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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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    NICCSACC Banned

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    too damn late...
    i got manic depression...
    get pills from tha GOV...
    i dont trust tha state...
    ever since i took those
    i been asleep awake...
    mind control-izm...
    i complete tha gate...
    what they want is a slave...
    i control my fate...
    live dark twilight...
    i eclipse tha fake...
    and i roll light to illuminate tha snakes... catch em all in a meeting witta machetti da break...
    spaghetti to serve to da great lake area...
    tha wildest ape...
    be da Sacksta...
    grand masta imperial... ho stacka

    NICCSACC Banned

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    swisha killa tha last vision of wack writers..
    pop they tops off like 50 cent crack lighters...
    no biters outside they know not to ask...
    i break ass for tha fact im past violent...
    mufucca turn a white hoodie violet...
    all colors of death notes revivin it...
    no survivin a situation he die in it...
    hell in a cell type of murderous divising it...
    evil thoughts dont get caugt in ill capers...
    i keep skeems in sleeves for devious behavior...

    ...2 be continued

    NICCSACC Banned

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    dead alive my main goal is mass murda...
    mask murda tha masochisim fast learna...
    all leather da end result hamburger...
    12 ropes all hung off court gerter...
    murda plot all good when i serve def...
    genocide on a plate get served wet...

    NICCSACC Banned

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    vision is blinded...
    reverse tha speech...
    rewind it back...
    to tha essence find it...
    google words to tha jump...
    off a cliff they ride it...
    holdin 5th's for tha fact im bout it...
    no love for da loss...
    50 caliber out it...
    like a talk shit word...
    out cha mouth provide it...
    you a snake in da weeds...
    lawnmower divide it...
    eat fecalist matter...
    like a geek and like it...
    im da beast to bind it...
    bitches eatin my shit...
    no match for da tyrant when i get violent.
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  5. FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle

    FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle Elite Member

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    Hey-oh, what you got mandem?
    im atackin the whack with words that seem random.
    kidnapping the funk, better pay the ransom
    and the ladies wanna know me cause im so handsome.
    damn son, did you listen to my words?
    as low as an earthworm but higher than birds
    when i get poutine i pick off the cheese curd$
    and i spend more time on line than them lame ass nerds.
  6. 1stGu32.wh0?

    1stGu32.wh0? Senior Member

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    press a cd an itll prolly stay on the shelves like a book collection
    im the type two drop a mixtape an knok haters straight into a shook depression
    crook progression got me on the fly lookn for more cash
    ever since i was 4teen my minds only thought more kream, jus green like chloroplast
    more than rap its the facts so yu can kal me the preachr
    by the time i exit the booth ill leave yu wit exit wounds the size of my speakers
    two 15s like twin a&rs, the lable
    double trouble an enough money two buy the lakers bench and 8 cars under the table
    runin the stable like i was livn near stapleton
    this is uptown, the realness an im never wit them fables son
    i spit kuz evr since i was shit out the clit, iv had a fatal tongue
    like i was gleekn fer dct all ovr this bitches navel, done..
  7. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    mf doom - potholderz instrumental

    its the one man bombingscience moderating team
    get me crunk and watch me turn green. GRRRR!!!!
    im not lyin
    wack nigggas start dyin
    hoes cryin
    bustin nuts in yo eye-n'
    tell a niggga 25 for a g.
    no needles for me
    keep writin lyrics s'long im rhymin for for free
    mutha fuckin
    futha mucka
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
  8. cesspool

    cesspool Senior Member

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    im so trill, ill pop 25 pills then proceed to take your scrill
    dolla dolla bill, my life is going down a steep ass hill
    you cant fake the funk, ill chop you up put you in my trunk
    even tho ur dead youll hear the bass bump, u were slower than forrest gump
    your fake ass crew all ran away, after i puled out my ma - chet -AYE
    your fam is mad gay, i hope they all get sprayed, by some thug ass fools from around the way
    brap brap click clack psssht pssht
  9. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    cesspool, straight ripping the thread
    its fucked up to think that im fucked in the head (whaaat hahaha)
    we mean motherfuckers rip kids and fuck prolifers
    straight run up in the battle we aint no socializers
    im from montreal but straight murder peppers
    and tell their wack asses to start rapping better
    internet cyphers dont cut it like sugar and cane
    see me in a battle drunk as fuck spitting flames
  10. Tampering With Evidence

    Tampering With Evidence Senior Member

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    In my demonstration of domination
    I choke the mic like serious strangulation
    Grip it with a vice like gavel arbitration
    Week 3 so check the compilation
    Not content with just being complacent
    So re-arrange the arrangement
    Y’all no-where near me, we are not adjacent
    Face it, I’m nice, an understatement
    This is all on my thought of elevation
    Compelled to compose this creation
    Where success is my one and only inclination, I vent heat
    Intense heat, call it heat ventilation
    Mic and I, quite a unique correlation
    Underestimation I’m facin, racin’
    We got numbers, infinite combination,
    Keep faith like the congregation
    My herds amazin’ grazin,
    Killin beats assassination
    A class of my own, no classification
    Proper presentation and Concrete concentration
    Cannot be boxed in, no accommodation
    These Odds I’m tastin’, without hesitation
    Debt I’m facin’ from the dreams that I’m chasin’
    My legs are achin’, even red lights aren’t breakin’
    I need change like modification,
    My verses amazin’
    Watch out for me, like observation
    Flows got a Flu, got inflammation
    And they all be like
    Working late tonight doctor?
    Cuz my phlegm’s contagious, early stages
    Outrageous, Should be locked in cages
    Progression infestation
    A lucid elucidation
    Re-educate the damn generation
    We’re all bored of the education
    So destroy, re-wreck the recreation
    Rip the chains off the chainsaw
    Then unmask Jason
    No time for relaxation
    My one and only communication
    You’re misinformed with your information
    Get in formation, a new administration
    Building from the ground up, base foundation
    To the top we’re in configuration
    This is the inauguration
    Instigation, original origination
    Not some ordinary ordination
    Skys not the limit, no limitation, no limits I’m facin’
    No copycat imitation this is stage desolation
    And mic devastation
    Consider this my initiation
    Starting to buzz like that drinkin sensation
    Bound to blow up like dilate inflation
    Can’t replace him, there is no replacement
    Can’t contain him, my entrainment is
    Opposite of ancient
    Lyrical penetration
    Meditating heavily, deep in meditation
    Catch your dreams, much to people’s consternation
    I can justify my justification
    I’m not a star, my teams a constellation
    No sleep, it’s sleep deprivation
    No hesitation for my motivation
    Inspired to create inspiration
    I rhyme with an animation
    That was an annotation
    Liquors the only thing I’m not chasin’
    Words hot as Cajun, Salivas blazin
    The flow is brazen, Yeah I Ma$e’d him
    Amazed him, no satisfaction
    You lack the main attraction
    Witnessed my skill, this was just a fraction
    I never left but I feel like I’m back son
    Look for a Dream Catcher collaboration
    Train of thought now leavin the station
  11. sodi

    sodi Senior Member

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    shit that was a long post ^
  12. 1stGu32.wh0?

    1stGu32.wh0? Senior Member

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    if idescribed me an yur bitch meetn up las night yud proly start whakin yur meat
    school lunch was the only time yu ever were pakin sum heat
    im they type two letchu nygas go stupid while im relaxin like sleep jus aktin a geek
    nerdy flow with birdy blow an pearl leaf dro rolt slow that got me atractin freaks
    stakin cheeze like a rat but dnt konfuze me wita skrapa please
    this is uptwn rydn on ne nygas that claimin while maintainin an acta on the streets
    persona of the mad hata the way i got these whitegirls losin they minds adicted two my fasion an feet
    alice is in wonderland wen she chiln wit me
    kuz im the type two pimp nymphos til im fulfiln they peeks
    ceilins is reached
    igot her juices all exposed like iwas pealin her peach
    imjus getn inbetween an feeln up underneath
    the mekanik under her hood, ifix her up an hav her runin with ease
  13. =99c.soft.tacos=

    =99c.soft.tacos= Member

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    im known for can crushin
    and fist fuckin
    think you hard? you playin dressup
    toys fess-up
    call mista twista
    while you takin turns with ur dad fuckin ya sista
    comin through with styles acorss the lan
    that be hard hittin like a fryin pan
  14. 1stGu32.wh0?

    1stGu32.wh0? Senior Member

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    ima outa space rebel
    gota gun that go bam bam an make yu fruity nygas taste pebels
    hate the bezel kuz its ace of spades
    ima king wit a queen an a jakhammer thatl sleigh ya face
    royal flush drainin on these sukas like a drain is
    kal me saint nic roln ovr these hoes wit the paint tip
    kuz they aint shit an they kno that they cant grip
    chain slipt
    get it mayne ima take respect
    makin cheks while im spadn vets
    ya heard me.?
    ima dope resident like the state of meth
    payments cash or ya layn flat fer the dayton stax
    payments fast
    a money fiend im always hungry fer the green
    if i scent honey ona paper trail then i send her ovr sum of this knumbing keif
    we sum blunted geeks kuz iget brain, she give it like she punting two me in the game
    4th an two wit a dumb ass frame, gota nyga lookn stupid like iaint past this clas
    but igot rhythm so ima murk it an leave it ina casket, trashed.
    fast as flash yu get it so yu kno
    im her medicine an she wantn me evryday, she bout two over dose..
  15. 1stGu32.wh0?

    1stGu32.wh0? Senior Member

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    iaint even gota try hard
    yu kan get dropt off my city buildns like that guy offa die hard
    ya yu nygas lie large
    but im the truth facts do the math an peep the stats off the pie chart
    iam wood, a tiger known two drive far like a brides par
    we tipsy an take more shots than 5 bars
    im denco pimp nymphos in the bak of rented limos, ikal em yur wives car
    but b4 she steps in i tel her wipe her paws
    an if word leak i murk peeps like biker laws
    no hardhat in the construction zone so yu kno i piped her raw
  16. seywhat

    seywhat Elite Member

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    If you step in my zone, You better be ready to battle
    As I rise from my throne, I place my feet on the gravel
    Verbally crackin bones, aftermath resembles insides of a rattle
    Left slaughtered like cattle, Then the scroll starts to unravel
    You begin to understand, that the devilish forces have grabbed you
    Trapped you, in my clutches, I got six arms, two be rollin dutches, two be crackin
    Held by the left that remains, as the right begins travelin
    Final Destination is reaches, you realizin I have stabbed you
    Blood spills, now I must drag you, to the lair of Pitbulls
    Ya steady weakenin, last thing you realize is, I got a pit full
    Of blood-thirsty canines that crave wack MC flesh and tissue
    So much jaw strength, they crush bone, with no issue
    No trace left, And since you wack, no one will miss you
    This duel, is til death, the one left, is the one that dont misuse
    This microphone device, The Price is Right, but I'll still rip you
    Off, of the pedestal, that wack heads have let you accrue
    These rhymes I construe, to open eyes to all wavelengths and all hues
    To overstand the processes we go through, We overdue
    We the people with no equal to, You less than and that I can, attest to
    No chance in livin, so no reason to bless you, Leave ya cap screwed
    Vertebrate askewed, Blood red imbue, As I conclude my ensue
  17. the cannabis evangelist

    the cannabis evangelist Elite Member

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    im backing tonics
    till im catatonic,
    cus' justin bieber singing black ebonics,
    whys arnt most rappers honest,
    how come they have to act demonic,
    spiting bout gats n chronic,
    but thats ironic
    cus they never act upon it,
  18. Reincarnation

    Reincarnation Senior Member

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    Im lyrically insane
    Fuck wit me ill cut off your head
    and piss all over your brain
    My words hit harder then a fist
    Gettin thrown fast enough to break the wrist
    You beaten me? shit that wont happen
    When it comes to battling, they call me mike Tyson
    Ima knock you out, bite off your ear
    Eat your children, because they aint from here
    You cant combat my lyrical onslaught
    When you try youll end up raped
    Just like your mom got
    When you come after me
    Ima break your legs
    I'm not just a problem, Im the remedy
    I swear bitch you dont even know!
    Spit at me? I dare you!
    Your bout to get murdered YO!
    Nothin else needs to be said,
    So If I were you...
    Id sleep with one eye open when I went to bed
  19. CranePeppah

    CranePeppah Member

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    Edit; wrong topic! ;)
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2010
  20. the cannabis evangelist

    the cannabis evangelist Elite Member

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    oh shit he got the wrong topic,
    guess all we can do is bong chronic,
    and write long sonnets,