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Graffiti Dreams?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JETc17, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. shalf

    shalf Senior Member

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    i once had a dream i was in a white box that went on forever and in my hand was a can of paint and i did a load of outlines and throwies then loads of paint appeared in front of me and i took a few cans and did a massive piece that was beta than anything ill probably ever do then i woke up and realized id drawn those outlines all over my notepad but they luked a lil weird so i tweaked em a lil but the piece just luked like a fuked up squiggle
    without that dream i never wud of thought of alot of my throws

    FUTUERS FWBCREW Senior Member

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    onec i dreamed i got nabed by the cops and 2 weeks later cops got me doin my shit on a train

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    about two weeks or so ago i dreamed that i met ja and jd, but i didnt recognize ja at first, and they wanted me to pretend to buff their shit (6 ja throws and one huge JD throw) and just do a larger throwie over it, and it would keep the cops away or something wierd. i remember rolling around in a car with them. they wanted to chill with me because i have alot of paint of the same colors. it was pretty wierd but vivid
  4. Ceazer

    Ceazer Senior Member

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    last night i dreamt superstore sold montana for like $1.99 so me and some other guys bought a whole bunch and then my vice principal was there and was telling me knife safety
  5. textathief

    textathief Senior Member

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    a few months back i dreamed of being chased by a vandal squad car....that dream came true a few weeks later. they didnt catch me though
  6. dinedgc

    dinedgc Elite Member

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    i've dreamed up letters while i sleep, now i keep a pen and paper by my bed

    have to use pen so i dont worry to much how it looks and start erasing
  7. underground_culture

    underground_culture Elite Member

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    yes but if what if those letters that youre dreaming are actaully someone else and you dont know it, so your not on purpose biting!

    probably not the case, but i dont trust dreams
  8. mad ethics

    mad ethics Senior Member

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    i had a dream once were i was bombing these abandoned buildings and my old biology teacher came out of one of the buildings and chased me in an RV.

    weird, but i remember it
  9. streak!

    streak! Senior Member

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    sleepin dreams or future dreams?
  10. >skea<

    >skea< Senior Member

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  11. Feliks

    Feliks Elite Member

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    I don't dream often but when I they're wack.
    I watched this kid bombing a building wall downtown, then all of a sudden he turns around and holds his mom's hand and walks away. He looked 10 yrs old. I was just like, " :blink: "
  12. GEKOforyou2

    GEKOforyou2 Member

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    hell ya thats how i deramed up all my throwies
    :ph34r: still SPI'n?
  13. Germ

    Germ Senior Member

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    I dont dream much but if i do its about getting busted bombin
  14. Nyc Sno

    Nyc Sno Elite Member

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    uhn iu have dreams of graffiti not of people doing graffiti
  15. epikstyles

    epikstyles Senior Member

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    dreams as in when asleep dreaming. not that i can remeber they all whack.

    however i always dreamt of being all city and getting sponsered by belton or ecko :p i like the clothes
  16. GUNR

    GUNR Senior Member

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    maui waui , bird poo, jo mama jokes
  17. GUNR

    GUNR Senior Member

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    i have no idea wats goin on
  18. flclnaruto1213

    flclnaruto1213 Elite Member

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    this is not funny.
  19. JadedSketches

    JadedSketches Elite Member

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    man, there's nothing funny on this site.
  20. z4k420

    z4k420 Senior Member

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    it made me :lol: :lol: :lol: