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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. Beastizm

    Beastizm Banned

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    battle a while ago against a kid called fallen angel

    If Yu A Fallen Angel Then Im Hell Rising
    Yu A Fairy Tale To Wich My Rhymes Are Collidin
    Part The Red Sea nd Let It Smash Like Poseidon
    Piss on Da Bible. Leave Yu In A Vice. Joe Biden

    Dismantle Heaven N Earth Leave Yu Prayin To God.
    Yu A Fire Hydrant and They Call Me Da Dog
    Betta Get Ya Mask, Cant Breathe Through The Smog
    This Hell For Yu Boy, I Think Yu Yu Fell 2 Far
  2. leakone

    leakone Member

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    Hello, world
    I'm hate to be called a rebel, like I have a cause. No the truth is: I like to fuck up shit, just because.
  3. swich

    swich Elite Member

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    Bringin this thread back , like a needle through felt
    each mornin is a form of me wakin to wealth
    Forsaken my health for some bacon and milk
    feelin quite swell I ain't fakin as well...
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    SMOETH Member

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    Im up on the set bout to wreck this shit
    hotter then the gasoline that i doused you in
    set your body on fire watch the flames climb higher
    burnin like the tred up on my tires
    smart enough to know chevy dont make a good car id be much better off with a gtr
    the star of my own show ready to rock and or roll
    aint sayin that my verse dope but i just want you to know how i roll.
  5. biblebeltbangerz

    biblebeltbangerz Elite Member

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    titties like Dolly with a mane like Crystal Gayles'...
    some Mya thighs and razor blades taped onto her nails...
    leavin hemoglobin trails dragging my victims entrails...
    to the spider hole I stay in, I advise when im in town that chu stay inside...
    I only winked once and a church choir immediately died...
    so die slow by ya own hand a mandatory suicide.
  6. NOM

    NOM Member

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    playing with words

    Yo check they call me nom I don't roll with a set
    I just love Graff to distress
    I peace on concrete walls for free press
    When I go bombing it's just so my mind can reset
    Now y'all add to the rest
  7. phaybelzwoner

    phaybelzwoner Senior Member

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    Adventures underground
    like a mission to the lochness
    so drunk I miss the target
    stay pissin in the darkness
    in foreign territory
    caught slippin in the projects
    put on a necro beat
    and im flippin to the hardest
    kickin it regardless
    im rippin up the the song kid
    drunk & in the zone
    straight sippin on the bomb shit
    get high & then im gone
    straight trippin off the bong hits
    mouth full of laxatives
    im spittin shit the longest
    rhymes stain the page
    words drippin off the markers
  8. earf

    earf Senior Member

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    yes im a writer
    new age freedom fighter
    pockets stashed up pilot markers and lighters
  9. Sir_Paints_Alot

    Sir_Paints_Alot New Member

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    What's The Matter With You? How Come You Rhyme Monosyllabically?
    Is Atrophy Shrinking Your Entire Vocabulary?
    Your Style's Like Garbage Cans Meant To Be Taken Out On A Weekly Basis.
    Ever Since Your First Record You've Been In A State Of Suspended Animation.
    You Look Like Snuffaluffagus And Australopithecus.
    Me Cray, You Abacus.
    But Enough About You, Let's Talk About Me
    And How Single-Handedly I Redefined The Science Of Radio Astronomy,
    Making Nobel Prize Winners Question Their Notions Of Reality.
    Oh, But I Digress, You Play Sorry, I Play Chess.
    King's Pawn To B3, Checkmate, Go Get Some Percasets.
  10. Sir_Paints_Alot

    Sir_Paints_Alot New Member

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    I hate being called a rebel, I've got no cause
    I'm just a fat slob with no job
    I'm cornfed off the cob
    On the run from the mob
    Living in a trailer in upstate new york
    looking for people rob
    which will probably cause my knee caps to
    broken by some guy named bubba with a slacked jaw
    if you had seen the things I had saw
    you'd take your hand out of the cookie jar
    i've some so far the things i've conqured
    even black people think i'm totally bonkers
    but here's the shocker
    i was never a pop blocker
    just a kid with his head in the toilet
    stuffed in a locker
  11. phaybelzwoner

    phaybelzwoner Senior Member

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    Embracing sensations
    of complacent sedation
    escaping the nation
    while erasin information
    adjacent relation
    got me pacin the basement
    patiently awaitin
    satans replacement
    its fable the wizard
    leave it colder than a blizzard
    ill rip out your gizzards
    & feed em to the lizards..... lol
  12. the cannabis evangelist

    the cannabis evangelist Elite Member

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  13. Grimlocke

    Grimlocke Member

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    It's cold out and breezy
    My friends call me Deezy
    This rhyming stuff is hard
    Don't know why I thought it was easy
    We're racking and painting
    Our fame is awaiting
    Practicing my tag cuz I'm a toy in training
    My rhymes aren't the best
    I'm not a freestyle beast
    See you later guys
    I'm gonna go work on a peice
  14. Praysir

    Praysir New Member

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    hey kids, isnt it friggity freezin? you cant cant catch me/ im simpily seizing/ a peice of dream left for the machines to head/ feasin what aint/got your head possibly in my taint/ come up to breath and be believin/ its got you faint/ streak marks on your face/ and your loving the paint/ get pasta hate/ and drop, lost; to rape the posh/ with fate I nosh hopes and plates of cause that missed the paws who pause for righteous dogs that create the drops to help the loss of the boss of human nurtures fault.
  15. Tyler.

    Tyler. Senior Member

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    yo i found a site where u can record str8 off ur comp onto the net, just pull up a youtube instrumental and goto town- here's my verse over capadonna 97 mentallity
    97 mentality freestyle from this afternoon
  16. Praysir

    Praysir New Member

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    just discovered some dicks all think they got it covered/
    rockin just to say your feathers are bunched sir/
    and i suppose everyones dones with words/
    buy in and your cum suckered into a front/
    dashing and daring is how we begun/
    tense is past, now we must see a bunch of illiterate ass/
    as all will come to pass/
    still let us be as a collective of hip hop in shall I say I'm s surgeon?
    Be we crazy or not?
    weigh it, mayhap you get the spot terrible afraid to say it/
    as is the kids that got pandoras lock/
    nighty a nightshade to unlock the spot/
    you got it next try to unlock the cause
  17. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    you should count your-words kid
    same-time rhyme delivery ver-dict
    it's hip-hop elementary word-age
    shit to-get ya flowi
    ng; cer-vix

    like so.
    tight flow.
    might blow.
    like woah.

  18. phaybelzwoner

    phaybelzwoner Senior Member

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    Havent been on for a while old shizzz...

    Im sitting at my desk
    start flippin through the chapters
    reminiscing genesis
    ill skip to the rapture
    I don't hate the light
    yet im lurking in the dark
    no flint or tinder box
    still searchin for the spark
    eighty plus hour shifts
    always workin for the art
    serrated fangs hold you close
    keep flirtin with the sharks
    i rhyme so tight
    that im burstin the pens
    never stay up to date
    always cursin the trends
    your girlie black mailin
    got you purchasing gems
    bust your ass in the streets
    always workin for ends
    that's why I chill by myself
    never searchin for friends
    well the person depends...

    dope beats are required..
  19. phaybelzwoner

    phaybelzwoner Senior Member

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    I pay attention to the plot
    while you jump to conclusions
    hermit crab seclusion
    chronicles of an odd human
    abandon all hope
    you lack abilities to cope
    the cat aint got your tongue
    I got you gripped by the throat
    words locked in my brain
    use drugs like a lock pick
    the vault has been opened
    fill my pockets then im off with it
    drop rhymes on the page
    till its filled up completely
    I was blessed by god
    to understand the things he teaches me
    burnt all my bridges
    no chance for nepotism
    watch the universe explode
    im plagued by skepticism
    wont be he next imprisoned
    cause I live for my freedom
    known for building up my walls
    while im tearin down your kingdom
  20. phaybelzwoner

    phaybelzwoner Senior Member

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    does no one post here anymore????

    Its the end of your season
    like when flowers be dyin
    your all frame & no heart
    mr cowardly lion
    so keep flashin yo teeth
    known to muzzle the strongest
    your stumped like tree trunks
    cause I puzzle the smartest
    punishing my throat
    who can guzzle the longest
    straight puzzling farmers
    from my underground growth
    the blueprints are evident
    still you wonder how so
    its a wonder ive grown
    in this toxic environment
    watch rivers run red
    feel my life force expiring
    no chance of retiring
    with no profession
    no checks or reimbursments
    when I rock a session
    keep my thoughts progressin
    the next plane of existence
    bend laws of gravity
    feel the pain of resistence............
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