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Graff Movies

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hasone, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. Phases

    Phases Member

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  2. SALVO

    SALVO Elite Member

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  3. FlippingChickens

    FlippingChickens Banned

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  4. TrikAssHoe!

    TrikAssHoe! Senior Member

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    anybody know where you can watch a Day in the Lyfe?
    i'm tryna see 5AM2 asap.
    mtn diaries wasnt bad. twist is dope.
    anyone seen reefer madness yet?
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  5. planetaryduality

    planetaryduality Senior Member

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    yes, reefer madness usta be on youtube.
    ...its a fantastic film, specially for a frieght head
  6. FlippingChickens

    FlippingChickens Banned

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  7. fresh obsessed

    fresh obsessed New Member

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    anyone got a link for the full while you were sleeping: bedtime stories video?
  8. <[(Smokers187¤GS¤WM)]>

    <[(Smokers187¤GS¤WM)]> Senior Member

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    idk any sites 2 get em from but 5am is good n i wana see the second one yet but if u guys find a place 2 get it from put it up for me please!!!

    bomb it was guud but it was documentary nothing wrong wit dat but i wanted more of a non-stop bombing kinda scenario lol
  9. inpho_211

    inpho_211 Senior Member

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    could someone just give me a rundown of graff lazy an i just wanna list..
  10. <[(Smokers187¤GS¤WM)]>

    <[(Smokers187¤GS¤WM)]> Senior Member

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    here are the ones i no

    Bomb it
    Style wars
    5AM part2
    Fuck graff (1-4 or five i think)
    Hard 2 Burn (1-3)
    and im out..ill put up so more later
    (damn this is kinda slow on my fone fml)
  11. Spraycan Stories

    Spraycan Stories Senior Member

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    Art of Storytelling?
    Any links or anything?

    NICCSACC Banned

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    just saw "LA STREETS" haha great stuff
  13. RES4

    RES4 Elite Member

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    anybody know of any good documentaries
  14. inpho_211

    inpho_211 Senior Member

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    i saw rash......anyone?????
    it's a documentary.......i think...........
  15. DUSTER

    DUSTER Senior Member

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  16. iLegaL

    iLegaL Senior Member

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  17. ManikOner

    ManikOner Senior Member

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    Piece by Piece i think is the single best documentary ive seen.
    Just to get Rep is an ok one

    and as for movies, if you havent seen Bomb the System, that shit is ILL!
    great story, im pretty sure it follows a true story behind two writers, i could be wrong tho.

    check out Piece by Piece too. stufffs good! :D
  18. smokeitup

    smokeitup Elite Member

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    i own MOC, KOC, Style Wars, and Write and Unite.

    MOC and KOC are the best, i've also got KOC 3, Transit Tv, The Killing of Brisbane, and Metal Advocates on the computer

    you can download them off youtube, just get youtube downloader, its free google it.
  19. viseversa101

    viseversa101 Elite Member

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    no no infamy then piece by piece, i have tons of videos all bootleg go utorrent/demonoid for all my stuff
  20. fromthegrave

    fromthegrave Senior Member

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    5am part2 is nowwwww online