here, time to gracefully bow out son
  12. MonoR

    MonoR Banned

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    there no crown going on, no fame going on
    like hidden says fuck fame, and im down whit this
    my flows is a problem to you eat it and i swear you'll dig it
    im not reppin anything or rocking aniything
    im just wrecking and down whit my family
    fuck the industry keep it underground or youll hit the ground
    your going to be 1 of those 50 cent whit no flows and rhymes
    im doing this since 3 weeks and an half
    and still i cut you in a half
    you half portion dont step up or youll eat it like a huge bitch
  13. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    that shit was the worst,
    never herd a wacker verse,
    its like sumone put a curse, on ur words,
    when u get merked, its gunna hurt, but first,
    i gotta get blazed,cuss i been lean for days,
    when my eyes are glazed, an my minds in a haze,
    i dont ever want it to go away,
  14. MonoR

    MonoR Banned

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    was this supose to be good?
    man you sound like dmx getting low in the hood
    fuck you suck
    you got more experience than be but on the mic you sound like a fucken ducky duck
    im wasting my time cause your flow is made of waste
    grab the rest im giving you
    its gonna be your thank giving for the fucken rest of the month
    go buy some respect you fucken fake
    your flow, i eat it like pancakes
    your giving me cholesterol
    im going to puke for you honor
    cause i took it and you aint got nothing left.
  15. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    im not gunna reply till you start rhymin
  16. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    for real.
    that shit sucked,not even worth my time but yeah here we go again.

    Listen up kid cause this is how i roll.
    the 816 be lockin up that patrol.
    I got ya ass on lock,fuck with me,ill leave ya rocked.
    With a whack ass grin,i'll be glad to take out my ink pen.
    Write my name on ya big ass forehead,then leave ya for dead.
    Now with all this said,i've been rhymin JUST as long as you.
    Now shut the fuck up cause you already through.
    Thats the end of this beef,I'm beyond belief as ill as it gets.
    I hope I leave ya heart sore,down in the pits.
    Now little timmy goto bed and dream about beatin my spits.

  17. MonoR

    MonoR Banned

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    the worst ive ever heard.
    and dont bite necro. its bad for the health

    ill spill your blood all over my house, keep your head as a trophe
    took your eyes outta your head, make a cofee out of it
    you make me shit and dont worry all the shit goes for you
    kid fuck you
    thats all i got to say
    next time you step up make sure you have some more cause ill be there to stay
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2007
  18. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    u all should know monor sucks.
    fucks and tucks his dick in like a bitch.
    a snitch is was he is. bitchmade leach.
    ill teach u something that u cant reach.
    im illicit, explicit, my rhymes are unseen.
    im mean and lean, cut open ur spleen.
    take it out forever.thats wat u need.
    to die forever, and never be seen.
    your a cockroach, a bug, a fuckin disease.
    i do this shit with ease, its a breeze.
    dont fuckin talk shit when ur shit is wack.
    u cant walk the walk bitch, wat kinda shit is that!?
  19. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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    man shut the fuck up
    you cant fight like a man so you ask your friend to help up
    your a pussy even in your mom's belly you were suckin dicks
    stop frontin like u something , you cant even handle a bitch
    u wanna battle fine , lemme introduce u to my kicks
    ill burry you , stab you in the forehead with the mic
    english is not my language and i still fuck you up with it
    im sick of this shit so listen
    dont fuck with monor cause you fuck with me
    bros before hoes ***** , we the realest motherfucker on this planet
    stop frontin , i know you wanna be like me
    i hate you bitch , you on my black list so you wanna be friend with me?
    wait a minute i aint done yet so imma continue
    im undroppable on the ring , master kung fu
    style is wild , you know the thang its real too
    im the freshest in this world , what about you
    ***** dont answer back cause my AK will be there to meet you
    thats right bitch your rhymes are unseen
    remain invisible in this world cause u aint a mc
    say monor is a disease , im the cure
    2 heads are stronger than one , shoulda learned that
    cant handle the rap yeah i noticed that
    the way u shakin on ya keyboard and
    all that g shit you talkin bout , think imma believe that?
    youse a crazy bitch and you know it damn well
    dck is my crew , whacchu know bout that?
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2007
  20. MonoR

    MonoR Banned

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    didnt you understood already
    im not in a good mood so dont get up or ill fucken kill you
    whenever your ready ill wait for you and your krew
    your a bait bitch thinking that your good
    your reppin a gay hood
    your rhymes are basic my flows is made of cuted head
    my shit is to brutal for you, to ahead for you
    you knew it, when i fucken deep throated your mom
    she was crying on the edge and i was laughing cause shes was screaming
    droped her down there whit 2g's or heroin in the blood
    man i fucken hate you and you clearly know it
    you think your hard and tough
    look at you in a mirror your an horror
    ya know it already i fucken finish you in a round
    so dont talk shit or fuck around cause its gonna be a fucken gun in yo mouth
    no noise no question no fucken messin
    i wont pay attention for witnesses
    cause its gonna be a public crime, attetion, i got your head on a lock
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2007