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Freshman Stories

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by **MATEO**, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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    this is where u share ur worst freshman ( highschool ) stories, i dont have any because i have freshman orientation tommorow
  2. mplskid

    mplskid Senior Member

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    i dont know about anyone elses school but at mine there are no terrible stories the bigger building is a little tough to get used to but once youve been there a while it gets easy
  3. StoopKid

    StoopKid Senior Member

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    My friend got crabs from a hoe.
  4. _Zombi3

    _Zombi3 Senior Member

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    OOO! wen this kid got caught "taggin" in school and he knew i wrote so he ratted me out :angry:
    i didn't even kno the bastard.

    i was in my dean's office along with a security guard and 2 cops for about 5 periods. supposly if i told on someone else i wouldn't get much heat like that bitch did, but i kept it kool and didn't say shit :D so i got a 10 day suspension while he was only out for 2 :(
    i was a freshman i wanted to shit my pants
  5. calmlikeabomb

    calmlikeabomb Elite Member

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    this stupid bitch kid tryed to give me a purple nurple durring class and knocked me off a stool and I grabbed him in a head lock on the way down and slammed his face into a lab table(one of those solid things cause there is gas and shit in it) and knocked out his front teeth.....and I didn't get in any trouble cause it was self defence or some shit.....
  6. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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    in 6th grade in between periods this kid is walkin around with a frying pan fro science and he had it up to his face for sum reason and he tripped over my backpack and walked right into the lockers and had the frying pan chiped his tooth in half, funny shit

    edit. he was trying to do a darth vader impression
  7. Rogan

    Rogan Senior Member

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    yeahi got caught graffin my shcool last year(freshamn year) sucked if i narced out some kids i have beef with i woulda had the heat dropped but i aint runnign that shit so i got arrested a 5 day suspension and had to go take a psychiatric eval becasue the word bomb was in one of the peices i did and they thought it meant i was a terrorist...stupid fuckin pos
  8. Rogan

    Rogan Senior Member

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    oh yeah and last year this wicked hott chick in my grade got in a fight with the captain the cheerleaders and it was the craziest shit it started out a cat fiht liek smakcing each other and shit and some clothes was torn and you saw some ass so that was sick then it became a guy type fight liek fists throwin bloody noses so that was cool too haha cause ou say two bitches beatin each other...

    and then this gay ass kid was talking shit to my friend at lunch so we all made fun of him for shittin his pants and he got pissed and got in a fight with the one kdi who didnt make fun of him and the kid kicked the shit out of him it was awesome...

    and the two finest girls in the school (tiwns!!) ate each other out and had liek 6 3 ways with dudes last year...

    yeah freshamn year kicked ass

    EDIT: oh i didnt realise it was worst stories i thought it was just stories...
  9. Krylon bomber

    Krylon bomber Elite Member

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    the worst is about to happen because now i have to repeat the grade.
    i went to summer school and everything.
    fuck school and fuck teachers!
  10. Tails0nE

    Tails0nE Elite Member

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    hahahahaha.... dats funny...

    my homie smacked the fuck out of this one chick...

    uh... this one kid was fuckin around wit me too much n his
    friend tried to be cool n fucked with me n i didnt even know him...
    slapped like a bitch.... but i got glasses n shit so they knocked off n got
    fucked up so the next day they came up to me all cool n shit so i took
    the one who knocked em off n slammed his head into the locker....
    then teachers n blah blah blah... the only reason i didnt get them that day is
    because they ran... fast as a muh fucka...

    this one popular jock talked mad shit to this wannabe kid n they
    fought outside my class room and the popular jock started crying
    n bleedin... everyone was callin him a pussy n shit... funny shit..

    fuck im gonna go get sumthin to eat.... be back lata...
  11. deathtojersey

    deathtojersey Member

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    ok heres the thing as my junior year rolled around me and a few friends thaought it would be fun to play with the little freshmen. So being in a two storie high school we often told freshmen about the 3rd storie........yes a fresh crystal clear swiming pool on top of the gym....easily found by taking the elevator *for faculty only* to the 3rd floor......

    everone we told acted as if they didnt believe us but i cant tell you how many freshman got caught in gym elevater the fallowing day HMMM.....
  12. RMA

    RMA Elite Member

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    Some kid took a giant steaming crap in the middle of the Mens Lockerroom. Funniest pile of shit ever. Oh and this kid crapped in a trash can in the middle of class. That was pretty funny too. And another kid shat on the front lawn during lunch. And that was just freshman year, my junior year some kid started throwing handfulls of poop at the cafeteria window. I guess my school has alot of poop related incidents. Oh and one time these 2 guys got arrested for sowrd fighting with there dicks in the middle of a presentation. My school is sweet.
  13. RMA

    RMA Elite Member

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    Our elevator used to be staff only until some kids stole the keys and got them duplicated. Now half the school has keys to the elevator.
  14. deathtojersey

    deathtojersey Member

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    ha thats the shit

    our evelvators didnt have keys but almost like security *just random TAs sittin at teh top of them mad gay
  15. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    my school had one elevator that needed keys, it also had teachers waiting at the top and bottom...we used it anyways

    ive got lots of highschool stories but i dont care to type out half of them. so i'll type out one or two..

    one day after school some guys were handing out bibles just off school me and a buddy grabbed a few of them and lit them on fire the next day at school(they are suprisingly hard to light on fire FYI) i picked one up and ran around the school wile it was still on fire. i got called to the office during my next class and got suspended for a total of about 2 hours. but i will never forget seeing half a burned bible on the principals desk with him sitting there, mad as hell, arms crossed saying "now...its not WHAT you burned*cough*...its that you lit something on fire on school property"

    another time a buddy of mine bought a 1/4 of weed at school, and one of the (security i guess, i dont know what to call them, we just called them by their first names) saw this, and during his next class got him called to the office. the principal sat there and gave him a talk about how the lady had seen him buy weed and blah blah blah, and that he better give it up now or he was goign to call the police. my buddy said he left it at a freinds house(he acctualy had it with him, in his jacket) so the principal acctualy told him to take him to this house, and get it. my buddy goes for a walk with the principal into baisicly the middle of suburbia, tells him its "thats house" and as the guy walks up the the door my buddy just runs, leaving the idiot out in the suburbs, with no way to get back, in the rain. he runs all the way to my house and we smoke some and laugh our asses off at what just happend.

    ive got plenty more..but maybe another day :ph34r:
  16. GLOKnine

    GLOKnine Senior Member

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    last year (sophmore year) i got busted for taggin up my school.. i almost got expelled, a year of bootcamp... but when i went to court i just got a year of probation...

    last year again there was a big ass gang fight and there was blood everywhere.. the teachers started hitting kids in the face and shit trying to stop it.. it was pretty cool
  17. ->c H e t.

    ->c H e t. Member

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    2nd week of school me and my boy maze went in real fried and i guess we smelled so they called us down, and they found a quarter in my bag and my piece and spark and the school cop pushed for possesion charges so i had to go to court but i got my charges droppped because i had a nasty attorney

    towards the end of the year me and maze also were bombing the stairwells with a montana pen , we also layed some krink drips in the bathroom and we got ratted out by some fag and they searched are shit and like photocopied all the sketches and shit that we had in are bags and took all are caps and markers

    fuckin bS.
  18. RMA

    RMA Elite Member

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    We've got teachers at the top and bottom somtimes but when someone yells at you you just press the button to lock the door and go to the next floor.
  19. swich

    swich Elite Member

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    my skools fuckin ones down to do nuthin. theres only like 10 fights a year...and theyre usually not even good.....but yeah, last year i used to hit up that bitch like 20 times a day, every day.....its pretty gay and stupid to hit up your own skool, but i didnt care....
  20. CaSoNe

    CaSoNe Elite Member

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