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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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    my words come off the top like suicidals off of buildings
    and my mind is so open that everyone sees what im feeling
    from 440 to T. W. O. one six,
    i see through you darelicts like white shirts on wet chicks
    what a dumb fucking mistake when you decide to step to me
    tryin to put it behind us, but ima ressurect the beef
    i produce my own beats, best believe im cookin up my own heat
    unlike most rappers nowadays, i walk on my fuckin own feet.
    and i take care of my own beef, with right hooks to ya dome piece
    kickin it with punks, skaters and ogs, dont even front like you dont know me

    kinda wack, i cant freestyle for shit.
  2. Maste

    Maste Senior Member

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    haha i like that even thought you think its wak...its a freestyle it aint gunne be great...anways:

    a lyrical essense is the the presence of my rhymes
    so you better take some time to rearange your lines
    cause the shit your wrote down before
    sounds so bad, you needa pratice more
    ill mop up the floor with a blowup whore
    that popped before i had a chance to score
    *laughs cause that was witty haha*
    yea you can make fun of me cause im wack
    but im having some fun and ill attack back
    shit that really sucked and i didnt make my point
    but you shoulda ducked when i threw that joint
    but now you got junk in your eye and your mad
    so, i guess ill just say goodbye and its too bad
  3. sketch and riot they be buggin out
    so let me explain what technique's about
    hidden and small time gonna write the book
    mobb deep explained it that y'all are shook
    jackin our lines like a "small time crook"
    re-model this thread give it a whole new look
    alluded anxiously y'all atrociously awaiting
    for diabolical rap diplomats i am debating
    walking down the street with cans in the hands
    paint in the bag, bandanna covering my whole face
    so my identity stays concealed when i paint the place
  4. meetermaid

    meetermaid Elite Member

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    work all night in the movie theater,
    just to show the masses the coming feature.
    R for restriced? shit i'm rated triple F,
    filthy fucking fresher than a VHS.
  5. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    Their Aint No Such Things As Half Way Crooks,
    How U Gunna Diss Me, Talkin Bout Writin,
    Homie U Need Need To Hit The Books,
    I Got To Much Power Need To Cypen,
    It Out, Or I Cause Weather Abnormalitys,
    Ill Stab Up Ur Locality,
    Try To Batle Me,
    When Im Not On A Beef Thing, Like Cattle Be,
    Hidden Used To Be Chill, But His Technuques Slippin,
    Smalltime How Gunna Send This Fool To Clash? If U Dont Properly Equip Him,
    I Know The Bitch Is Chickin, Only Jokin No Dissin BUT I THAUGHT I SAW U FAGGOTS KISSIN...

    Last edited: Nov 28, 2007
  6. Small Time Crook

    Small Time Crook Senior Member

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    gonna grab the book write a page
    make you regret the day you stepped in the way
    if you want to go on ahead have at me
    but my wordsll sting like bullets in ya chest cavity
    with the vocal gravity and the mental capacity
    unlock a Hidden Teknique and you get damaged see
    you got totaled, wrecked, destroyed
    contract expired now your record deal is null and void
    while we still bringin all kinds of noise
    Sketch up like 3 different things, evil beings
    thatll just rip apart and shatter all of your dreams
    so when you wake up sweatin, know that you sweatin we
    still think you can sleep a wink when you got one of the monsters comin out from ya bathroom sink
    ready to choke you out when you just wanna sleep, tired
    and to make it all worse then monsters kick it with Riot
    drainin creative juices out of you, now you uninspired
    which may be a good situation, because your rhymes were in bad taste and like Jim Carry you the liar liar
    cuz you aint done half the shit we did
    not rockin a bandana, got a ski mask kid
    cuz i used to paint up walls now im redecorating the halls with blood from other cats who was weakened
    by the lyrical lashing they received
    thought they could hang with the big dawgs, but they runaway like i was Jigsaw when i ask "wanna play a game with me"?
  7. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    Im Fresher Than A Summer Breeze,
    This Shits Fun To Me,
    Lyrics Come Wit Ease, Cuss I Bun Up Trees,
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2007
  8. MonoR

    MonoR Banned

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    how can you destroy mobb deep like that, i dont get it
    i should hit you in the face, cut you in little pieces and send you back in the middle of africa
    you bite so hard, i should call you shark the fat ass, aight?
    you frontin i give you this, but the skills you claim, i see none of them
    you think you rock like eminem, bitches like you im killing em
    your a fiend of my flow, just watching me spit make's you trip
    like a crackhead that didnt get his dose, im dope like the blood of a cyclist, you know it
    you just hate when i push you down and hit you in the face bitch
  9. Craze

    Craze Senior Member

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    the rhythm of the street is somethin very tragic.
    the flows and blows always landed like a bandit.
    evergreen scenes women wanna fathom havin,
    but you the man and cant lend yo hand cause you ran
    your whole fam into the ground searchin for sound.
    callin all your homies lookin for ya next pound so you can serve the next round.
    your homies want delivery like you were fed ex ground.
    walkin clockin on the bus stopn n the pigs comin want'n ta talk n,
    now you on ya way ta city courtroom cause that pig you got 2 sockin.
    they released the beast into the denver city streets and now hes on a hunt pig stalkin.
    any black n white thinkin he gonna get ta poppin, wait now you stoppin.
    now your thinkin a lil clear with the doja in the brain,
    gotta find a way ta maintain the thc feelin ta gain,
    broke out runnin full strain slippin over evry grain,
    gotta find ya boy wit the lime green lung drain,
    feelin awkward like a stock herd.
    the shock reverb now ya speech is sluured wakin from the noise you heard,
    sounded like a cat purred, but ya visions scured
    alcohol in you blood stream the last story was a dream did i make it out clean
    or am i stuck in a cycle of these things
    makin my ears ring like when mariah carey sings
    through my temporal lobe the x stings
    last nights frights and lights
    were in the middle of the forest i got bug bites.
    amazingly last nite there were no fights,
    some dudes even showed up on motor bikes yellin yikes
    cause the seen like 23 dikes
    all eva mendez look alikes
  10. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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  11. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    It's hopeless...through all of this smoke, I've lost focus
    I'm dreaming of being so rich, but so far...I'm homeless
    That's show biz... Broke but nobody seems to notice
    So I speak through poems and pray the right door opens
    I can never take back actions or the words that I've spoken
    All the people I've let down, the promises I've broken
    I got the world on my shoulders, and I know I can't hold it
    Buckling at my knees, at the seams I am folding

    some fuckin...other shit.
    bad moods inspire me to write often.
  12. its hard sometimes but life goes on,
    after night, there comes a dawn. . .
    always a new day for the on coming
    the signs of hope keeps your heart running
    for all the shit we put up with in this world as people
    we pray in the bad times, but don't turn to the steeple
    in the best of the best we bask in success
    but then we confess that we hold a lot of stress
    somedays we're down in the gutter, worst of the worst
    somedays we don't realize who should really come first...
  13. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    I faced the fact I'm not what my moms wanted/
    she got in my face,tried to put me in my place,saying im on the wrong road,she taunted.
    She says i try to act a different race,says im a disgrace,I was ecstatic/
    I said bitch its my turn,listen up,now hear me out,I said it so quick,Like it was automatic/
    I told her how i lived,from the sippycup i sipped,to the weed i be smokin,now im chokin/
    I wanted to let her know the life I live,give me a chance to explain,loosen my chain/
    livin the life of a thug,rackin everything i need,making other bleed,sometimes insane/
    but,I'm clearly not a thug,look moms I pay your bills,help you through dramatic thrills/
    I know i've done wrong,but this my song,so you just listen,just quit bitchin/
    my grades are fucking pathetic,my health is bad,I believe I need medic/
    but nothing stops me from runnin this shit like a track meet,I'm still on my own feet/
    don't lean on others,tells others to get like me,but they don't see,the real me/
    I'm silky smooth,keep it in line,while others be cryin,tell me I'm way to serious/
    But actually I'm just real,but just prepare my meal,i'm just curious/
    what happens if one day I leave and never come back,living off of shoplifting/
    You'll see,I'll show you,I'm independent,now your ridiculious,your tripping/
    told me to stop talkin like a thug,but you really just need a hug/
    to settle your upset emotions,causing comotions,over nothing that you think is something
    but clearly your wrong.

  14. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    Look at this song,I got mad ryhmes rollin off the tip of my tounge.
    ryhmes tight as a noose,they'll leave you hung/

    haha ill finish this later.
  15. Small Time Crook

    Small Time Crook Senior Member

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    baby girl you my world, and i dont wanna let you go
    like a bong hit got me feelin this shit, head to toe
    its all butterflies and smiles when im talkin witchya
    like a special moment in time, i dont wanna forgetchya
    took a mental picture of you, and i see it in my dreams
    like our lives is being projected up on the big screen
    even though my life is crazy you still wanna be my lady
    and like cheesy love songs i can only say i love you baby
    i gave up drinkin every night, because that you aint like
    and i started chewing gum because you said smokin aint alright
    and all night i dont even sleep because you always on my mind
    like damn is this really happening are these feelings really mine?
    close curtains mane, this is the end of the show
    and again, baby you my world, and i dont wanna let you go...

    haha.. Small Time Love.
  16. FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle

    FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle Elite Member

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    im back like the fuckin chyropractikly whack
    i am a bomb shelta and a radio shack
    a taco bell for when you fuckin cravin a snack
    rehab for all you hobos cravin the crack
    i dont care if you white or you black
    you start beefin my ass and i start to attack
    lyricly kick you in your sac and hope you fight back
    then finnish you with a dope ass smack
    cant seem to live without the sound of the klick klack
    im bullet proof like my jacket is flak
    so fast that i hit the trains as they roll down the track
    got all them toys wantin to lick at my ass crack
    and all them haters too scared to talk smack
    im just back
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2007
  17. Small Time Crook

    Small Time Crook Senior Member

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    now whos gonna make me act a fool
    bitch dont you know i carry tools
    aint scared to pull it out on all of yous
    bwoy you should know thugs dont play
    mind ya p's and q's watch what you say
    like crack my bullets make ya brain decay
    rot away in the casket wont see another day
    cuz your words come outta bulls ass
    had to act like you knew something, get brash
    now you get mashed, face smashed
    and because of you im on the other side of the glass
    talkin to my mama and my baby
    they cryin even though one day maybe
    ima get up outta this cell and bring hell
    because you had to fuckin play me
    got caught up so you snitchin
    steady bitchin that the shit werent worth it to begin with
    what the fuck how you gonna say you was down homie?
    when now you lookin like a straight clown homie
    better get up off me fore i really lose my patience
    got the cops nervously waitin
    for me to take my chow tray in
    because this aint just talk ima back up what im sayin
    even if the .44 gotta blow a lid off or two
    as long as i get up next to you
    give you a little talkin to
    and i got a gun, in it six little friends
    they all go faster then you, and wanna make ya life end
    BLA BLA BLA! and off they go
    one by one into your dome
    skull explodes from too much pressure
    now i got bits and pieces of brains on my dress shirt

    run up and you finna get gunned up mane.
    Small Timin' it!
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2007
  18. FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle

    FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle Elite Member

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    yo sketch3 lets have a rematch
    theres only one catch
    you have to try to sound skillfull when you spit back
    and when you lose dont have yourself a panic attack
    i spit ryhmes off the toppa my head, you're lyricaly dead
    you dripping red from the big ass hole in your empty head
    i got street cred, you get knees fed-
    to your face. your a disgrace and a burnout like bill and ted.
    im educated, you need special ed
    i know a bout ted, he's you boy friend
    he pegs you in the rear end
    you see a fine ladie and your penis bends
    you know im fresh and i think i frighten you
    i crazy so you dont know what im gonna do
    but i can most definatly promise dude,
    your probly gonna need the paramedics to come find you
    when what i choose to do to you is through
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2007
  19. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    u wanna start shit, but im ending this,
    swinging swords at ligaments and apendeges,
    no way to defend this snitch,
    talk all big, but u pretendin bitch,
    if im offending pricks,
    when i tell em to fuckoff, im only recomending it,
  20. FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle

    FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle Elite Member

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    too short, you got nothing to say
    to my words thay spray
    cause you cant deny when i say your sex is gay
    ive been looking forward to THAT all day?
    man im dissapointed, i exspected more
    and now im wondering what i did this for
    out last battle was like a fun ride,
    now you sad, like some widow whos hubby died
    im not gonna lie, i actually thought more of you,
    but them weak words are worse than some that moner do
    and that is true