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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. JudgeWizely

    JudgeWizely Senior Member

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    Ill be well up for a collab mate
  2. JudgeWizely

    JudgeWizely Senior Member

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  3. braxtons a g

    braxtons a g Senior Member

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    lmfao HE WAS being serious.. in his own words "i been rapin for about 15 years and dr dre signed me".. did i mention he also has a lamborghini with an srt motor and a jet pack? lol
  4. Terrible N

    Terrible N Banned

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    Yo, Im a loser
    a hillbilly peice of shit from the Midwest
    fucking shit up is what I do best
    Im a virgin cause all I get is ass
    skipping class for a shitty dick and arash
    I need spellcheck, I cant type for shit
    but thats okay,cause I got alifes supply from this girls ass already today
    my minds blankin, yea I need more ass
    or maybe I shouldnt have skipped out on English class
    my brains hurtin I think the shit on my schlong went to my head
    Im completely mad, 100% insane,need to fuck some more ass
    now I need some brain
    I need sodomy, thats all I need
    dont need no pussy dont need no weed
    I just need some head, need some ass need some chest
    o there is one other thing I could use
    I could use some meth
  5. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    after i rap, the crowd don't clap, the guns do
    my shit speaks the art of war, like sun tzu
    look at my lungs, that shit's the harm that blunts do
    cause when i control a z, i'm not talking bout undo

    ....too high to rhyme.
  6. computer rock

    computer rock Member

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    I grew up abt a block from a crime scene
    My mom screamed as my daddy beat wit 5 beams
    n I dreamed
    Dat we will leave n b betta but instead I got bullshit
    Can't pay rent,can't do shit cuz my pockets barely had 2 cents
    Just a useless ***** skatin since I was 666
    My fellow black folks teased at me n made me use my fist
    Now I'm 10 yrs older n my dreams still remain da same
    To get the cream n get the fame
    Scratch guns cuz my native tonge will leave ur cranium filled wit shattered remains
    I'm young wild n insane
    N its funny how I'm bustin over internet chats
    Where Internet cats
    b claimin hard lifes but da only heat dey see is from gettin tans
    I'm from la where even gbangers smoke u for havin spray cans
    Cuz out here its where u from
    N if u write u betta hope if u ever get caught its by a cop not banger
    Cuz they'll blast u n da head n hit up dey hood n yo blood to let othas know wen enter u n danger
  7. StayBlazed

    StayBlazed Senior Member

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    we already heard that shit and its probly not even true... nexxxxxxxxxxxxt
  8. computer rock

    computer rock Member

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    Come n try bombing la den wit dat aint nothin gonna happen bullshit n watch u end up
  9. Small Time Crook

    Small Time Crook Senior Member

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    yo, my pops wasn't much more then an alcoholic
    might be apallin' but the ways i see'em i call'im
    now im fallin', in the exact same sort of hole and slump
    just another chump tryna make some change so i can get drunk
    been high for days, binging on weed and booze
    choose to use and choose to lose

  10. GitMoney

    GitMoney Member

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    im a troubled teenager couldnt finish school
    how you want me to study if weed is still illegal
    let the dog bark, i spit sixteen for the sick teens
    hard people , skippin school just to hit trees
    atmosfear , im the one that a man must fear
    ill sneak in your house and youll wake up with your guts pierced
    this is fierce here , i aint playin
    you think you big time when you cant even sing
    fake gangstas get clapped , while i hit your bitch's ass
    your stupid career in the past , and i aint ever lookin back
    let the click clack , glock shots at your wrist watch
    its about time i bust at you til your shit stops
    uncouncious is how you leave your listeners
    with that small amount of views on your space
    wonder why you act like a prisoner?
    you a loser , a sell out , a bitch i dont even care about
    gitmoney's is the place and youre about to go out

    LYRICALLY , i fucked your mom's , your sis' and even your dog got a piece of it
    eat shit
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2009
  11. Scheme*119

    Scheme*119 Elite Member

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    for the lulz, dont take this seriously

    dead babies, eatin em so fast youd think i have rabies. a christians child fund couldnt even save these. sneakin into the fraternity ward, late at night, these babies dont even put up a fight. "why is so easy for you abor?" you may ask. because theyre babies you fucking twit. all they do is eat, sleep, and shit. so why should anyone give a fuck? to be honest, the crew and i are known to use one as a hockey puck. yeah. we the piss. we chop em into pieces, im a bad man, youre a penis, and your whole crew smells like feces. some dont get why we gobble these infants like turkeys. little do they know a steady diet of youngins is the only true cure for herpes. now that you know, get to munchin. umbilical cords are what youll be crunchin, theyll be punchin the clock, now go enjoy yourself a fried baby cock. word.
  12. G-Fat

    G-Fat Elite Member

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    Lyrics like a volcano
    spitting hot fire
    burn you *****z like pompe
    leave you stuck in time
    nice itll gimmie to chop
    and roll this dime
    puff, puff, puff
    it's easy to compete
    but you can't beat what i skeet
  13. Scheme*119

    Scheme*119 Elite Member

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    this one is titled "gangsta lovin"

    g fat, if i could have one man, itd be you, id look you in the eye and itd be on, the love we would make would be bomb, wede hold hands an skip, fingers laced, we might get maced, by jealous lovers, but i dont care about that, because i plan on sodomizing you...with a wiffle ball bat

    no homo
  14. StayBlazed

    StayBlazed Senior Member

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    yo that was so gay, i could laugh about you all day.
  15. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    gitmoney spits honey, its molasses, sweet, and drips from her clit
    the only time she collects change is when shes riding handles of compaing signs for tips
    you got no hope and im the death star blastin your planet quick
    im exposin your tits just like wat justin timberlake did to janets nips
  16. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    Fuck incarceration, let insanity spark creation
    Start invasions, and let my crew conquer nations
    The light erases whatever the dark embraces
    I roam the streets rockin black like the hearts of pagans
    It's bonkers ain't it? The way we metaphorically change
    And grow out of old beliefs that we swore we'd maintain
    And nothing's the same, everything's different, for shame
    In a world inspired by televisions and video games
  17. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    back to basics ill spit it and give you a facelift
    penetrate with the scalple til you tasteless
    cut off ya tongue like germanys past of racists
    flyin through time with a spaceship
    amazement no replacement my music be puttin holes in ya ears similar to them guages
    slaves to my sound like religions to their bibles pages
    my flows somthin similar to my beats blow like rosker fosgates and subwoofers shakin
    the shit similar the bodies use of prostate n im constantly paid i gota get mine
    fuck the hatin
    im steady on the grind and i got the betty thatll boot you back like kickin clocks benjamine in the united nations
    britian be money makin
    im spittin flows like motions of boats on top of oceans sittin at docks in them lakes and im spittin it hot its like the lava out the mountains base
    but its refreshing like gatorade fountains taste
    im countin my cheeze like a rat mathmatition with pace for first place
    imitation is hilarious like you clowns eatin where shes menstratin face full of blood and disgraced
    investigatin me like you wanna kno my steez
    ull get ya life smoked like inflatin the dro within the bleez
    showin these fakes that its fuck em
    cop me a nine n i buck em
    both my nuts u can suck em
    and my bullets u cant duck em
    your feathers im pluckin
    and the ties at your funeral gets tucked in
    this is game over like O.T. n me shootin the puck in
    i am pure bred and to me you just muttin
    you bitchs n hoes down to me like malibu's bill gluckman cluckin
    kill somethin
    cuttin necks to the belly button..
  18. Scheme*119

    Scheme*119 Elite Member

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    your rhymes are long and i dont have the attention span, im a bad man, i once stole a child from nusery school because he was sippin on his juicy juice thinkin he was cool, i took him back home and i tied him to my heater, then i took out the good ol todler beater, it might look like a belt but dont be fooled because in the school of sadistic torture is where i was schooled. i hit him in the taint and i hit him in the throat, you could say i pretty much got his goat, while im writing down this rhyme i can still hear him screamin, thats because i have him skinned and sitting in a pool of my semen. word life *b boy stance*
  19. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

    Scheme, your rhymin is wack
    it's like a 12 year old gangster
    will talk shit
    but'll never attack
    I'm still waiting, come on pussy boy, fight back
    I spit rhymes that'll make your brain sizzle and burn
    Until your brains nothing more than ashes in an urn
    Get out of the graff game buddy, practice some more
    Work on your handstlye, your throwie, wait your turn
    Your still a yungin, with much to learn
    The reason you can't pay attention the the rhymes that i say
    Is not because your attention span is inevitably weak
    But because your just so pathetic and gay
    That nothing that comes out of your matches with what i have to say
    I look at your sig, and am reminded of supremacist, white aryans
    that fuck their mothers, and are through and through european, american
    Naming their kids Joy Hitler, and Aryan Nation
    This is the rebirth of STR, shaping the graff game like the Blue Prints of a Mason*
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009
  20. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest