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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. shalf

    shalf Senior Member

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    alright this is it son...I'm about to drop a bomb on y'all... this be fresh off the top of the dome y'all

    yo yo

    his palms are sweaty
    knees weak arms are heavy
    theres vomit on his sweater already
    mums spaghetti
    he nervous
    but on the seurface
    he looks calm and ready
    to drop bombs but he keeps on forgetting
    what he wrote down the whole crowd goes so loud
    he opens his mouth and whistled for a cab and when it came near
    the licence plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror
    if anything I could say this cab was rare
    but I said naw forget it yo holmes to bel-air
  2. ProblemSolved_6er

    ProblemSolved_6er Member

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    you say fuck the eastern section
    what the hell do you rep
    reppen yeast infections shit man thats a heavy crew to sweat
    think your a threat, your liar and im an electric chair
    but you a pussy so i give injections, never break our stair
    eye contact its logic, u on deathrow son
    call the entire east coast out, now step back bitch run
    and hide. inside the toy thoughts that comend you
    talken shit like ur pieces rip walls on through
    the only peace u get
    is lyen in your coffin
    ur bitch ass got dropped in
    shit i would know i was there,
    had to make it to ur funeral
    since im the one that killed you
    broke your spine in half
    cut u open, slowly spilled you
    talk shit
    get fixed
    u sick?
    on some real ish
    come with 3 bars
    and get ur ass finshied
    i finish him. mortal combat im the rain man
    praise the sky
    then cave ur fucken face in
  3. StayBlazed

    StayBlazed Senior Member

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    unconsious is still droppin bombs
    stayblazed is still hittin the bong
    shalf is still bitting eminem song
    i fuck your whole crew like miss wong
    i knock you out and you get pissed on
    shit that is going down in my mind is so wrong
    when im on the microphone, its on like a 3 puff pass marathon
    i hit it hit it and then kiss it kiss it until its done
  4. swich

    swich Elite Member

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    u a fake bitch im off the head sacred
    off with ya head when its off weith the safe switch
    boppers with meds come chill at my place with
    killa and place i can insert my face in
    erasin a hater any chump thats discrasin
    got a house on the water u live in the basement
    pacein now face it yall hoes just cant take this
    i was mia when the feds came A chasin
    now im b-a-c-k trees blaze CK
    cologne on my shirt hoe squirt on my pj's
    dammmn yall cant see may, we spray d-day
    tall tees al g we make p- day
  5. swich

    swich Elite Member

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    u borin still spittin sum more of the same story
    i splittin through women who feelin like they whory
    killin a villin if villins is peelin
    at my leage then i see im fit to be spillin
    a clip in sum men women n children
    in chillin whith herbs and smoke to celin
    u is just werse at a verse i be thrillin
    concelin an arm im a don to u get it?
    in ill be on till u get it then hit it and quit it
    maybe ya lady could pass me sum digits
    pay me or witness youll need a subscription
    cuz clips'll be hittin up all of u bitches
    ya crew and the mission is to leave u finished
    finished diminished a menace like dennis
    im innocent hidden the worse kind of feelins
    but guilty and filthy wen u see me grinnen
    mean mug slapped on my face like im gettin
    clocked by the doc when kids pop put of women
    if these *****s winnin then pac could be livin
    its that unlickly like lightnes twice striken
    catch me in a kitchen then im flippen a chiken
    see me at the show then ill get u a ticket
  6. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    not takin no for an answer
    my rhymes stick to your brain like cancer
    switchin lanes like a lancer
    enhancer of cants
    turn em into i-cans and i-wills
    like i robot i will smith the pills
    i kill em
    pussy holes - i fill em
    bushy hoes - i bill em
    pussy foes - i gill em
    slit the side of they throat then throw em in the water n watch em choke
    watch they hopes sink faster than holes in the side of boats
    ghost cuz u kant see me
    even with me spittin out heat waves at ya thermal cameras
    my stamina hammers ur panorama man its easy
  7. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    clip you, and bury you in moss, cry from within
    whip you, and make you carry the cross, and die for my sins.
    sip juice, makes me very lost, but, hell, i'll try it again.
    im crazy as fuck, with looney, friends, put me in a looney bin
    or i'll soon be in prison, for bruising chins, and abusing gins.
    i stalk in hell, copped the holy grail, you should fear my imps.
    you fought and failed, because im on top of my game, like a good year blimp.
    all you fuckers are blinded by the mainstream, i get all deranged seeing
    all of the same thing, with you lame bling, i wanna see shit changing,
    everythings, dances cars, rims, hoes, techs, and grip glocks.
    its about fucking time someone resurrected real hip hop.
    i have a feeling in veins, images i am seeing in my brain
    im a lunatic, writing crazy verses, as i chew this bic.
    spreading curses, dead, it worsens, as i spew this shit.
    we splatter, its gory, your not in a category,our brains intacts
    were earning our learnings, fuck school, autodictacts, get your shit back.

    my spelling is all fucked.
  8. ProblemSolved_6er

    ProblemSolved_6er Member

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    i do it for hip hop
    slip, drop, moven cross the floor in flip flops
    walls slain, clean psyce with the drip mop
    snatchen babies up like candy callen me a young snot
    get shot, vandals runnin never getten caught
    bite my verse, spit it out, touch ur tongue but to hot
    this shit right here, THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE, bitch stop
    u got the dro? pussy shit, ur ass been taken cocks?
    u smoke rocks? ur origional? i watch u flow in flocks
    i aint the best and im young yall can call me cris cross
    its the cutie
    take ur bitch out for dinner and a movie
    naw im playen we at my house
    she's just another groopie
    tried to play hard to get, man u know i got the bootie
    pussy tight, perky tits, rest my head where her boobs be
    she screams yes! girl u ever been satisfied?
    first time? no wonder she been letten out them sighs
    u walk in
    thats right im fucken ur girl so u cry?
    grow a dick, this y she masturbates every night
    pull out my nine
    one more step and its gonna be ur time
    now watch me,
    fuck that slut from the back till she die
  9. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    got a tighter grip on ya wind pipe,
    than a tigers jaws, huntin mcs like my skin striped,
    you claim your hip hop cuss you drink sprite,
    an st ides, it aint right,
    only fools to gain hype, are the bling type,
  10. [B]awayfrom[BLESS]

    [B]awayfrom[BLESS] Member

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    name started from the loss of the kid.
    stealin and bombin is what those shitty times did.
    now i gotta state the name and stay on the game
    cause its one of the flaws, again streamin through my vain.
    so if this is the fucked up life im bound to
    i mma embrace it and keep my name on walls that surround you
    this goes to those that tag and paint walsl with aerosol. L.E.S.S chi town to city hall
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2009
  11. ThatCommieBastard

    ThatCommieBastard Banned

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    Fuck everyone in this thread
    Yall youngstaz should go to bed
    before I go Judge Dredd on your fucking head
    and you wind up dead
  12. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    populations of younger generations
    brought into our nations equations
    of creations and complications
    and denied investigation has me raging
    flip this rotation of hating,
    were aging for retaliation,
    i have no patience, for our denied accusations
    when they realized our realizations.
    and now they are scared for a revolution,
    diluting the pollution that they're shooting
    and misusing the Constitution and choosing the
    lesser of the evolution for their distribution.
    national execution, we will have retribution.
    exterminate the nuisance, you let loose and
    quite choosing, moronic presidents,
    i get more hesitant to be a resident,
    with the next one let it, it better be a difference
    lets the change commence, at the last ones expense.
    funds are his, he fucked up, its been down hill ever since.

  13. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    i ain't the most organized, but i know where shit be at
    you ain't lookin my way because you faggots can't see matt
    did you faggots just see that? naw, i can't believe that
    i'm killing every critic til i get no bad feedback
    i'm going intergalactic to destroy the streets
    we ain't the beastie boys, but my boys are beasts
    ....every time you hear my voice it's heat
    so we going to great lengths to avoid police
    i put a bullet through your flavor flav chain, that's the shot clock
    and you got 24 seconds before i'm letting the shots off
    i spit fire... like i'm guzzling hot sauce
    fuck all you haters. i hope you brought your sun block

  14. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    sun block cuz radiation flows out this emcees spout
    and my mouth can be compared to the sun the way i make the seeds sprout
    and he pouts cuz jealousy can be such a downer
    especially when encountering rotton reviews like out of towners
    but im a clowner, i make jokes when times are low
    and when rhymes are slow, i produce fast lines to chime a tone
    to bring the amusement to the music and design a fine flow
    abuse it and lose it quicker than alcoholic parents combined with refined blow
    let it snow...
  15. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    let it snow, lets the techs blow holes through your sex holes.
    the aroma infects ya nose, only the best know, the rest dont,
    incest at your home, effects the childs dome
    i guzzled hot sauce but only mild though,
    but i still bring a wild flow, leave the bodies piled home,
    you dont want me riled, son, pull out a rifle gun,
    now you have a lifeless son, your life i shun, i bring life to puns,
    knife to nuns, read your fucking book that rules,
    if HE is real, i'll slay god for making me look like a fool,
    im crooked cool, your a shooked up fool, stay in your place
    she laid in waste, after i layed her waist, she was laid to waste,
    sprayed the face, with acid based mase, strangled her with my shoe lace
    invade a base, with blades in my suitcase, i raised the stakes,
    and chased them with serrated razor blade rakes, hell raiser earthquakes,
    raised the snakes, to infest the place, im a fucking nutcase.


    all as i went along, thats why its all wacky.
  16. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    i'm a nutcase, but my nut case is your slut's face
    i mean that's where i keep my nuts. she love the taste
    fuck all the homo mc's. we run this place
    we spit the shit that make all you shook kids run away
    hold your tongues, this cat got em, you hit rock bottom
    on the bottoms of glass tables with crack rocks on em

    ...i lost it.
  17. DaBluntHead

    DaBluntHead Banned

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    light it up light it up

    why is you always talking bullshit , internet shit
    cyber thug shit , in real life you probably aint got shit
    no friends no bitch , dont make endz
    strugglin to get doe , dreaming bout a benz
    i make ends meet , motherfucka im working my ass off
    i can see the jealousy in your eyes , its why u act tough
    dont act thugged out , your white like me
    even if you would wear nikes and try to rock my steez
    you just couldnt be me
    im too real , even simon said that im the illest
    i know youre scared to tell me your feelin this
    la coka nostra never dealt with the candy
    momma was a crackfiend and u aint shit like your daddy

    LOL you know im playin
  18. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    crack rocks on em, we rock the blocks, flaunt em.
    head of the flock, lead off the glock, we shot em.
    bottom line, im top of the line, all cops are pure swine,
    i have a sick flow, cant stop, cant cure mine,
    you lost it, i found it, im hell bounded, you fell, grounded,
    im well rounded, in every aspect, get your ass kicked, and was always the last pick, you cant grasp it, i walked in a bank, stalked with a slimmer shank, you got dropped in a river bank, cant rock a bigger rank,
    i lead the army, see, you cant harm me,
    throw you in the shed, where the farm be,
    they listen i said, the wont part from me,
    talk the wrong words, we'll pull out our long swords,
    and impale them in your vocal chords, and dump you in shores.


    im not on my A game.
  19. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    shores wetter than sweat pourin out pores durin sex
    durin the stress i grip blunts and liplock like babies murderin breasts
    im burnin from chest but no need to put it out
    no need for the fireman cuz i douse vests with perspire spouts
    out the mouth with heat i bring to the mic like flaming trout
    hibachi grill killin emcees and eatin out they spouse
    out the hat like a rabbit, after that laughter and that cabbage
    lookin for babs but not interested if she carries extra baggage
    a savage known for lyrically rippin the beats and my d.i.c.k versus ya chicks clitorious in the sheets
    i skeet skeet skeet and then im gone
    cant even reach for the level im on
    cuz im sicker than liqour to your liver hittin buds dippin in amaretto with the bong
    and i cant spit wrong cuz i spit pslams with wits like bombs
    blowin competition out the water
    walking on top of it like christ with the lightnig strikes similar to harry potter
    call me the father..
    spittin against me? dont even bother..
  20. respERATION

    respERATION Banned

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    yeah so this isn't aimed at anyone....

    i'm a fxcking messiah,my rhymes are like an orgasm,
    when i spit my mouth is angelic, yours is a jaw spasm,
    your word play is older than relics, your flow is whack,
    you spit too slow,i spit faster than your girl get on her back,
    i write a cuss like its second nature, yours are forced,
    face it,you weren't ever gonna make it,like pre-marital divorce,
    cause when i drop to a beat kids drop to my feet,
    your rhymes stink,like milk thats been in the sun for weeks,
    beech a fxcking homo,they way you "suck on the mic",
    when your gett a$$ raped spitting is the only time your rhymes are tight.