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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. bustedbearings

    bustedbearings Member

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    I read this and stayed modest, shit I'm not mad at all,
    This dude's verse is the child of rap and adderall!
    You failed miserably at intellect, The Wu Tang would laugh,
    keep the spray paint and the art cause you suck dick at the craft,
    I thought that you were cool and now you just seem odd to me,
    why the fuck you spitting lines about male sodomy?!?
    Why don't you tell me exactly what your thought process be?!?
    Cause I like females, translucent, it ain't hard to see.
    I extend one index finger, this shit's done.
    Shit why don't ya'll just ask ester_one?
  2. beerlington

    beerlington Member

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    You stayed modest? I'm gonna be honest, your 'hiphop' is balls
    you think esters verse comes from rap and adderall?. . . probably does
    but u rap like the product of crack and alcohol. . .
    referring to hiphop as 'the craft', fag, ester talks about male sodomy,
    but you're the one riding his shaft and sucking his balls. . . lol
  3. beerlington

    beerlington Member

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    i'm ester the bleeding artist, pity me, pity me
    noone wants you to sell your heart or your shitty artery
    you aren't an artist becuase noone understands you, shit's weak
    you aren't fooling me, or anyone else for that matter, G
    you shitty hipster art fag, right through you i see.
    noone wants your emo shit or your trendy jacked flows,
    to put it simply, ur done, crushed by someone with soul
  4. bustedbearings

    bustedbearings Member

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    This ass is losing me in mass confusion,
    My rhymes crack? Well Your's are past illusion,
    Shroomin, Halucinogenic too man,
    Makin' no sense, couldn't cop a food stamp.
    Dudes whack, considering what i've read,
    I laughed through that, yes indeed i master rap.
    My passion, craft, making all these bastards gasp.
    The boy 'busted' murdered dude with one attack.
    Don't spit homosexual, Im not with that, in fact,
    I just killed both of these broke back fags...
  5. urapeicashit

    urapeicashit Member

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    Yo yo check it
    whatchme spit
    I'll watch u get lit
    when I'm under a bridge doin ma fuckn thang
    I'll be eatin a fuckn chicken wing
    yea yea I see it
    when u see me u gonna fucken dread it
    I'll hurt you
    y'all know it's true
    my hands r fresh
    nd ma shorts is mesh
    this graff world is me
    Ima Neva let it be
    y'all can't keep up
    pass me dat cup
    n imma take a sip
    and u gonna take a hit
  6. the cannabis evangelist

    the cannabis evangelist Elite Member

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    i stay vexed
    break in and chase vets
    til they inject me with stray pets sedative,
    cuss id rather be an apex predator,
    than a slave to my paychecks crediter
    and i spit with a pyroclastic flow,
    my biro's plastic blows, cuss i write with,
    a vice grip, an im a nice kid,
    if ur on the tip, but i might flip,
    grab my night stick,
    and get some precise hits, to u right ribs,
  7. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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  8. the cannabis evangelist

    the cannabis evangelist Elite Member

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    mind out walkin in central,
    run in to bum talkikn demented,
    ''give me a pound or ill stick a fork in ur temple''
    dont park, 11 year olds will be stalking ur rental,
    got me paranoind of silloehtes, and hidden threats,
    every livin breath, im wishin death,
    situation got me buggin like a stick insect,
    tired of seeing kids disrespect,
    get into a of mess, with some prick out west,
    end up dead over a brick of ses

    blunts n beats as ever
  9. StayBlazed

    StayBlazed Senior Member

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    Im Purpled out and that beat makes me feel like im on a mission
    lets go for a couple of burner down the road if you feel me
    and if you dont print my words and eat me
    fuck you and what youre thinking if im a hater then be it
    if you say i talkshit then say it
    but truth is, truth dont mathers cause nothing is true
    evrythings permited and if you come at me imma come at you first
    with couple of verses, uh
    straight up freestyole my fingers are dancing on the keyboard
    i see forward cause im right next to the sea, nature feels so good when you know how to apreciate it
    yall is just good to hate and destroy it

    purpled ouuuutttttttt
  10. the heavens shadow

    the heavens shadow Senior Member

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    you kno i get that dough connect my ohs like tic tac toe.tryin to c mr e to the o.
    my cali fornia girl got that california i lay into pillow .she the one im thinkn to the competion u better claim ya girl.she might check back an ima rock her world.yea ima thrill her how can i make it cleara my only competition is that ***** in the mirra.mind ova matta. i mind my money.u think bout these presidents u think is spendin new money call em obamas.these haters teroristic call em osamas. cake is wat i get. cake is wat these girls giving me. money on my mind i b on my grizzely.there there there can your man make you cry. cuz i CAN MAKEyou cry FROM YA THIGHS AN OUT CHA EYES. ay baby . i am not a pill yet i am AE game b my aim you can i m me. my name be my aim. flow is i c chain b the same . put ya lips on silent you aint gotta say a thing.jus rub on ya body mabaline.most girls treat me like a traamp . i mean they treat like a trampaline all dey do is bounce an the a bakery can i get cake. is the first of the month girl can i get paid.wanna swimm in ya ocean can i get waves? got you tugging on my cape like can i get saved?no. it aint happnin i am not a captain. but cha body cocaine. we can gett it are like sushi hotta than jacuzzi. we can shoot a moovie.lights camera action. but i aint acting im so foreal ye im all about bank like im uncle fill call me pilsbery girl i get dough fereal.
  11. ugotfdinthea

    ugotfdinthea Senior Member

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    Ths shit I spit most peoplehonestly cant even stand it
    Make youwant to walk off the edge of this fuckin planet
    Lifes test, night before I deffinatly crammed it
    in the cranium let me spit so you can understand it
    Consumers band it while underground cats demand it
    Scan it, spit raps not crap very often flip tracks
    Got a bad wrap stereotype s like dudes from Iraq
    oil turmoil often draw and put cans in my back pack
    crack shack boarded up , feinds they snort it up
    lyrical dope often kids confuse it with coke
    for their eardrums , often do this shit for un
    not a heafty son one third the size of pun
    black mop got paint on my shirt top to bottom
    im sure most people probably think im rotten
    not ganna stop and to and I agree probably
    purposly take your toonie Accidentally
    Too young to really know who im supposed ot be
    Caught up on girls, thrills, boose and weed

    meh i dont spit, ive never rapped at like party or nuthin but thats my best up thurr, it needs some tweakin, the flow gets fucked up near the end but whatever
  12. Small Time Crook

    Small Time Crook Senior Member

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    When I kick one, shit son, you'd better head for cover/
    Napalm and Nate's mom have always been my bread n' butter/
    Easy kick freesteez, you could say it's like the bee's knees/
    Now if only I'd come down off this acid so I could hit these keys/
    But I don't see it happenin', these cats jaws are flappin' an'/
    Like seran I get to rappen' em, securely I will fasten'em/
    Hold em up in one place like a straight jacket/
    It'd be an oxymoron if I called him a "straight faggot"?/
    Move along, move along, there's nothing to see here/
    How is it my judgement is clouded by my thoughts'll be clear?/
    Not sure what I'm yammerin' about, hammerin' yer mouth/
    Damagin' the South, your pelvis is in my bashinin' route/
    And so it goes-- One pill, two pills, three pills, four/
    You still alive kid, well then pop a couple more/

  13. ASEN

    ASEN Banned

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    I feel you on the corner store tip
    Pass a couple whores with sore lips i'm too bored to score with
    To keep a door-to-door gig and ignore the poor kids
    Movin' from doors to porches, the reports are pointless
    Keep movin', my philosophy my vessel son,
    The ketel one levels with the smith n wesson gun, better run
    When it's settled, done, the gun's pointed at me, porn and caffeine
    got my life worn n' has-been, sure, all you joined and laughing
    Scan the bars for a poster or a coaster to rob
    Host it back to crib, tight ropes got me closer to god
    Kick the chair bitch
    Kick it
  14. Small Time Crook

    Small Time Crook Senior Member

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    This dude gets me wet*

    My style gets so dark, cats think I've gone gothic.
    Don't bother me none if Emo kids think I'm a "hot topic".
    I appreciate the fanship, eating up your bandwith.
    Could give a fuck less who you run or you ran with.
    Such a little asshole, cut you off in traffic.
    Underground shit's blastin, flip you off while I'm laughin.

    My words be boomin' like they got shot at you by Guile.
    Cold as the blood in a reptile, styles harder than erectiles.
    Ive already walked 8, when am I finna reach the next mile?
    movin' on, stupid strong, i got the strength of a retard
    these cats talk a big game, but none of'em seem hard

    kick a couple keystyles, im sick of being bored dawg
    always wantin' more dawg, why's wakin' up such a chore yawl?
    boring, boring, snoring, snoring, you make it drizzle, ive got it pouring

    that's it.

    *yeah, I felt like plugging myself.. testing the waters.
  15. hasemler

    hasemler Senior Member

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    it's autumn again
    same story in my head
    but instead i fought 'em again
    under the wires and pro keds
    where tires burn treads
    im digging my grave, making my bed
    im getting dirty money, yeah raking rye bread
    if history cycles, then i should make like the leaves, and proceed to be dead
    shoulda learned my lesson then, but i stood there instead.
  16. JustChillin

    JustChillin Senior Member

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    yo kickin back wit a six pack
    fuckin any ugly bitch or ones that are fat
    cus you know how i do
    its always me and my crew
    my front compartment filled with condoms and a bottle of lube
    fuck what u say *****
    do front with me cus im not afriad to pull the trigga
    my body looks so good its unimaginable like gods figure
    shot after shot always handlin my liqour
    fuck your boyfriend i bet my cocks bigger.
    and if he gets mad just let him know im not afriad to throw them hands
    i will put him in his spot just like a bike kickstand
    cus im white and i never freestyle and im coming up with this shit off the top of myhead
    and when i punch u in the face all i see is red ...homie
  17. KidReny!

    KidReny! Senior Member

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    I'm not really badass but I'm not that nice either
    I'm not the one you follow I have never been a leader
    I'm not a fucking thug, I can barely hold a mic
    I cannot even rap, god dammit I'm white
    My voice is slightly squeeky and I'm averagely strong
    I'm born slightly skinny and I've never smoked a bong
    I live with my parents and mah sister and a pet
    So now I'm posting lousy rhymes on the internet
  18. Venile

    Venile Member

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    alright, check it...
    I'll leave this thread like I left the tape deck, busted
    Flow so rough I make wolverine's claws rust kid.
    trust in, strange figures in overcoats,
    use to write monsoon, reflectin how I overflow
    Never know the crow weeps for whom the bell tolls
    a simple reference, megadeth - metallica, whats the difference
    Pride & talent, now whose the sickest kid,
    forever flier than kid Icarus, spit a phrase
    I leave cunts blazing like syphilis, you catching this
    like left hooks to your temple....what the fuck happened?
    I snapped, started slashin and smashin,
    ripping shit up in any shape form or fashion
    start gnashing my teeth, racing death on a hell tiger
    I crack heads through hard hats, now watch me set this post on fire
    fixing to kidnap the sandman, I'm tired. just never forget, Lone gun for hire :p

    Night everone!
  19. goonzatwork

    goonzatwork Senior Member

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  20. lord_plankton

    lord_plankton Elite Member

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    aaarrgghhh horrible beat...cant listen to that...