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Goin' Solo

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Fluffy Bunnies, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Fluffy Bunnies

    Fluffy Bunnies Elite Member

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    Most of the time I go solo and only on the weekends I am wit my crew...

    Do you think that goin' solo is better than a crew?
  2. underground_culture

    underground_culture Elite Member

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    i think this thread sucks.

    and just search theres plenty of places to find out, like simply posting in the chat thread

  3. some guy from NCI...

    some guy from NCI... Elite Member

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    bombing = solo
    dubs = crew

    That's how I roll anyways.
  4. Mexiklan Beaner

    Mexiklan Beaner Senior Member

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    i go wit my friend most of the time cuz me and him r like the only writers where im from. but i have been by myself before. i like goin solo cuz its easy to get away. but bein wit someone is good too cuz they can be ur look out or backup if u got beef wit other writers
  5. toxus

    toxus Elite Member

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  6. zekeone

    zekeone Member

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    i go alone alot,you just have to be more aware of your surroundings,i like goin w/ headz though,cuz someone can be lookout while you guys throw down real quick.and its less worry.and i only go out w/ bros. dont go w/ ppl you dont know that well,cause there will be the snitch if you get caught. i dunno,pretty much all graff shit is commmon sense,with that said,.....i dont see this thread goin too far. peace. ;)
  7. backtoyou

    backtoyou Senior Member

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    this is how i role
  8. ner_one

    ner_one Senior Member

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  9. beone

    beone Elite Member

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    i am a bomber so i go bymyself because u are in and out but when i used to try and do peices i would usualy go with someone

    its nice to bring someone bombing with u tho cause u can destroy more shit and split up if a cop comes
  10. step one

    step one Senior Member

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    ^ werd thats exactly how i also a bomber

    90% of the time im solo
  11. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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    Shut up.

    (The thread dude)
  12. Hater-AiD~>

    Hater-AiD~> Elite Member

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    sometimes on my break at work ill go out and hit up some spots real quick with some tags..i would say about 50% of the time..its even
  13. scoot

    scoot Elite Member

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  14. Sluts_r_us

    Sluts_r_us Elite Member

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    most of the time solo....need 2 find someone 2 go wit...:(
  15. "KRAZE"

    "KRAZE" New Member

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    :ph34r: Im in a crew..but run solo its just all out easier than being with others...

    wen u got more writers its louder too

    i just moved to NY and started a month ago but being an artist helped a shit load anyways.. ill have some peaices up in a little....

    if any ones got AIM then hit me up at
    those are zeros not o's
  16. AMW

    AMW Senior Member

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    50% of the time
  17. Scyne

    Scyne Senior Member

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  18. beefgerky

    beefgerky Elite Member

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    i go solo whenever there is good porn on.
  19. ASAP123

    ASAP123 Member

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    most of the time i go with one other friend
  20. dark\gbk

    dark\gbk Senior Member

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    i go both i mainly go wif my crew case the spots i hit i can't be watching my back frm 3-4 diff ways so my crew does dat, and its more fun wen ur wif a crew

    but den i like goin solo case den i know exactly what im doin der is no fights, buh as i said i can't watch my back