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Graff Movies

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hasone, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. Learninitup

    Learninitup Senior Member

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    This is the first film created by SCREAM, SNBC (Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center) High School meeting group. This documentary explores multiple San Francisco perspectives on graffiti in an effort to inspire a continuing conversation about this controversial issue. Through interviews with city and school officials, merchants, residents, graffiti writers and artists, the filmmakers probe the multi-dimensional question, "Where do you draw the line on graffiti?" 15min.

    found it when i did a google search for

    all city graffiti i was lookin for that book
  2. Maker A Laker

    Maker A Laker Senior Member

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    its cool

    but your sig is funny
  3. TricksForKids

    TricksForKids Elite Member

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    its alright, theres some pretty stupid people, like the girl in the blue hoody lol

    and the guy they follow tagging probably couldnt be any worse...but hes "hard" so its all good.

    good find though

  4. Estec-2wo

    Estec-2wo Member

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    anyone got a better link to the Cope movie
  5. delo

    delo Member

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    does any one got gesus krist video. he'z the shit!
  6. Learninitup

    Learninitup Senior Member

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    Style Wars

    State Your Name

    State Your Name 2

    Dirty Hands 2

    Kings And Toys

    Weird foreign graff movie Description says- c.a. 50 minuten hardcore trains, trams, blockbusters, rooftops and more

    Lady In Red. Some graff movie sponsored by Montana.

    i know some of these have already been posted. just my graff folder on my computer.

    i have like 6 more put im too lazy to put thtem up right now. If anyone wants to see them ill get them out but until then fuck that.
  7. MILink

    MILink Member

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    sorry if some one allready asked but does anybody know where to get piece by piece i tryed some torrent sites and none had them?
  8. tycoonin

    tycoonin Senior Member

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    i looked for it two but coudlnt find it so i orderd it it hasnt arived yet
  9. T_R_O_N

    T_R_O_N Senior Member

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    go to you tube and search jaone, the guy who posted that video has it
  10. MILink

    MILink Member

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  11. nerdx

    nerdx Elite Member

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    anyone down for a trade, i got
    Art of Storytelling
    Bomb The Stystem
    Benchwarmers 4
  12. Mr.Sars

    Mr.Sars Senior Member

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    Shit, I cant see the up-file all 4you thing on the page..
    Is the video down or something?
  13. What Happened to the Letters?

    What Happened to the Letters? Elite Member

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    anyone got bomb the system? i sw the trailer on ifilm and it intrigued me
  14. mhc

    mhc Senior Member

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  15. Fluffy Bunnies

    Fluffy Bunnies Elite Member

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    Merry Christmas

    I would upload Bomb the system but when I have the time I will... most likely on friday!
    So Bomb the system should be uploaded on friday. stay tuned
  16. 757

    757 Senior Member

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    anyone got piece by piece? i've been wanting to see that movie.
  17. explosivo_420

    explosivo_420 Elite Member

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    holla at me on AIM or somethin
  18. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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  19. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    ^ Yeah i agree with you kay.
    Like, in New York i guess they feel the need to do that shit, and if they want to blow up eachothers cars and slit eachothers throats over beef and other shit like that, Let em.
    Im more of a euro and philly video fan.
    My videos gonna be ill.
    Its just gonna be like, a east coast war kinda, but in a different way.
  20. *570 Ambush

    *570 Ambush Senior Member

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    half these links arent working for me for some reason?