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Graffiti Dreams?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JETc17, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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    i think ive has a couple, but one that i reamember was like a week ago, i dunno mot much but it was a tag that i had seen on here, from a local hometown hero. it was weird... but i was looking at the tag, then i went on to dream about i duno what though

    and lucid dreaming, i havent been able to in awhile, like i can identify that im dreaming, but i continue not doing what id like, i have plenty of times, i have books on it and shit, i can lucid dream if ive taken DXM , or after a few days of smoking, i go sober for like 2 days and my dreams are real vivid, and intense...

  2. Nosypainter

    Nosypainter Elite Member

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    i dunno somtimes its hard ot explin a graffiti dream because in the dream its so perfect and hard ot recreate the way you want it
  3. doomsayer

    doomsayer Elite Member

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    i barely ever have dreams i can remember
  4. Mr.Sars

    Mr.Sars Senior Member

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    I had a dream i put up the word "legend" next to one of my tags..
    Then i woke up and was heavy pissed off at myself. xD
    i hope to fuck i never become that egotistical. :\
  5. slEEt

    slEEt Elite Member

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  6. texus

    texus New Member

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    Not funny......
  7. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    I had a dream that i had beef with Ghost and like, i dident want to have beef with him, but i some how kept caping all his shit. And then i was in a grocery story buying some drink and he comes up behind me and like, starts mad shit with me. And i try to run but he steps on my shoelaces that were untied. And like, i eat shit and get knocked out from falling. and then i woke up and i was all like, Ghosts mean as fuck.
  8. RepUrSet

    RepUrSet Senior Member

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    a dream only actually lasts about 3 seconds...u have thousands of them

    but u only remember the ones closest relating to your life....

    chances are u did have a graffiti dream...if u write often u will remember it

    im not sure if that bs is true lol
    i got if off one of my teachers tho..i was like woah i dont belief
  9. CFOUR

    CFOUR New Member

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    ahh beat this a couple of nights ago ihad a dream about getting up under this bridger and cyptes came up and attacked me it was a weird one :ph34r:
  10. obseen

    obseen Elite Member

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    ahh, i had one the other night
    was kind of avergae but really weird
    i writer a know from a forum came to my house, we did some shit
    then bombed n he walked off and i went home
    there was some weird shit in it though
  11. slick dick willy

    slick dick willy Senior Member

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    I had a toy graff dream it was about me trying to
    do Cope's throwie on a wooden fence to mess it up.
    Then my bro i think it was like 'Don't do that'. nuts
    but i've had bombing dreams too.
  12. Tails0nE

    Tails0nE Elite Member

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    i had a day dream that i did like a bigg ass roller goin down the sears tower...... then i woke up n finished smoking my blunt.....

  13. Nosypainter

    Nosypainter Elite Member

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    lol nice
  14. explosivo_420

    explosivo_420 Elite Member

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    irony- last night i had a dream my ex's boyfriend wanted me to go bombin with him so hes like "yeah i know a really kool spot man"...and i tell his punk ass "Nah ****, i only hit highway over pass signs, rooftops or billboards-rush hour time, you down?"

    so i look for ages for her myspace, i finally find it, and find a little throwup some toy did for her and him.
  15. Nitro_99

    Nitro_99 Member

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    i had a weird dream

    me and my friend were on the train coming home it was the last train and we fell asleep on the trai and the train wet to a yard then we got off the train and started pullin hundreds of paint from our bags then i woke up
  16. explosivo_420

    explosivo_420 Elite Member

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    i had a dream i saw some old dude painting on a rooftop so i went to find it, and as soon as i got there he hauled ass away. so i turned around and a female was finishing the piece-so i went up the latter to talk to her. turns out i met her before but she was painting a PLUTO piece this time...anyways we painted with aerosol air fragrance cans
  17. Excalibur

    Excalibur Senior Member

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    I have had dreams where I am just in like an abstract place, and I gettin up, and there isn't anyone there or anything, it's just really peaceful and shit son. Could be heaven, lol.
  18. B*REX

    B*REX New Member

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    i had a dream that i lived in new york or something and i was walking down the street and everywhere i looked there was graffiti done by me and everyone liked it and it was world know and people knew my name and would get inspired by me

    i'm such a nerd
  19. delicatedrips

    delicatedrips Senior Member

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    had a dream the city was empty for one night
    and i had a backpack full of neverending paint
  20. _Dust_

    _Dust_ Senior Member

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    last night, i went bombing n taggin, used silver n gold, thats about it