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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    i 'beated' you? 'fagget'? sumoe was right, you are illiterate....
  2. MonoR

    MonoR Banned

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    fuck toi sti danglais fif
  3. ForGiven

    ForGiven Senior Member

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  4. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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    aight it's time for yall to shut your fuckin bitch ass mouth up

    you mad at me cause it happens that i beat you,
    kept running your mouth like an olympic talkshitter do,
    see sketch3 and sumoe , the perfect couple
    with hoodrich filming and forGiven giving the oral,
    you bitches are strong together cause alone you aint shit
    talking like you a G , you aint packin nothin but chopsticksĀ»
    i improved while you just kept spittin dumb shit
    im going up , taking the spot , gettin your ass shot , going on the level your not
    bitches im hot
    the flow's methodic , thoughts sporadic smackin you as an habbit,
    if you dont know when the fuck you should stop your show
    ask general tao
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2008
  5. steyr

    steyr Senior Member

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    me and some homies of mine are gonna lay down a dis track against speed skaters.
  6. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    no longer express emotions
    due to an anti-emotional potion
    i feel like this is a motion picture
    that shouldnt have gone worldwide.
    despite how i feel inside.
    im stickin in this for the thrill of the ride.
    im tellin you kid this is it,nothing left to hide.
    what you gonna tell your boys? if your not to puss to tell em.
    That i directly injected an infection straight to your cerebellum?
    or that you make hot tracks but cant sell em?
    you pick.
    because either way you a trick.
    nothin but a babyback bitch on the corner.
    beggin for quarters.

    haha off the top.
  7. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    I'm tired of yall talkin bout "I'm the best, blah blah blah"

    I'm the best

    Hate it or love it...

    I got too much on my mind I'm bout to go insane
    With all these feeble minded children tryin to pick my brain
    I can't change the channel, it's static - I'm such an addict
    For the knowledge known as power, you cower, you thought you had it
    Like maggots you crawl and feast on aftermath of this beast
    I'll destroy your will to fight and smite you down like a priest
    I can't preach any louder so you better get my point
    I'll leave you wrapped like a tourban, sippin bourbon and hittin joints
    I'll point my finger, clap twice, summon soldiers to end your life
    I'll pillage your whole village, steal your children, rape your wife
    Do you dirty like Darfur, down six on par four
    Pushin daisies, I'm teachin babies to hold heat and rob stores
    Your core is shook, like California's Rift Valley
    Your sould is took, like strollin down deaths alley
    I'll tally the number of lives stolen in this first verse
    Ten times twelve, carry they two - I've filled another hearse
    I've lifted another curse, brought hurt and quinched my thirst
    The blood of young Emcees keeps me rollin like Fred Durst
    The worst has yet to come so you better be pepared
    The war has been declared, your thoughts are so impared
    You're scared, you're all alone, no crew has got your back
    No clue to how to act, your racin like heart attacks
    The fact is, your destined to hit the dirt
    Insert the nine mill and drill your plaid skirt
    Desert the crime scene, forget what I've seen
    I'm infected with dope, the vaccine to 5 fiends
    Routine procedure, stash the gat, burn the evidence
    Next stop I'm in route to loot your parents residence
    No mercy, here's a number, take a seat until you're called
    I'm vicious like pitbulls, talk shit and get mauled
    Appalled by what you see, your face has been erased
    Your soul now burns like mace cuz grace can't be embraced

    Come with fire or don't come at all, but play with fire and you will get burned...

    Holler if you feel me...
  8. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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    I'm clean ,still spittin verbal essence
    washing vile mc's head/ winning , uh , you have no chance
    I'm a buffed one , lyrical steroids taken and im well trained
    Got you on your knees , im countin my bread while you give me brain
    you ain't the best , better stop dreamin on like aerosmith
    watch and learn, realise your skillz were just a myth
    I'm the ace with the perfect play in my hands
    full house on the table , bullshit you mumble and gimme your benz-keys
    you say you'd burn me , i call that bluffin
    I drop unexpectedly like hash in your muffins
    I'll leave you there , Unconscious , head cracked open
    I'm gonna Rodney King your ass with no hesitation
    ambitious , i'll never step back to anybody in this hell
    dont even need to spit now , my name talks for itself
    if you had to hang on to somethin , it would be at life , or at a rope
    i'm so fuckin restless , i sent sketch3 back to europe
    you aint underground youre only six feet under
    i come and go faster than a drive-by shooter
    you cant get rid of me , my adversaries crying when i come around
    i leave your pockets empty just like the bullet shells on the ground
    wonder what kind of shoes you wear to fit them ankles
    youre broke as joke now , ask mama why the bank calls
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2008
  9. Edward"Sezer"Hands

    Edward"Sezer"Hands Elite Member

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    stupid shit.
    watch dis shit unfold.
    i heard hell is hot & da real world been cold.
    tired of going down da wrong road, gave up my life and my soul i sold.
    constant affliction in the battle of mental and physical addiction.
    locked up in a one man prison .
    sex drugs & hip hop.
    it use to be fun when did it stop?
    shit just flip flopped.
  10. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    Now now little buddy, you just made a fatal mistake
    You spoke my name in vain and now your life I'll take
    Slow and painful swingin bats til the last bones break
    Til the last vein cakes, til the last strain quakes
    Injected Potassium Chloride directly into your heart
    I laugh as your jaw clinches, arms jolt, your eyes dart
    Depart from human form, sending your soul straight to hell
    Little did you know, I'm Satan, hell is where I dwell
    Waiting for you with open arms, now a servent, now a peasant
    God can't hear your crys, so say good-bye to all that's pleasant
    You're in my house now, no hope and no escape
    Destined to spend eternity duck-taped and anal raped
    I'll scrape up enough remorse to tell your family you were brave
    Then eat my own words and vomit bodies into graves
    You see I just don't give a fuck, Your wifes pregnant? She's dead too!
    Hit it doggy, the sheets soggy, stained in blood, she said few
    Surgically stiched her upper lips together with hollow tips
    I flipped, I'm well equiped, I gripped and let 'er rip
    Removed the fetus and ate its brains with chives and rice
    Proceeded to fuck her pussy with the embalming device
    I'm bombing precise, I made the virgin mary weep
    They call me UnConscious cuz I put competition to sleep
    Composition unique, Get on my level hoe
    Mouth shut, sayin nothin, lip-locked with the fo-fo
    Status qou, it's how it should be, you're mouth on hush
    Open up, get buttoned up, like swine swallowin mush
    Followin us like the feds? Listenin to us talk?
    Glistenin when we walk, not that ice but twin glocks?
    Your block will get knocked, pressin two to your dome
    I'm thrown and in the zone, I'm prone to lift the chrome
    Postpone your next plans and hop inside the van
    Either join me or perish as Fat Man divides Japan.
  11. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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    you claim you a G , snitchin all day to the popo
    got you motherfuckin life on hold , rapper youre homo
    your boyfriend in the black van , bag on the head
    screaming where the fuck is my husband
    tie wraps around his hands,
    i rock skullies on the regular , white tank top plus a sweater
    my name's passleoinj i'll make sure you'll remember
    Not also you came here as a beginner but as a be-******
    actin like you all hard , but i aint the one wearing tommy hilfiger
    all your vocabulary and shit , thats just boring
    your so predictable , i could call you girlfriend
    you should stop spittin cause your scaring me
    that crooked eye and apple bottom jeans
    thats just funny, imma make you my bitch
    cause in this rap shit , im the motherfuckin pimp
    your raps are maybe rhyming but they empty of sense
    methaphores absent ,style aint showing any presence
    if you went to jail , you'd probably get down on your knees
    all day , so you wouldnt have to get up every time theyre done
    practicing sodomy
    you wanted to talk shit , so do me , i aint leaving this place
    without a crown on my head and my pockets full of money
    yo , i breath hip hop , inhale lyrics
    snort rap and drop bombs on you bitches
    what now?
  12. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    i spit hellfire straight in ur face,
    like im in satans embrase,
    may have fucked up but only great are disgraced,
    im ruling in hell hating this place,
    waiting for fate,
    tempting angles leaving bait in the gates,
    to paradise, evil spreads like when arrows fly,
    talking snakes with narrow eyes,
    tellin shallow lies,
    ill rape ur soul when ur bone marrow dies,
    for a few meaningless possesions,
    cant even purge me at weekly confesions,
    cuss im the evil thoughts,
    growin in everyones mental, the reason ur boys gone,
    prayed but he still caught a bullet to the temple,
  13. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    That's some cute small talk, next thing you know he wants my digits
    Such a faggot ass kid, your games small like midgets
    I see through your front and I'll call your bluff
    You a pussy ass ***** why you act so rough?
    Why act so tough, you think rich like puff
    I'll leave full holes like shila buff
    You a clown, a circus act, Your the ring leader for gays
    You rock the pink panties, no skullies, no shades
    No wife beaters, just bra panties and skirts
    Flip flops on your toes, your hip-hop hella blows
    You don't know the meaning of hip, you thought thats where you buckle your belt
    You don't know what hop is you thought thats what scottsman do in kelts
    Higher Inner Peace, Helping Other People
    True definition of I and to me you aren't equal
    Poppin off at the mouth, but your tongue is shootin blanks
    My tongue fires missles cuz I'm aimin with tanks
    You see I'm stong in this ring and no way you'll wear the crown
    You see I'm gritty with these raps, you singin like Chris Brown
    No respect for bitch *****s, I'll spit in ya face
    No way you pull triggas, You'll voice is weak like Mase
    How can you bark like a dog but shit bricks like a snitch
    Only time you held heat is pushin irons, you's a bitch
    A house *****, foldin clothes and doin dishes
    Workin for nothin, aint no way you holdin riches
    No bitches on your arms you a punk in the streets
    Scared to walk down your own block, you's a chump, you's a geek
    You stay behind the computer talkin all this ish
    Best bet you wear glasses and you talk with a lisp
    You aint better than me, your soft like virgin pussy
    Last time you seen some snatch was your mothers, it was bushy
    I can speak because i've seen it and I know what its like
    I used to pimp that bitch until the cunt went dyke
    Now I serve her up like silver platters at neighborhood bar
    I aint makin no money cuz bitches cunt stickeir than black tar
    I come with easy shit cuz you can't handle hard
    If i spit some real shit, you'd be readin of hallmark cards
    I have a soft side but its reserved for the ladies
    You basically my bitch now, heres the keys to the cedez
    Pull it around to the front and give you a nice tip
    Give you the 9th wonder, asunder your outfit
    A tornado hit your town and world is left rocked
    Like Dorthy clap you shoes and only think happy thoughts
    I don't drop 16 cuz my flow last forever
    You hatin on me cuz my rhymes is more clever
    My lines is more Feder cuz they fuck you and leave
    End up pregnant from my words, next thing you know your spittin seeds
    My youth comes out ya mouth you remind me of me
    Only thing is I was never gay, look in the mirror, its plain to see
    Im G like Garfield cuz I'm the dopest and illest cat
    You rap but can't even hit flows swingin at sinks with bats
    I'm the faucet cuz my flow is everlasting like erections
    I'm aliased as scientist cuz I'm know for verbal disections
    Rip out your adams apple and feed it to my dogs
    You remind me of the dutch, dancin around in clogs
    You a fairy princess bitch, thats the only crown you wear
    Here's a sash, here's some tampons, here's a bra for your pair
    You stair into my eyes and realize all hopes lost
    You the driver, no one important, I'm top seat, I'm the boss
    I keep the words coming, reminding me of your girl
    The bitch took off her panties almost made a ***** hurl
    A squirrel you're on my nuts so baby please ease off
    Like a doctor you grab ahold, look twice and say cough
    Inspection of my package, yes I'm carrying bombs
    Yes my dick is big, almost as big as your moms
    2,240 pounds, so call me a ton
    You only rap for beef, while I only rap for fun
    Punchlines, I'm makin jokes, talkin shit and sniffin coke
    I'm dope, I'm an addict sniff white til I croke
    You still hangin from my jock, last to cease victory
    Pullin at my coat tail, but like a child all I hear is the bickory
    And Hickory, Mr. Dickory, please get off my cock
    You're small like mice, only able to nibble at my sock
    Ankle bitter, you aint big, you're small like fleas
    You jump from dog to dog, hand out reached
    You want a piece of the pie but you aint put in work
    You hide behind desks, answer phones like a clerk
    I smirk, I laugh, I chuckle and little chumps such as yourself
    You aint totin no heat you aint pullin in wealth
    You aint pokin no pussy, you still toyin like elf
    Big boys with big toys will destroy your whole shelf
    I dealt you a royal flush and you still singin go fish
    I'm packin like a cuban and you fruitier than a swish
    Get out of my sight, don't even try to retaliate
    You're measurements are short comings no need to calibrate
    So be easy son and stick to playin with young ones
    I'm the Cancer, super contagious, I'll leave your lungs stung

    Sit the fuck down
  14. hazetheone

    hazetheone Elite Member

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  15. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    96 bars, Eat every last one punk...
  16. hazetheone

    hazetheone Elite Member

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    fuck around on the internet and get e fought
    this is mozilla murder bitch we come harder than you thought
    fucking with me in real life you diet will consist of concrete
    i got a booty fetish
    your one of those *****s getting off on your moms feet
    took you 96
    i just killed it with 5
    dont come around here
    till your ready for a nose dive

    ive never freestyled in ma life haha
  17. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    Haha not bad, not bad at all.

    Pretty dope for your first time. Keep practicing, can't wait to see some real fire.
  18. hazetheone

    hazetheone Elite Member

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    ive been interested in it but it slipped my mind
    i might start writing some shit down
  19. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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    i can't fight back man , you won

    I'll be back in a while tho , when ill get to the next level
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2008
  20. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    Hey man, that was a good battle.
    You came with some fire lines for sure.
    Thanks for the challenge.
    You're dope as fuck in my book.