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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. StayBlazed

    StayBlazed Senior Member

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    Lol str it sucked but... But you tryed
  2. Scheme*119

    Scheme*119 Elite Member

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    just to let you know, when i post that shit im not being serious, i just do it for a laugh, youll get juxed in half, come around the right coast and your souls gunna need a new host. il change your life with a snap of my fingers, you wont even feel it but the smell will linger, like the smell of burnt meat, you wont even know you left your feet as you slide into the meat grinder and fed to other fucks who tried battlin the narcotic that is my steez. your sig says "money talks" well then i guess your name is money, all youre doing is talking, i see no walking, god forbid you do it in my shoes, seeing distorted visions in the corner of your eye because of trips past, i fear itd be a bit too much for a guy who listens to the music of a lass. you say youre re shaping graff but i havnt seen anything, so your one of those toys who think theyre king because they caught a tag on your private school bathroom? get a grip and never again give me any lip. ive been at this shit for years and i still dont talk that shit, thats how homies get lit, im in it for survival, how about you? i cant tell by the way you speak reckless. everytime you say something you get yourself into a new mess. sow your mouth shut and dont let out murmer or or theyll have to add to my rap sheet "murder".
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  3. Small Time Crook

    Small Time Crook Senior Member

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    click your heels together, cuz there's no place like home
    like victims of treason, the guillitone is offin' their dome
    sometimes i just wanna go back to the past
    so let's take a trip down memory lane but walk fast
    because on this adventure there's bound to be blasts
    and not like the party kind but the kind when bullets pass
    growin' up in less then middle class economic conditions
    money was tight and my grandma was always bitchen
    because of how my skin wasnt the same color as the rest of the fam
    why give a damn, small time's complicated but still a simple man
    land a verbal helicopter on your base and ransack the place
    like the taste if not get out of my face
    make hast, we gotta get the wake and bakin' started
    hittin' blunts like tree trunks hotboxin' the car blazed retarded
  4. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    smoke til ya sanities departed
    near objects become targets
    load a couple m-60 rounds and bombarde it
    hard hits from the bong make me reminence of my grandfathers time fightin veitcong and wen he honorarily napalm bombed it
    bombs away let the bodies decay at the scene of the crime
    like what oj did after he stuck her in the splein over a dime
    she didnt want wat he wanted but he couldnt help his hands
    and when she faught back against this man the only punches landed were the rings born by this brand
    the super bowl dented in her skull, id say it weighed like 90 kilo grams
    he proceeded with greed and had a feel of her soul, wind folds blew like wat happens wen a hilo lands
    cold..cuz the next time he'll feel the same and shame wen hes gettin drained in the showers by the gaunlet
    and wen the fecal lands..
    hell feel her pleasure and her pain now and forever be haunted by the flames wen the eagle lands
    fuck this..can u explain the reason for all the measels man?
  5. thatgraffkid410

    thatgraffkid410 Senior Member

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    my flow keeps moving like the seed is veneral go head and try my team my teams incredible walk up on the corner now your splean is residal they call me mirraculous i truly am spactacular non infracula like a thrilla leave standin stilla like a pilla never couldve pulled something like the thrilla i could easily take your crew fuck that shit i could take everyone you knew from south to east i truly am a beast and every time i realease the rhymes you meet defeat
  6. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Me and a friend were spittin Religion vs. Science in lieu of Darwin's 200th birthday. I came up with something like this after a little preparation.

    Mic in my hand, I become the elite rap organism
    Knock you out this game like its Social fuckin Darwinism
    The earth begins to shake, you can feel oncoming cataclysm
    Violence is brewing. It's like my words are laced with activism.
    I spit holy rhymes, have you on your knees like the Father
    And piss on your face, watch it sting like holy water
    I'll come out on top before the sun supernovas
    I'm the alpha and Omega, but you can call me Johovah
  7. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    Jehova, lies are pouring ova,
    priest lustin, kids achin' when theyre sitting,
    its fucking disgusting, takes place in religion,
    vanity in Christianity is insanity,kings in 3, around the man to be,
    the man to please, give you the right, for the land to seize,
    the land and seas, expand the fees,cheese, g's, in the hands of preists,
    hit the land with knees, live life with a stand please, outstandingly,
    banned the peace, hands of the deceased, from the lands through leaves,
    lifes selfishly given in the name of god, lives risen to mame the cod,

    .HATESONE. Banned

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    love it...
  9. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    Aight aight..

    i be the one ta tame the flames spit by rappers said to be "insane"
    really all yall just lame, all your shits the same.
    bouta disect it like seperatin membrane
    you all talk bout bein hard and servin weight
    trueth be told non of yall are that great
    90 percent of the kids here dont even know the street
    but when it comes to that im an elite
    cause the only thing ive been given is the earth unda my feet
    made n paved my own way day ta day
    when i was a little kid i was steady runnin, no time to play.
    cause the other cats on my block were steady gunnin if you didnt have cash to pay. so on my grind i had to stay. keep my eyes open and head held high. even as a little tike i was never scared to die. got alittle bit older and discovered what lied in gettin high. just another way to make wasted time go by. then started sellin it and stackin my cash to the sky. then got robbed by my own girlfriend which taught me all bitches lie.
    So now i stick to myself and put the hustle game on the shelf.
    to many run ins with guns and sketchy situations, to many dead friends and others in rehibilitations. Fucked over to many times by people of relations.
    So i dont spit anger, violence and hatred, just dont got time for it between gettin wasted.
    i just speak the trueth and yall just faced it.

    just a lil somethin off the noggin ha, lemme know whatcha think
  10. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Ha. Keep it comin', Dust.
  11. Reincarnation

    Reincarnation Senior Member

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    Dis ***** here be straight hood
    You best walk away because im so good
    *Hot Girl Chorus)
    Mess with the best....
    ***** youll die like da rest
    Dis ***** here be fatty C
    im out here ridin on my enemies
    showin bustas the barrel of my gun
    all the while im still pickin up bitches to have some fun
    You cant combat these wicked flows
    Cause ***** blow
  12. Bonus

    Bonus Senior Member

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    that was pimpin g
  13. BIGdreamSCHEME

    BIGdreamSCHEME Senior Member

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    I am villainous like mad - the villain
    fixna start the attempt at relivin-
    the life- that i wish i could believe in
    but i cant
    always be tryin not to look back
    but fuck what had happened, whats done is done
    dwellin in the past has no purpose - i said none
    this shit has just resurfaced
    and i cant get my mind off of it
    so i just took a toke of that good shit
    to keep my mind off of it...

    pretty much suck at this, but it's whatever
  14. Reincarnation

    Reincarnation Senior Member

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    hah thanks :p

    Yea dis is fatty C
    Famous I will be
    ***** I run the streets of the opt
    Because I am straight og
    Ya best not fuck wit me
    My crew will ride down your street
    and shoot above your feet
    No not to scare you
    More like to fucking scar you!
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  16. Reincarnation

    Reincarnation Senior Member

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    I just made that up dude what are you smokin


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  18. kid.two2er

    kid.two2er Member

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    ayo, reincarnation i'll teach you like buddha through meditation, it's time for you to look for a new inspiration, your shit's wack like RESPeration. y'all shit's playyed, calling it asian cuz it all looks the same, don't beef with me, until you get a new rhyme scheme, 'cause you ain't a g, no, you won't shoot me, above my feet, get out in the street, turn off mtv. yo, i'll drop you like mike tyson, like lyrical fighting, y'all aint writing just biting
  19. EasyLife

    EasyLife Member

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    hell naw
    okay flow.
    aye my shit fast an sloppy like diarrhea
    nasty like tai hookers with gonhorrea
    blowin bullshit out tha ass like your wife caught cheatin
    damn hold up lemme start again

    okay flow.
    i made this shit up as i went
    most of yall prolly took your fuckin time
    most of yall dun even know how to rhyme
    talk about how you spit
    didnt you know that shit was rude
    momma didnt teach you shit was to busy gettin fuckd
    tryin ta give you a brother
    to bad she didnt use a rubber
    like a gun fight without cover
    you mother fuckers are no good
    cryin about how you misunderstood
    you on a graff website like you got a reason to live
    shit im here too... fuck it i'm out.
  20. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    parts are broken, parts are spoken, my heart is broken
    but my partner's token, so that'll stop when i start smokin.
    start choking from the smoke in my throat and start revoking.
    hard to improve, hard to move, like the shopping carts broken.
    start hoping, start coping with the problems interloping, a woken,
    from the sleep that blinded me, its behind me, so why do i have to remind me?
    likely, because it was brought on so tightly and kindly, but you'll never find me,
    in churches, listening, to the worthless rehearses of verses, i'll remain church less,
    church this, courage, from the worthless, can distort this, worship shit, hurt this,
    ambition, listen, i glisten, reminiscing of the ambitions i am dismissing, from this religion.