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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. Maste

    Maste Senior Member

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    1 2 3 and to the 4
    snoop doggy dogg and dr dre is at your door
    ready to make an entrance so back on up
    cause you know we bout to rip shit up...

    OFF THE TOP OF THE DOME muthafucka
  2. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    maste wtf was that. get that crap outta here
  3. DaBluntHead

    DaBluntHead Banned

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    wtf you be uh ? actin' like you something in this rap world?
    don't diss snoop and dre unless you can do better
    which you obviously can't.
    now just shut up.
  4. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    dude dont be an idiot. I wasnt dissin snoop or dre.

    But if you come in a freestyle thread and spout of some snoop lines and then say straight off the dome! your obviously a fuckin moron

    so piss off or drop something
  5. DaBluntHead

    DaBluntHead Banned

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    don't call me the idiot if you didn't notice that he was fuckin' joking
    and trust me you don't want me to drop something
    cause I've read your lines... Haha
  6. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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  7. Small Time Crook

    Small Time Crook Senior Member

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    yawl missin Che's revolution, why im the rebirth?
    seemed at first i was down on my ass, things took a turn for the worst
    but now im back on the prowl spitting acid from my jowls
    got you moving more then exlax does to bowels
    and all i had to do was find a certain someone
    and they provided me with reason and meanin
    now i got the world fiending for my revolution
    instead of pollutin the underground im aimin for the mainstream
    not to sell my soul but cuz im revolving around the cream
    cash money, the dollar dollar almighty
    fighting for the right to see whether or not i might be
    the next best thing next to Ernesto
    with the lyrical zest bro, and yawls just a pest show
    like lice or a circus of fleas
    because not many can compare to me
    i am the dawn of a new era and my name is C H E
    had to steal, had to fight, had to earn my right to claim
    this title this name, this ticket to fuckin' fame
    im setting down the stone, putting my foot 'pon it
    and the mindless drones who rove are the ones who bought it.
  8. RaGe2

    RaGe2 Senior Member

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    damn that's a whack sound, you need 2 back down/
    maybe get clapped clown, put that strap down/
    i'm still a lil rusty but trust me, ya'll MC's look at my style and lust me/
    how you goin have an unprotected flow and say fuck me/
    i'm underestimated yo you lucky/
    and if you're the rebirth, you need to re-work ya whole style/
    you sound like a hippy talking about this weak earth/
    go back to 8 mile, you worth less then a jew in world war 2/
    dont talk about a circus of fleas, you deserve to just bleed/
    your words are a curse when hits the damn page/
    dont even spit about ya damn rage, you require intelligence/
    you desire my intellect, your flow perspires and intersects/
    with the whackness, turn that mic off before i shove you in pitch blackness/
    it's called skill, bitch you lack this/
  9. I don't know bout you but I ain't gettin' clapped down
    Blood splattered all over the swingset on the playground
    Most these emcees they got talent yet they all misuse
    The most simple shit they find a way to confuse
    Words become more twisted than a sack of ropes
    They resemble George Bush promising false hopes
    When I'm not writing I feel like I'm edging insanity
    Tired of these dudes in their songs projecting vanity
    The pen is the mighty weapon, the words are ammunition
    Hidden Tek unbeatable, nah that's just superstition
    Although when my rhymes bust I'm highly unstoppable
    You defeating me in a true verbal intercourse, highly improbable
    The question I post unsolvable, you kids are all feign
    So I unleash the reign, blow ya brain, you can't complain
    I don't got paper so nah I can't make it rain, I'm in disdain
    So watch what you do, because remember to me you'll always be number 2
  10. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    i'm the type to fill clips and leave your body with holes
    men in black like will smith and tommy lee jones
    watchin you flow is like a fuckin comedy show
    if your rhymes are so hot, how come the audience froze
    fuck the crowd, i dont stop for applause
    i dont stop spittin until your bodies covered in gauze
    When you tried to diss me, i watched you struggle and fall
    i'm comin to brawl and leave your fuckin blood on the walls
    it's nothin at all...haters on my nutsack, fuck that
    Just refrain to speak my name from that hole below your mustache
    and plus, i clutch gats, trust i'll bust back
    I'll scorch your hair off and leave you bald like Kojak
    You'll be rockin a toe tag, and a brand new hairdo
    fuck with me? I'll leave you stiff like bamboo
    Yo, you're shit is wack, with your crappy gimick rap
    I'll make your lid collapse like I'm stacking fitted hats
  11. PureSole

    PureSole Elite Member

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    I got crack like the side walk,
    Brillo pads and roses all night long,
    Nah, I don't sell, I just smoke the shit
    Heating the glass so long I broke the shit
    I'm feending for the rocks baby and I'm living kinda crazy
    Taking hits till I'm pushing up daisies
    And just maybe, I might fill the needle a few times
    Or maybe I can get an 8 ball and snort a few lines
    Snort of a few lines so I could write a few rhymes
    Its like I fell on the pavement, yes I'm a crack head
    Baby girl you wanna light but first you gotta back that

  12. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    of the top

    ill watch ya chest collaps,
    like crushin a can of pepsi max,
    cant test the facts,
    that ur best is wack,
    an when i bless the track,
    your neck ill snap
  13. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    as i breath weed my eyes proceed red.
    then tease feds as im blown from tree stems.
    most emcees are weak, a pretense.
    need not a glock to stomp on these men.
    gimme three cents and a bag of green pens.
    ill destroy the whole city and still be breathin'
    i teach kids how to cheat and beat men.
    retreat from defeat and still excrete sin.
    no need for peace cuz im a heathen.
    ill cheat on a test and still recieve cred.
    use a key head to extend my speed then..
    hit your best friend and make him bleed red.
    call the EMS as you flee the scene then,
    go to wisconsin and eat a cheese head...

    Last edited: May 6, 2008
  14. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    thats your type, but ima type to spit wack shit just to give you hope
    then a few verses later i proceed to lace in lyrical dope
    and you begin ta choke, cause you realize you can keep up with this
    like the second cope.
    You get up but your shits simple, ill slap you around like ass connected to a dimple
    you aint got the vocabulary to contend with this advasary.
    Cause im to lyrically sophisticated, and you just mad you cause your shit gets hated
    when my words cut like a knife thats serrated, my shits r rated so i got no time for you kids, so cut the shit lets get down to biz, Spit me your illest line lemme hear that shiz, and ill come back if its not a waste of time.
  15. geneparmesan

    geneparmesan Senior Member

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    aahah, sick.

    "ayo i might burn a slut
    cram and jam in spikes, hurt her cunt
    im like ike turner drunk
    we passed that trash rap, you kickin is expendable
    step in my cipher, ill slice off your fuckin genetals
    an impossible plan of stoppin this man
    droppin ya clan, so sick when i spit, i rock a hospital band
    yall dont get the point? ima rip you to shreds
    pin you upside down till you shit through your head
    became the president, no need to recount the ballads
    peep out the talents or get beat down with mallets
    mc's when its time to kill, this rhyme is ill
    ate so many pussy rappers now they call me vagina-grill
    buldgeon you to death with soap, if im dressed in a cloak
    get dusted and threaten the pope, with a rusty wrench and a rope
    its definite, i aint hesitant, to say im defer than most
    step in the smoke, east to west, im wreckin the coast
    havin dreams of dyke camel jockies, on kawasaki's
    thou who mock me, ill pound & devour sloppy
    fake fuck rapper, we pass those, i smash foes
    yall the type to take a straw and suck this shit right out my asshole"
    - Bee-Kay's verse from the song You Don't Know on El Gant's album; It's Over

    yeah it isnt mine, but its better than 9/10 of the shit in this threaddddddd hahaaaa
    Last edited: May 6, 2008
  16. Bitch you don't grip gats and you don't pop nines
    Your shit is weak and all basic pre-written rhymes
    On the real the only time you clap is at the end of a show
    But you just lying to yourself this is shit we all know
    Can't fuck with the flow, I'm fuckin sick of these emcees
    Who talk like they on corners hustlin' bricks and keys
    You ain't pushin weight, whenever you rhyme it's late
    You're delayed and considerably outplayed, I'm in a mind state
    Sittin' down blackbookin' and spitting out constant rhymes
    I'm fresh like batch of tree pines, intricate permanent designs
    You shouldn't need a rap sheet or record to be considered legit
    Because I was up for a felony and went through all the court shit
    But for real braggin' about the patty wagon?
    Nah wasn't cool bein in jail, when I could be out taggin'
    So for real step your games up stop talking like you the best
    Cream of the Crop yeah yeah y'all just like the rest...

    Quick one
  17. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    its hella crazy the way the world turns from good to bad
    just the other day i found out i was to be a new dad
    then yesterday i got word that my homie got stabbed
    fucked up the way you always seem to lose wat you had
    im mad, frustrated, sick of everything i see
    sick of getting on here and listening to fake emcees
    dudes rapping about the things that they see in their dreams
    only time they hold the rock, flag football teams
    pre-teens, internet fiends, go out and do something productive
    i dont give a shit what you do, put on mommy's high heels and act seductive
    destructive in your flows but mr. rogers on the block
    you dont sell drugs, only thing digital you got is your clock
    you dont know shit bout tripple beams and pushin weight in your trunk
    your a punk like southern rappers thinkin hip-hop envolves krunk
    you must be drunk, ill give you the benefit of the doubt
    but see my mouth forever flows while you experience endless drought
    dont pout or shed a tear just freshen up and show no fear
    hop into any cypher anywhere, and just rip on your peers
    enlighten em too, give em something they wanna hear
    dont keep coming with gangster cuz that shit sounds hella queer
    its coo once in a while but that style is overplayed
    like whats heared on the radio, 50-cent and lil wayne
    i cant really tell you if thats what they play
    i dont listen to the radio, cuz quite frankly i find it gay
    i dont appreciate the way underground rap is overlooked
    real skill gets booted out, all the spots are overbooked
    cant get a show nowadays, you gotta be paid or wearin shades
    either doin the superman or rockin the uptown fade
    what happened to no descrimination of any kind
    why is it impossible for a man nowadays to speak his mind
    why do we act blind when theres problems lurking in our midst
    why is the only time you hear a good rhyme is when someone is drunk or pissed
    i list off the problems but it doesnt matter in the end
    because i know each and every one of my flows ends up skimmed
    you dont take the time to read some thing educative
    youd rather peep the bland and boring rather than experiencing creative
    a native to dope raps, i only speak the pure facts
    catch me in a lie and ill let you cut off my nuttsack
    fuck that, i love my boys so no way well separate
    to do so would be a sin, an utter shame and desecrate
    but on the real tho, just do what you do best
    be the pussy that you are, wear your panties and your dress
    rap less, give it up if you rhyme from behind desks
    but i sudgest you take the s off your chest before you soul gets layed to rest
  18. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    my one liners crack spines and youth-anize old timers... hidden tek says it best, their gold to coal miners

    internet emcees dont carry the heat, got rep or run the streets... their tall in their raps but in person they tower 6 feet deep

    im hella bored thats why im flowin off the top, dont got nothin better to do so i guess ill prank call the cops, 3 bodies shot, evidence, ill draw out entire plots, even take em straight to the celler when i let the bodies rot. bodies bought and sold in china for their organs, i need to make some extra cash, so i start kidnappin orphans. metamorhpin im changin from deranged to tamed but my soul still feels like is being held above open flames. dames, on my mind and in my heart, i go crazy like homeless people winning shopping sprees and fill entire carts. darts thrown, bullzeye, swallow the cone, random gibberish, im finnished with the carcas let me snag up a couple bones. ring goes the phone, answer without hesitation, interrupt and get fucked up, i stumble out of my meditation. dedication, i wanna finish so ill keep climbin til i reach the peak, broken beaks, breakin face until i get my tweak. hear the creek, the crack, the snapple and pop, peep the flow that i throw collaborated with the rock. my cock, its hard and my mind is high so next time you want me to rhyme unlock the cage and let me fly.

    whats it mean to be a partiot. does it mean load up hollowtips into clips and go out huntin down some arabics? does it mean help out the sick, the needy, feed the poor and steal from the greedy?
  19. coke831

    coke831 Senior Member

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    throwin up signs. throwin down dice/
    smoke a spliff then eat a bowl of white rice/
    heads mad itchin pray for no lice/
    got a bloopie in the roor, ok fellin nice/
  20. Jihad

    Jihad Senior Member

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    Our ingenuity isn’t for the better of man
    Its only purpose is the escalation of its profitable plan
    I’m so sick of watching people pledge allegiance
    To the nine to five slave drive
    That’s barely keeping them alive
    The only thing that controls currency fluctuation
    Is the pigs in the watchtowers
    Watching over our Damnation
    You can believe a man in a cave
    Infiltrated, and annihilated the “free trade”
    You can believe that a man in a cave
    Devised, Executed such a plan to cause such international outrage
    But our own Government lacks informative affirmation
    Which in turn, leads me to question how long
    My association will last with this centrist conformation of man
    With the master plan we shall be damned
    And the mind become mans last hand to stand
    Where the fuck do you stand