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Good Excuses To Give To Cops Why Your Out At 2am

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by onek, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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    you dont need an excuse. ya cant walk around the middle of the night in the day. simple as that. out cos ya enjoy the atmosphere

    to add on to that shit. if ya in a situation where your talking to a cop with paint dacked. you have already fucked up. run forest run
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  2. MIAboi1221

    MIAboi1221 New Member

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    This is exactly what I do. I run and workout every single day anyways so when I go out, I go out with a grey hoodie, some gym shorts, and running shoes. Underneath my hoodie, I wear one of those string backpacks and when I'm done I just jog home like I would run everyday. If you're wearing jeans and street clothes, you won't be able to pull this off.
  3. . lewd

    . lewd Banned

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    i farted in my room and it got too much. so i decided it was time to take a walk
  4. FlippingChickens

    FlippingChickens Banned

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    i was looking for hookers officer
  5. greenapple67

    greenapple67 Member

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    here in philippines it is legal for minors to walk the streets anytime :)
  6. theEmenhiser

    theEmenhiser Member

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    If all you got on you is markers - Insomnia. Just out walking until tired enough to sleep.

    If you got a bag full of paint, a) hope they don't mention it OR b) don't mention the insomnia bit at all, and say you're walking home from a friend's house and it's just a bag with clothes or something.
  7. am1er

    am1er Senior Member

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    dont take out a bookbag a big jacket with various pockets would do you better or shove paint in your waist band so then the insomnia bid would work but i light up a bogey n just tell them im taking a walk
  8. drewskii2088

    drewskii2088 New Member

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    Theres no curfew where i live but they just tell you to get home cuase its late. I'm always out past 2 and no one seems to care
  9. Fang

    Fang Senior Member

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    If they ask whats I'm the bag say "I don't consent to any searches" and they can't do shit
  10. redecouverte

    redecouverte New Member

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    yeah what i actually end up saying (if i'm with my normal partner) is that we're lesbians who are madly in love, but our parents don't approve of us, so the night is the only time for us to spend time with each other.
    and since neither of us look sketchy, this shit actually works ahah.

    also if that doesn't work out for you, you just run like fuck.
  11. me_gusta_catos

    me_gusta_catos Member

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    lol my friend did the same thing he said it was weird having to hold a dudes hand till the cop drove off but worth not getting arrested
  12. home.grown.twinkie

    home.grown.twinkie Member

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    When I was underage, I was stoned as fuck and went to a Taco Bell(I live in a small town), and me and my friend were walking back at around 11, and my sister was at the bar, and my parents were at the casino, and no one was at my house. So we walk by the bar, and my sister comes running out yelling in excitement that me and my friend were right there. lol. We had her buy us a pack of papers, and then we continued to walk back to my house. It was 12:30, and past curfew. We were walking home, saw a cop turn down a street to flip a bitch, we jumped in the bushes. He shined his spotlight all over the street and went the opposite way. We hopped fences and dipped. We got to my street and decided to walk instead of run. We were walking, and I was seriously across the street from my property line when that fucker decides to pull up and flip his lights on. He asked me who I am and why I'm out and all this shit, and who's in charge of me. I told him "My sisters at the bar, and my parents are at the casino. I'm just on my way home man." He's like "NO, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!?" I'm like "Me?..." and he made us get in his car, and drove me seriously not even a block away up my driveway. I hopped out, and he was like "Now, am I gonna see you boys again!?" In unison we go "No officer." Then we smoked a joint. :)
    Anyways, Fuck the Police. Stay up, yo.
  13. B-36

    B-36 Senior Member

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    "I HAD TO PEE NIGGU!" is what i always say
  14. MrTwitch

    MrTwitch New Member

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    One time i was out on a longboard race at night and the cops came and asked us what we were doin out so late and me and the guys told him that we were about to race and then the cop said "well let's se what you got.." so we finished the race and he said we needed to leave before he came back so we bombed the place and went to a night garage.. he was a cool cop..
  15. Fivel

    Fivel New Member

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    hah, good thinking. One time our roommate was walking home from work at 4am (graveyard shift), a cop stopped him, literally, in our driveway (which in all fairness doesn't look like your average driveway), and was trying to give him a hard time and kept smelling him for weed or alcohol. Our roommate was like, "Look, i just got off an 8 hour shift, my house is 30 feet away, it's 4am, and I'm fucking tired." And the cop shut the fuck up and let him walk away without even running his name.
  16. Asis13

    Asis13 Senior Member

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    haha dude. same shit happened to me few years back. walked home after bartending at 3/4 am and would constantly get harassed by cops.
  17. SiteGraff

    SiteGraff Senior Member

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    I feel like I should be taking notes or something, these are some good excuses
  18. APE1991

    APE1991 New Member

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    america the land of the free smh
  19. Bomber4life

    Bomber4life Member

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    One night I was running back to my mates house along an empty highway. It was 3am and it was just after a bomb and a robbery me and 2 of my mates did. Cops pulled me over, I'm 15 but I said I was 16 and I just said I was out for a morning run (LOL). Good thing I left everything with my mates who I caught up with an hour later. Close call
  20. graffitiWISCONSIN

    graffitiWISCONSIN Senior Member

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    I would tell them i'm just clearing my head or something