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Freight Whores And Rail Fans

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by FOEone, Jul 20, 2004.

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    VERMONT Senior Member

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    snakes, weren't you going to post pictures of your face after you got beat up by that railworker?...
  2. Scene*

    Scene* Elite Member

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    beef whores
    beef whores
    beef whores
    beef whores
    oh yeah oh yeah
    ladys and gentilman
    boys and girls!

    thats my song

    stop talking shit and trying to look cool
    its the internet no one cares except lifeless nerds who jack off in their parents computer room.. shut the fuck up you twats.
    lets talk shit over the internet..
    lets be cool and say snakes i hope you quit graff and die
    look at your selfs
  3. dropjoints

    dropjoints Senior Member

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  4. myner.cb

    myner.cb Senior Member

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    the way you talk made you sound like you think yuo're pretty good.
    so i checked out some of your old sketch's. and you';re right, this shit is dope...
    View attachment 168478
  5. Fuck Internet Toys

    Fuck Internet Toys Senior Member

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    Who cares about that kid.. Old news, i'm sure he gets the point. POST MORE FLICKS LESS TALK
  6. fr8rokr

    fr8rokr Member

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  7. panic

    panic Elite Member

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    dude, its bombingscience!
  8. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    and besides, everyone knows that posting pictures of your own is Played as fuck. i mean, other people have ben posting mine for a while. fucking photobucket account stealing homos called AA
  9. Wet Mops

    Wet Mops Senior Member

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    what a bitch.
    everyones gotta start somewhere... so shut the fuck up.
  10. $NAKE$

    $NAKE$ Elite Member

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    i've seen more then most.
  11. Ravek

    Ravek Elite Member

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    my advice it will help u,

    1 leave this website ur not gonna get any help just beef

    2 start busting block letters, like if u had a square rock and u had to chizel it to make a letter bust them like that,

    4 don't say a word about any one

    3 come back in a year (12 months )

    this will help u greatly have some trust in me
  12. .:dare2:.

    .:dare2:. Senior Member

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    haha. isnt that wat u did. it seemed u were gone for like a year.
    and i guess it worked 4 u cause uve gotten alot better
  13. THANKful AKIH

    THANKful AKIH Senior Member

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    i must say i do really enjoy seeing raveks new stuff, i like the style ...
  14. Scene*

    Scene* Elite Member

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    you want to battle bitch?

    i will own you like the west was won..
  15. cyens

    cyens Senior Member

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    why do people always quote the ugliest shit every minimum 10 times and end up talking about toys non stop.....the whole thread is dedicated to them.....
    Do you guys have a wack toys fetish or what?!
  16. Scene*

    Scene* Elite Member

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  17. cyens

    cyens Senior Member

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    hahahahahahaha com'on that because I shuted You up!!!
  18. Scene*

    Scene* Elite Member

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    im still talking
    i wouldnt be shut up by some mindless drone who thinks hes cool just because he
    is self dignifying and cant think of anything to support when i say shut the fuck up except haha i shut you up and you dont need to put so many hahahahahas i think two is find and we will get the point that your laughing at me making up for your insecuritys

    damn cyens look at that dope shit you must be king yo
    View attachment 168545


    i will take you and myner on..
  19. royalblunts

    royalblunts Senior Member

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  20. -resq-love-obk-

    -resq-love-obk- Elite Member

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    get the fuck out this thread! that cyebs handsteez is nice.