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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. mas$

    mas$ Elite Member

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    uh huh
    uh huh
    what what
    bare 42 2008 yeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
  2. Small Time Crook

    Small Time Crook Senior Member

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    my ***** Kilo D just fell right up out the blue
    which is cool cuz now at least we know he's true
    aint let his colors fade while we had gray days
    and the brain pain that our veins crave
    in strange ways never stays at bay
    how can our lives be saved?
    cant go to a preacher cuz im not down with jehova
    called him a bitch and a pushover
    see, really, i dont give two shits
    on the internet its easy to be hard, i got two clips for them *****s bangin' two six
    now your a witness to simplistics
    Kreap deuce way more killer then Orange Juice
    not getting toppled by none of yous
    death been know to strike in the one two--Threes
    smokin trees to maintain my composure
    not a poser, in fact you've never come closer
    to a ***** like me, might wanna take a picture
    shitll last longer then me and ya sister, ask i was with her
    venom spitter, but a cobra killer
    Han couldn't compare to me when it comes to bein' Solo
    ill karate kick the shit outta ya, like my name was Bolo
    and when it comes to bein' Kreapy, hit up NBC
    ask for Rob at suite 6633, he'll tell you everything about me...!

    Edit, not a freestyle, spent maybe 7 minutes altogether on it.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2008

    SBOMBS Elite Member

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    i got mad muchies cuz i jus smoke some hydro
    i might ur babies so keep em on da down low
    i fuck lil midgets and my dich is 10 inches
    i live like rockstar par like a pornstar
    my homeys take bullets for me
    cuz thek know i got there back
    me an my homeys pop em extasy
    cuz we go mads on a bitch ass, fact
    ima cook me this lady, get ur gravey on
    baby ill cook u nice and slow
    bite off that pinky cherry
    im a meen monkey
    blazin the greenest ganja
    poppin bottles like theres no tomorrow
    ima beast and feed on raw meat
    blazin trees like theres no tomorrow
    popin bottles like a beast
    uz know we eat dat raw meat
  4. swich

    swich Elite Member

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    i hope the best, i confess to any foe that battle me
    i put the heat to ya neck, im talkin where the apple be
    got a grill and sum bar and i aint talkin bout applebees
    snapple leaf blunt tastin fruity as a apple tree
    and ill cap a g, wak rappers after me
    bad bitches saddle me, after actin mad at me
    i promise ima slap a B, 'nother hoe catastrophe
    chain so bright it shine through the whole galaxy

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

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    not a freestyle but only place to drop it:
    Bitch u aint my dog but ya best stay,this is a stick n move yea killa pop the canon it aint gonna take long to get n tha groove lets stick wit the plan and stick nd move
    Trying b a hero, I said don’t fuckin move patna, wat ya got left to prove, better yet playboy wat u got to loose? Ya job or ya life ill let u choose
    Me n homeboi loki,we jus no know en to stick nd jus wen to move, scopE out the site this aint a game we can afford to lose
    Fines piling up, bills to pay, hard work all fuckin day sick and tired, always taught work smart not hard so ill let my nine speak its got a lot to say, fuck ya ethics fuck ya methods its my time to shine my time to rule
    This aint for cowards or chumps , ya gotta pay to play tha quickest but most dangerous way, so quit actin a fool
    if ya really talkin bout makin that green
    Ya gotta knock em, be ruthlessly raw, savage and mean, rock em like the mic got ya stomach n knots flipping like a back alley hooker dyke
    Once u get on a roll of knockin, and throwin on a show it comes naturally yo, u never forget its jus like riding a bike,
    Grab ya heat Aim, fire,then repeat grab the loot get notorious gain fame, tired of knocking quick 7-ll jawns, start hustling getting more green than ya front lawn
    wat can I say I got a hustlers ambition, man on a mission was quyick to make a buck n the game got *****s hatin tring to compete with me got young bitches trying to diss my name they rtrying hop on my dick trying skip to the end nd smash through all the hurdles jus reach out nd grab that fame
    but I aint a bitch, ima run up in ya crib no mufuckin knock knock bust in ya door, hear the ticin nd the tockin of the clock final seconds aproch here the click clack of my glock trying to run the street wen I owbn the whole fuckin block
    mufuckin supremacy , lights out, got u sleepin so sleep well cuz now I got ya girl caught up in my web throw on the magic got her traped in my spell, like alice in wonderland
    non stop cryin,always askin wat happended nd I never get tired of lyinn but not me to leave a damsel indistress so bn me I lent a helpin hand
    holla back, dick deprived slut jus needed to fuck nd she aint half bad in the sack , holla holla holla bak at ur boy I read past her n a second I lead that bitch on n she still thinkin shes still so coy thought I could b played, honey im not like them others they boys nd bitch im all grown up wat u see is a man
    a man that’s got It all,cash,cars women, lowlife skum wen I fuck up to take the fall but it aint easy bn a real street og, im get tired of spitn at chall, it aint as easy as droopin a verse gets harder n harder out here to jus slang a brick much easier to bite a bullet fuck the squad car more like taken a ride n the back of a hearse ya fuck up once u done, shoulda made perfect shoulda rehearsed
    guilty conscious bout to burst,many years have come nd gone, to many stories to tell behind all the skars, not enough time never enough bars except wen u facing behind them beads of sweat begin to manifest wen u feel the weight of ya sins weighting u down
    don’t bitch up and freeze man up im already tired of u, ya just a frontin as fool playin gansta get out my face u make me laugh clown jus a tourist from outta town ya wana pick a fight y a wont make it throught the night
    but do ya time get released on parole escape from the life, escape from your shithole pack ya bags smoke a bowl nd may bull b successful like me nd make millions singing about yo life like I did mine wen I busted out this rhyme yea son rolling in benjamins im done with my life of crime (laughs echo out)
  6. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    misery im the epitome of doom
    consume all thats righteous i might just smite this holy tomb
    i zoom like scopes on top of 50 caliber sniper rifles
    like the Eiffel i tower above every last disciple
    im like michael the king of modern day entertainment
    quick with payment or find yourself biting the curb of pavement
    natural arrangement, you peasants inside my presence
    bow to my feet, retreat, or feel the wrath of hells heavens
    demonic hierarchy, satans right hand man
    your shakin like a Haitian holdin dice in his hand
    your sand i spit fire turn your ass into glass
    one breath, seise whats left, my style you cant surpass
    flash like strobe lights, one blink, im mashin on your ass
    chop you up and sell you fast, black market hustler, call me cass
    idy i whoop the free style i run for miles
    dump the bodies in the platte and return to burnin files
    you see you wont catch me purchasing cds
    17 and in debt taking anything offered free
    you see my heart departs from the souls of starving young artists
    if they want it bad enough, theyll steal it and travel distances the farthest
    the hardest thing for me is watching music become a job
    its no more that a hobby that gets lost within the fog
    of material things, big whips and flashy rings
    when did females decide to demoralize themselves to bitches, stop rapping begin to sing
  7. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    im feelin the wrath develope deep within my soul
    my hands are cold, im left graspin pens to feel a whole
    it doesnt work when your constantly hearing the voices
    and choices of whether or not to act on nothing but noises
    im tired of hearing about someones problems with me
    if you got it lests solve it, unleash the problems in me
    im not sayin im hard but i wont back down
    take my beating with a smile never posing a frown
    unless its a bad day sparked by my mothers rage
    vursing at the top of her lungs another turn of the page
    another day in the life id rather see it all end
    id rather perch above a lava pit, just slip and fall in
    im goin through some tough times but im not lookin for help
    just leave my to by dispair, light the candle, watch it melt
    dont offer me solutions, offer liquid resolution
    drown my sorrows, watch em decay, pump my body with pollution
    revolution? nad id rather watch my poor soul suffer
    buffer down the frowns with round house kids and sharpened stickes, attitudes tougher
    i puff her, mary jane, to ease my mind and kill the pain
    pull the plug on my life and watch it all flow down the drain
  8. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    it was september 15, 1935
    Hitler the queen bee, in control of the hive
    installed the nuremberg laws, dehumanized the lives
    of every jew in germany, send down in nose dives
    demoralized, deprived, and locked with the borders
    developed on short notice under Adolph Hitlers orders
    the shoulders shrugged, innocent lives dazed and confused
    not knowing their fate, souls destined to feel bruised
    gassed, shot, and burned, no mercy can be earned
    they yearned for freedom and pity, none shown, stomaches churned
    some lost family members, some are the sole survivors
    some rode the chariot of death with satan as the driver
    a fighter for the past, have to explain the history
    forget stories of glittery, i preach the misery
    if you cant find enough love in your heart to feel the sorrow
    borrow mine, a gold mine, enough kindness to spill into tomorrow
  9. swich

    swich Elite Member

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    down south texas shiiiit....

    in texas where im wrekin hataz still tryna be plexin/
    ill shank ya like a mexican and take ya chain necklace/
    dammit im wreckless, they know i stay throwed/
    cant stop my pay roll i just let ma K go/
    im fittna spray hoes, flow so saucy like alfredo/
    betta lay low, steel re-arrange ya face like play-doh/
    hey hoe, its easy pimpin on my leage/
    swich one, get funds, VIP, No ID/
    yellow bones, they eye me, ill put a deuce where her thigh be/
    we both strapped up with sum purp and the high leaf/
    you wanna test me? i put a mac where ya chest be/
    stressed g pak a cess where my vest be/
    TEST ME, hollow point through ya left cheek/
    ima down south playa puttin clips where the nest be/
  10. Small Time Crook

    Small Time Crook Senior Member

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    haha, swich, im feelin' that
    alfredo line made me giggle cuz i work at fuckin' pizza hut.

    and, so im not a fuckin post slut.

    doin damage to bitches who cant manage
    dont want this beef, vegan go back to the cabbage
    munchin' on leaves like wascally wabbits
    burnin' leaves is my bad habit
    back to the trap kid
    gotta, arm myself with the strap kid
    because on Satan Side it's do or die, and in they face im laughin
    im talkin' about the Boxwood Bitches
    they come thru, gotta leave'em with stitches
    and im a DJ with my deuce fin, trigger finger scratchin and itchen
    then im off to the shop, where the murder plots run rampant
    god damnit, flow so hot you cant stand it
    Shaq's gonna advertise my style cuz it's so Icy Hot
    listen to my shit to ease the pain you got

    my head fuckin' hurts.:(
  11. freeursoul28

    freeursoul28 New Member

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  12. FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle

    FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle Elite Member

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    i got time to rhyme to the best of my ablitys
    thinking im ill when im not,ha ha silly me
    words twist round my brain with mass agilty
    filling me with the steez i need to spit it out, see
    i got problems, too many to count. but
    they matter not, so i will not pout
    or spout shit yall dun care about.
    all i got right now pce!!
  13. maybemasai

    maybemasai Member

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    Yo eat my shit lick my clit do a split on a tit oooo yeaaaaaa
    bow down to the killa mcgilla gorilla im bettah then ghost face killa
    wheres my skrilla
    my dog otis wrote this piss on u lick her boot this is the dopes shit ever wrote
  14. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    yo, whens the album droppin son?
  15. sibil juggalo

    sibil juggalo Senior Member

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    words grow and build within my stomach
    and if i dont spit em out soon theyll find theyre way out my back
    and rip and attack and take advantage of what i lack
    to open my mouth and explain it and say that
    so i dont respect my rhymes thats why i write them in crap
    im not invincible even more im not confident i feel my ego crack
    and break, bones dont break they only bruise
    its all been said its only old news
    i just hope someday this death grip learns to go loose
    squeeze and confide and choke out the last bit of laughter
    again ill hide because it aint no happy after
    this bastard! please dont refer to me as master
    because i cant speak quick but my words to say are only breeding faster
  16. GraffitiEast2008

    GraffitiEast2008 Senior Member

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    Got my krylon with the fat cap/and the mic so now i rap/ i keep a marker on my lap/
    Soo if i see my spot dissed/ ima twissed the lid off/ and show you now im really pissed off/
    put a big T.O.Y on you/ and show u who runs what/ and who runs who/with one simple color i choose blue/ JUST QUIT WRITING/ and stop beef CUZ ILL KEEP FIGHTING/ SHIT HURTS just like lighting/Now its time to pay off dues/by next tues / or u will be singing blues/ TIME TO CHOOSE/ its all over no winign u just loose
  17. Yo, I, I Get Money, money I'm paid
    My name is 50 Cent, I make music to get played
    I don't give a fuck about quality music
    I got Eminem and all of G-Unit
    Just kicked out Young Buck, the last one with any skill
    I'm done with him, now I got more money in the paper mill
    I ruined Mobb Deep's career aren't y'all proud of me?
    I lied a little before, not shot 9 times more like three
    Yet y'all still buyin my shitty whack tracks
    Couldn't even beat Kanye that shit is facts
    My albums progressively get worse and worse
    Shit son, signing to Aftermath must a been a curse
    I had y'all faggots lovin' my track window shopper
    You all listen to a gay, because I'm a dildo hopper!
    You all copped my gay book Pieces to Weight
    If you didn't you all lames because you just hate

    Idk, heard Top Billin' thought of I Get Money
    So I decided to make fun of 50 Cent's Lame Ass

    I'll drop another freestyle later...
  18. brainlord

    brainlord Senior Member

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    damn you and unconscious have been tearing this thread up
    nice stuff
  19. Panda Jerk

    Panda Jerk Elite Member

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    im the HipHopHipottamus my lyrics are bottomless....
  20. WoeInfinite

    WoeInfinite Elite Member

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    haha i cant help but read the first few lines to the beat of slob on my knob
    hahahahaha thats dope