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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    those songs are pretty fresh not gonna lie, im feelin those beats too..

    and reallythough, yeah thats my name, i kno who atmosphere is, i kno its slug and ant, i listen to em alot, i made my name to pay homage to em and to represent me kuz my heads always in the clouds and kant nobody on this earth hold me down. ima rise and fly no matter the despise of crowds, fuck theyre underbreath comments kuz they sounds aint loud enough to rise my eyebrows.
  2. thatgraffkid410

    thatgraffkid410 Senior Member

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    everyone on heres rhymes are suicidal get it through your head when i rap i stand next to your idol haha
  3. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    you aint shit period..go take ur midol
    i drop the beat and break vitals
    i bake rivals and magistrate with blessings from the bible
    my gargantuate flows take u on an adventure, your flows small like mice ill call u fivel
    cant fuck with the title
    championship flippin quick and wreckin contenents like waves of tidal
    i just blaze like the tribals as i gaze at yalls recitals
    no survival at my arrival
    burry you alive with no chance of revival..
  4. thatgraffkid410

    thatgraffkid410 Senior Member

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  5. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    haha i quit..yall make me feel like a dumbass for even grippin mics and spittin


    by the way graffkid that one liner was pretty fresh haha actually provoked me..
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
  6. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    at the funeral recital,
    my deaths not final,
    i rise out of hell, i fell, but manage to bail,and leave this bitch,
    and impaled, the holy grail,
    with the same nail they crucified jesus with.
    i devastate, from state to state, and serve fakes without plates
    like milk shakes, im tall, but my stilts, shakes,
    i left you a cold carcass, my squad bonds hardest,
    i conquer pens, call me a Khan artist.

    i lost it.
  7. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    kall me a khan artist, my fleet disappears in the east
    through the mist i creep with the need to feast on emcees who resemble the keif
    that fine ground up crystal shootin sounds like rounds out pistols
    the chief known for kissin the reefer under the mistle
    whistle cuz this trains on full force forward
    northern bound siftin through the records of vocals lost until the music is found
    orders to hounds
    search through the towns for sounds i use it for nouns, like who, where, and what
    but without the road paved by the greatest then its clear to see were fucked
    goin no where like lost within a thick fog
    this log journeys down the stream with a high self esteem and fiends for a rich god
    not golden but the slogans are wealthy in wits
    and with this knowledge i bring, hopefully i can abolish the slit wrists
    its not christianity, its opposite of eternity in fire pits
    its heaven, its levels high which we can fly if we can only put our heads in
    nose first like the van full of kids that bid the meddlin
    hop on the bike of lite but u go no where without peddlin
    understand the message im spreadin?
  8. DoctorOfCrime

    DoctorOfCrime Senior Member

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    Thanks man. To any one reading this check out my track ''twot pheenz'' some dope shit right there.
  9. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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  10. reallythough

    reallythough Senior Member

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    on a steady diet of orange juice and boomers
    ima fuck wit ya head they callin me brain tumor
    we all got shit in our mouth yalls from rumors
    run it all over you cats like the sooners
    hungry dude im about the money first
    ima fresh camelback while ya dunnies thirst
    im choppin yall livers wurst
    then ya body delivered hurst
    took ya out the game tmac, off theee rockets
    wishin i aint smash out ya eye sockets
    closed casket, cant run this dead guy pockets

    hahah i dont even know .
  11. JoseBuerto

    JoseBuerto Senior Member

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    Dude im so sorry but its so fucking funny to hear australian rap
  12. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    dead guy pockets
    i raid like im killin cockroaches til i get the bread like krocket
    head like faucet cuz im flowin off the top, watch it, its hot and live like elecricity out thy sockets
    mock it, but ull never b me or come close to the steez
    emcee hoes i please with flows deliverin shivers down they S P I N E, waitin for my rhymes on they knees
    A T M O Z
    ive been low key but now its time to rise to the T O P
    owe me nothin but your attention
    pay it like federal corperations pay pension
    pay it like tuition into princeton
    to your comprehensions extention
    pay up and ill feed you dope until youll need intervention
    but breath devilish greed and get put in detention
    no prevention, pull you apart with four horses just to bring my chorus tension
    the metallic stinch of your blood drenchin, stretch til you quit quenchin
    from the bench into games where the murders commencin
    dominating without waiting, no debating so no cents in
    no hints were meant to be mentioned and thats my contention
    lyrically your out of ink and thell be no printin..
  13. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    haha this one too..
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
  14. StayBlazed

    StayBlazed Senior Member

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    im spittin knowledge like obama
    stay blazed is dropping bombs like ousama
    leave you dead wrong like big poppa
    heating up your whole hood like tony montana
    now call me FG, the buddah smokaaaaa
  15. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    put an A between that FG and you got your name..
    stay the fuck outta my forum if you only spit lame..
    i stay elevated above your game like a construction crane..
    ill fold you up like a crane or like the crevases in your brain..
    peep as my heat seeking words peirce your tympanic membrane..
    panic and fear flames cuz my verbs are hot like severe pain..
    the engineer of hearing aim with a clear shot so feel shame..
    your down, strapped to the surgical table..
    im the doctor standin above ready to inject a steel strain into your sense of being stable..
    your unbalanced and im a libra..
    i stay racing like a cheetah huntin down the fuckin zebras..
    suckin cheeba and drinkin pink by the lituh..
    heatuh on the waist but spittin kold like a freezuh..
    consider this a teasuh cept im the opposite of pleasuh..
    lyrically im takin over, call me the new age ceasuh..
    your little compared to me and you better hand over the ebenezuh..
    if not, doctors will be pullin out hollow tips shards with some tweezuhs..
    you fuckin skeezuh..
  16. n_noodles

    n_noodles Senior Member

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  17. anie 1

    anie 1 Senior Member

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    you think you hard now but i got the harder rap,
    you wanna start shit il put a bullet in your starter cap,
    take a shot at me you better pray i get hit, and if you get me theres no way that
    you grazin my click,kid you aint shit, so just stay off the dick...
    and i got raw fuckers repin my crew, theyve been hit by steel rods that done shattterd in 2, your music bores us we acting comatose you got the crowd booing like the room is full of ghosts....
  18. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    haha kant keep that one up kuz sheisty mother fuckers be stealin rhymes with the quickness thinkin they slick..fuck that shit!
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
  19. moosekee

    moosekee Senior Member

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    woooohhhh that was hot fire no lye dude do you got a mixtape or somewhere where i can actually listen to you shit sounds ill as fuck b! pm if you want peace... and stay spittin nothing but that zip-lock fluid....

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

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    yall ' know me throw me a 40 nd ill still hop in the front seat bumping to beats grindin in the caddy deville smokin wu's , poppin pills, coppin cheap thrills felling right. im fellin like mufuckin superman tonight and tonight theres gonna be a fight, b a fight, b a fight wether it b my hands or the gat sumbodies gettin buried tonight nd thats a fact shotty in trunk 3 heads in the back nine in my pocket pedal to the floor im pilotin a fuckin rocket. got me stuntin like im on sum spacebase actin like my head in orbit nd the aliens r giving chase.
    senses come to and i realize im still aggravted and caged in the same place they say this bottled pain is jus a phase but ive ben in pain even before i seen the dawn of day, razorblades are my salvation, joy is my damnnation suicidal tendecies are suicidal thoughts the fucked up shit ive seen them memorys cant be bought u ever seen ur old man propped up dead on a cot u ever feel so much rage boiling in your veins that ud rather hang urself that to live another day? i know i have, now i gotta be the man gotta be the slave but i aint going quietly im rock the crqadle rock this motherfucker till i take everyone of u motherfuckers to the grave !