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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tahsk570, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. tahsk570

    tahsk570 Member

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    i was thinking about takin a loan out and starting a graff supply shop in the nepa area. based in wb or scranton. post some feedback on buisness suggestions and if i would make profit or not in the area. thanks. Jared.
  2. grifter

    grifter New Member

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    that would be good for you im in uk though
  3. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    that would be good for me since i live in the northeast. it would be for me very much. im not around scranton but im in the bumblefuck part where farmer joe brown fucks his pig instead of his wife... but yes, i would go if u opened one up i would just need the address
  4. whatthefuck

    whatthefuck Member

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    From basically every "graff-shop" owner ive spoken to,
    theres not a lot of money in it
    most of them do it for the scene and do it cause they like graff

    I think you could make money out of it man but
    uve got to really enjoy it more than anything

    I dno bout the scene out there but if i ever set up a shop..
    id want it to be more than just a shop

    organise jams, get ppl in painting
  5. AOTPs

    AOTPs Senior Member

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    ^^^ agreed just dnt go in 4 money but 4 the love
    and if u really wanna make profit then goes towards a more populated area
  6. From the Ground Up

    From the Ground Up Senior Member

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    mayb sponsor a local up writer or sum shit in order to get the word out about ur store....just a thought
  7. stupidface

    stupidface Member

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    Terrible idea for obvious reasons...
  8. mas$

    mas$ Elite Member

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    if u do start it, get like a good writer onboard, and u cud try get sponsorship for paintin murals, gets the scene and the shop upp
  9. unknown...

    unknown... Senior Member

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    man. you really should do kinda what bombingscience does. i am going to be doing this same idea of a graffiti shop but mine will be centered more around clothing such as methods nyc, imaginary foundation, listen clothing, and free gold watch along with some others. The clothing will bring more of the profit and allow you to stay open but you will still be able to run the graffiti side of business as well.