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Friendly Battle

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by ghettochild, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. dope

    0 vote(s)
  2. emit

  1. ape2

    ape2 Senior Member

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    this is still going?

    close it!

    REMO+RTW Senior Member

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    ther both shamefull the emit fill is good though howd you blend it ? you both need more creativity in your lettering
  3. MainEvent

    MainEvent Senior Member

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    emit's so better to me. i havent seen any of his shit in the past so i cant say its all the same.
    dopes was ok, interesting style but i hate that P. o well. vote: emit
  4. ASEN

    ASEN Banned

    • Messages: 1,676
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    Haha, my brother writes dope, and when he saw this, he couldn't care less. Null vote.
  5. Linkzone1

    Linkzone1 Senior Member

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  6. Jrow17

    Jrow17 Elite Member

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    yeah.. dope cant even spell battle above his sketch.. emit gets my vote, plus i agree with others... the p is wack
  7. GLOKnine

    GLOKnine Senior Member

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    emit is the biggest bite of runci... if that isnt runci
  8. wreckone.

    wreckone. Elite Member

    • Messages: 895
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    All of you need to shut the fuck up. A battle is a battle. "I don't like htis, I don't like that..Close this", shut the fuck up. Really.

    DEVILEFK Elite Member

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    please like me
    accept me
  10. C3ZR ONE

    C3ZR ONE Moderator

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    Toys don't have there own battle forum, and when they battle in the big boys forum, everyone and there obese mother throws a fuckin fit. Until there's a "toy battle spot, why can't they post a thread in toy forum?
  11. blank_flo

    blank_flo Senior Member

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    :lol: ye a noticed tht 2. both are shit. No vote.He cant spell didn't either. wot a retard :lol:
  12. lethalone

    lethalone Senior Member

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    "Dope" stop writing dope...

    there is allready a dope, "dope" in winnipeg

    ---im confused now, but you get the idea

  13. BRAINE

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    emit is cool
    toxsick kind of style
    i have the clap
  14. --Lyra--

    --Lyra-- Senior Member

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    looks like dope had a seizure while trying to do his piece
  15. pase.

    pase. Senior Member

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  16. "NEAR"

    "NEAR" Senior Member

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    emit's is cool
  17. cess!

    cess! Elite Member

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    emit you bite runci suck a dick
  18. ManBearPig

    ManBearPig New Member

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    and who the fuck is Runci? never heard of him.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2011