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Graff Movies

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hasone, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. nerv3

    nerv3 Member

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    sure ill send you TATS CRU

    ummm gimme ur msn or something we'll work out a way... ftp ?
  2. 757

    757 Senior Member

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  3. whynot?

    whynot? Senior Member

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    on war 3 theres a song called playing with fire by styles of behong but on war they changed the beat and speeded it up who knows how to get the version they have instead of the original?
  4. Prince.Gov

    Prince.Gov Senior Member

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    10 minutes of Graffiti
    is a really good movie

    so is
    Quality Control 2
  5. sobeit

    sobeit Member

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  6. *LoST*

    *LoST* Member

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    Can anyone put up a Zshare link to any video you can get? nothing else works for me...thanx in advanced
  7. .Auro.

    .Auro. Senior Member

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    i want infamy the whole this with out that big ass logo shit in the way someone should be good sport and upload it :D
  8. ACE1

    ACE1 Member

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    preferbly google video
  9. RustyBurrito

    RustyBurrito Senior Member

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    I've got Infamy on my computer and tried to upload but it didnt work last time. I'll give it another shot and post the results here if it's successful. Oh yeah I uploaded Area 08 onto Google Video if anyone wants to see that.
  10. ACE1

    ACE1 Member

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    What Area 08 ?
  11. Sluts_r_us

    Sluts_r_us Elite Member

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    any1 got a link to dl war3?
  12. ACE1

    ACE1 Member

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    Any luck yet?
  13. conart

    conart Senior Member

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    step-1-go to google video
    step-2-search graffiti
    step-3-select20 min or longer duration
    step-4-you have pretty much every full graff vid
  14. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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  15. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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    kay it's really not that great, i have a burnt version of it, and kind of regret using the blank dvd for that and not somehting else.
  16. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    that bad?

    the previews look good eh
  17. spit_in_your_face

    spit_in_your_face Member

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    what was the name of the one movie. it was about this white guy and him and his friend paint but his black friend get pushed off a building near the end. i didnt even see the whole thing. that movie basically turned me on to graffing.
  18. sketch13

    sketch13 Senior Member

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    you are thinking of ..."BOMB THE SYSTEM" good movie i know a few people that tell me it sucked.... but i personally liked it
  19. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    yea, good movie, ppl that i no didnt like it cause it didnt have that much graf in it, it just followed the life of writers.
  20. sketch13

    sketch13 Senior Member

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    eeeexactly all they wanted to see is staright bombing... so i'm like fuck then watch another movie...