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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    i got fat hoes with guns tucked in lane bryant stretch pants
    ready to pop until you're more red than redman
    i tried giving up drugs, but moved to the next plan
    i ain't no wolverine, bitch, but i'm an x-man
  2. Thread-Locks

    Thread-Locks Senior Member

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    bump to infinity haha
  3. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    your fake as fuck, a false fable like pokemon
    i drop dope lines, like i flipped the table the coke was on.
    sit and read, my status exceeds, you shouldnt even be next me,
    rock shows, the flows rolls off the tongue like extcasy.

    just a widdle somfun somfun.
  4. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    you're dope.

    this line made me O_O
  5. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    thanks, homie.

    i'll spit more bars later, in the mean time, spit some shit, i'll add on.
  6. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    i lied.

    fellas, think they know hip hop,
    copped a wayne CD, and thats where that shit stops
    thats fucked up like letting the bitch get top
    i walk on you fools, like flip flops,
    grab a pin, watch the fake bitches tits pop
    im circling you, like im an alien, and your a corn crop
    your fake as fuck, like a porn shop, im sworn to top.
  7. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    me and esto, yo, we're born to rock
    our pockets are holdin some enormous glocks
    they put holes through you that's the size of his gauges
    battle rap cats can't even find or contain us
    yall are minor league fags, and we're signed to the majors
    battling five of you guys at a time couldn't phase us
    you got my songs in your head, i know my rhymes are contagious
    divorcing your head from your body, and i'm signing the papers
    i'm leaving no parts left, i don't divide with remainders
    fuck you peace loving cats, i side with violence and anger
    i'm the type of holiness that you would find in a manger
    i should wear a skull and crossbones to remind you of danger
  8. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    yo, i'll keep it going and flowing, non stop with the rap man.
    bags of green, were tag teamed, and he just slapped my hand.
    were dope kids, were rude, and atrocious, everything he says, they censor.
    cut your techs, have blades to cut your neck,leave you like a pez dispenser.
    take your checks, we get paid, like what the heck, took my hours i worked at spencer's.
    hated, im complicated, I have long enough bars to be caged in.
    syllables, rhyme with every word im sayin, talk shit, get your face caved in.
    stop complaining, cop the grain, kid, grieve your bitch, leave her in a ditch,
    pitching stitches in snitches, serve disses on dishes, to all you bitches,
    got hooks like fishes, took your riches, itching, french kissing fists, kid.
  9. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    i spit flows so long, it stretch till the next day
    and you know me and este, we fresh in the best way
    our words are like weapons, every line is a death ray
    our verses capture your mind, like something koresh say
    infamous tatted on my knuckles, i'm explaining myself
    it's so i can punch you in the face when my name in your mouth
    what's the complaining about? who else is blessing you with fresh shit
    fuck the hating cats, we checkin em off the guest list
    the best shit. got it on lock like we arrested
    confess kid. you're getting fucked like you molested
    confusing your mind and body like heroin and meth mixed
    you'll be killing yourself by the time the high sets in
  10. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    when i enter this thread i skip all the posts ahead of me
    but i see este and coka blow minds like kennedy
    mad flows seperate the elite from the bourgeoisie
    when they spit rhymes rain and thats a guarantee

    i want to write something worth while but i always end up with shitty little bars like those
  11. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    the kennedy line was dope.
  12. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    thanks.. after that line it all went downhill. oh well
  13. Thread-Locks

    Thread-Locks Senior Member

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    y'all represent, coka and este know what's real
    we strip down posers like unconscious, those with little appeal
    I run corners like baseball, making you dizzy
    when I'm done I slide in and wail, like thin lizzy
    Like spiderman I'm marveling, it's quite startling
    I can climb walls shoot threads, thread-locks falling in
    My own web of rhymes, they're just truths no lies
    The words I confess are the real do or dies
    We come together like muslims, and pray to the creator
    Mix up our thoughts more than a cross fader
    bla bla bla bla bla I bite immortal technique
    No wait that's unconscious his repetitive style is weak
  14. shalf

    shalf Senior Member

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    ok then...*ahem*

    so its shalfie over hear rocking this UK...ting
    locks I saw you on the corner rocking your fake...bling
    take you out and leave you just on a whim
    I can't emcee but I make your girl sing
    and thats no lie not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin
    Stevie could see plainly your lyrics are bitten
    go back to school, and get some extra elastic tied between them mittens
    I bin here years but not accumalated a post count
    becuase I can't bear to reply to the shit you spout
    You talk about things you know nothing about
    like cars and girls, money and drugs
    boy between me and you, your a fake thug
    Learn that there more important things that materialistic gain
    like getting your degree or painting your name on a freshy fresh train
    on second thought leave it your graf looks like shit
    I'm convinced thats the only thing you ain't bit
    you jsut got served on a shiiny silver platter
    by a white boy too but oes it really matter...

    oh no he di'ant

    Locks no beef just wanted to stretch my wings a bit son =D
    peace and love
  15. dadestruekings

    dadestruekings Senior Member

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    im too fuckin bored and so fucking tired
    smacked my boss in the face last night n said bitch ur fired
    now im rollin the l kickin back just chillin
    introducin yall to miamis newest villain

    ahh shits wack
    im just to busy wit the dolphins game lol
    ill write a better one later
  16. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    im cleaner than rehabilitated fiends
    on tracks i spray up like fat caps integrated with green
    i mean im not intemidated by ya team
    and if you step up to interrogate then im inflatin and infiltratin ya jeans
    yadidamean baby girl
    im eliminating ya splein
    rippin ya seems
    it seams atmozphere is flown like ozone centegrated in the negative teens
    rainin frozen thunder
    the 9th wonder puffin lumber
    asunder and plunder the prey cuz im a hunter
    i punt kunts and jump fronters
    i pitch grenades that explode on contact with the bunters
    im double platinum blunted gasoline spit pumper
    no jumper cables
    never been one to tell fables
    always spittin phax like heart attacks on mike vrable
    you baby emcees jsut belong in the cradle
    from there to the grave..
    spits leave lids twisted like some dradles
    girly in her birthday suit spread out on the table
    pourin shots in her navel
    suckin it out like vaccum abortions exportin prenatals
    im fatal
    my flow is poisonous soup so dont touch the ladle
    im live like electricity in the cable
    comcast fast and stable
    atmozf3ar balancin the budz and the beers
    twisted up like tattoo tears with two meanings
    fallen soldiers and fallen ceilings
    falling into the deep dark well where sails set ship and ships get bailed
    derailing ya plane and grounding ya train
    im insane
    im like room with padded walls cept the psych wards hall is full of flames
    no escape out my brain like a labyrinth
    how do i manage to metephorically menetore like a savage
    yet no since to be had
    like a bum no fun so i run around in circles
    looking for weed, pills and pink drinks flavored purple
    like a turtle stuck on its back
    im on the shell like bullet casings trampled as i flee the scene lamping the macs
    lighting up, i put on for my city like biochemical warfare and gas masks
    my rhymes are like poison to the fish in the water, you cant catch raps
    you cant track my flock
    your cant pursue my team
    p i m p, but u kan kall me pussy fiend
    i cream on girls lips, tits and fat asses quick
    i make it bounce like b2k in slow motion call it click
    stick - stuck
    i dont give a fuck, continue to sip the drips up
    and flip the bics in my palm
    spark the blunt and continue to spit salms
    hittin trees like automobile accidents in the keys
    my freestle steez is flyer than a million beez
    swarmin through the bleez
    i inhale life and exhale death
    im a fool for the drool i pool like cess
    not the best but still walk round with a s on the chest
    whats fresh?
  17. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    im sour patch, kid, grab your girl and hug her,
    then in seconds, throw a machete to her fucking jugular.
    rip you limb for limp, spit flem in a preist face,
    frauds, mock your god while zeitgeist plays.
    out and an about, props for shout outs, thread locks
    shred ya glocks, slapped with lead blocks, thats where ya street cred stops.
    i dont pack heat, stack cheese, either do you, never showing glocks,
    got money in the bank, because i threw your dough over the docks.
    quit blowing the cocks, im chopping up rocks, popping back shots,
    your wack rhymes, me and infamous, will change the fucking game over time,
    snap you nines, cut the lines to the swines, leave you limbless, spell our name with your fucking spine.
    were fearless and bold, weapons play some serious roles, our bats play plots.
    Felines pissing in your liquor are the only time you cats spray shots.

    all, love, vagrant.
  18. dadestruekings

    dadestruekings Senior Member

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    ur sig makes me wanna cry i havent hit a blunt in forever
  19. Thread-Locks

    Thread-Locks Senior Member

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    it makes me want to cry too, cause he quotes himself which is just gay, and his rhymes are completely bitten from jedi mind
    all g shalf
  20. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    we get i you think hes gay,
    to be honest i think your all total fags but either keep it to yourself or be lyrical about it