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Graffiti Game, Movie, And The Death Of Hip Hop.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by theoldjet, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. Kao.Ali

    Kao.Ali Senior Member

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    trust that most kids will be to pussy to actully do shit, and all of us who write now will survive it, it wont effct us to much i dont think, we just have to wait it out till the new thing comes into play, alot of us pay close attention to the shit cuz its our culture, but most people prolly wont care,
    and ive already had people run up and ask me about graff and shit, and they have the same drive we do, they just didnt get into it on they own you know?
  2. BBoy_ErbN

    BBoy_ErbN Senior Member

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    Ok I only main flaws I can see with happening is:

    With all these new littles shit about, cops will crack the fuck down on it.

    I bet in the movie, it is about a guy getting up in the ghetto, there is a hot girl who he wants but she is attached to some 'dope writer' (they will probably call them graffers or g men in the movie :rolleyes: )... who is all tied up in gangs and shit while our hero of the movie only has his 2-3 close friends. They try to take them on, and how? by going over each others shit, in the end the hero will be king and the other guy will be burned and forced to leave the scene. with that I couldn't give a fuck, a movie who cares it will come and go. BUT, all new toys will be out and about like 'omgZ i waNt 2 b Teh graffstar!' and how will they think to do this? Go over ALL OF OUT SHIT.
    The better piece, the more cred they will think they will get for doing it, the more known the piece's writer is, the more likely it will be fucked.

    Consider all your pieces fucked.

    But as everyone said this killing it graff culture it wont... the reason dragging died was because it's all ginos and shit now, wear more perfume and jewelry then girls.

    True writers will stay writing and the toys won be able to do shit, get burnt, get burnt, get burnt. Then they will find their next phase in a couple of months. Lots of wackhandstyles on random shit everywhere.

    But hey, hopefully people will be able to start to tell the difference between wack shit, and dope work. Maybe some more appreciation for it. True writers will stay strong while it will syphon out the pussies. Just let your presence be known. Let the bitches know who is boss.
  3. donut holes

    donut holes Member

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    uhh,BOMB MTV STUDIOS. and mark eckosssss house.what a fake ass. graffiti isnt corporate so it gets no respect, HASNT MADE A BILLION DOLLARS FOR A CORPORATION YET.-krs one. FUCK. yeah dogg i write king homee. and i carry around spraycans in a holster and climb a wall with a harness! horray hooray!!!
  4. BBoy_ErbN

    BBoy_ErbN Senior Member

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    ^haha word :p

    Oh man I was just checking some graff movies on youtube

    great team effort to bomb a train,

    then I look at the comments.

    " ruairi15 (10 hours ago)
    nice man

    I jus got into Graff because of playinf Marc Ecko Getting up and walking around Toronto.

    Where u guys located? "
  5. AMW

    AMW Senior Member

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    that is a good clip but i didnt get the part with the cops
  6. jez

    jez Senior Member

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    I LUV VID30 G4m3z & l33t 0MG !!!!!111 I Pl4y Th3m 3vRy D4y!111

    seriously, this whole graffiti video game shit is getting ridiculous,
    Its just one more thing for nerds to get into,
    "No nigga, i was playing GRAFFITI WRITER FOR PS3,000"

    Please, i already hear that shit enough about dugeon warriors & elves and whatever else.
  7. Kao.Ali

    Kao.Ali Senior Member

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    thats a cool word, graffstar, ;)
  8. jez

    jez Senior Member

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    i love that video, CRAZY ASS SHIT.
    But that comment made me sad.. :-\
  9. EGAD

    EGAD Banned

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    boring thread
  10. BBoy_ErbN

    BBoy_ErbN Senior Member

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    Oh em gee!

    can you come over so we can trade pokemon cards?!?
  11. jez

    jez Senior Member

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  12. running man

    running man Member

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    this movie is gonna do what fast and the furious did to street racing. its bullshit.
  13. Kao.Ali

    Kao.Ali Senior Member

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    i still dont see the problem, people will be in it for a month, pretend they know shit about it, then hop on the next shit, itll be funny i know that
  14. Crise

    Crise Member

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    omg i was watchin youtube graff stuff yesturday an like theres two or three guys go tag a plane an this guy writes "still free" on the side with the worst lettering ever and then legs it. how dissapointing i mean he was tagging a plane why write that!
  15. field marshal

    field marshal Senior Member

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    yea that Marck ecko shit is fuckining rediculuis, that videos is on his site , i wont get in to it because its probly been posted a 100 times by now,

    as the the death of hip hop , that will never happen , there will always be the different catagories , rock , hip hop , dance(industreal,techno, happy hardcore , hardcore ect)there will always be fans of hip hop there will always be some one feeling the chopy beats, but if anything is fading , its the djs the record diggers and the break/sampel finders .

    hereis something crazy to think about how many rhymes can be made? befor everything has been rhymed, and how many sampels are that that are worthy any more of using ?\

    graff is not going anywere any time soon
  16. \(SIN)/[again]

    \(SIN)/[again] Member

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    Well, when and if a bunch of toys start writing in your area, cross them out, and just keep crossing them out and eventually they will realize graffiti isn't for them. However if they actually keep writing without crossing you back out then those are the true writers that keep going no matter what.
  17. ASEN

    ASEN Banned

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    the word.
  18. Color

    Color Member

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    the sterio type isnt the problem in my eyes the problem lies in the fact it will influence more toys to go out and ruin our walls ect with toy ass shit which we all hate.....and the fact there makin us out to be physcotic manic's who will crack a security guard in the face coz they spot you is just a no go...basically mtv are a bunch of bawbags and i agree with him
  19. ENGULF

    ENGULF Senior Member

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    people who dont even write are signing up on this sight that shit pisses me of its called Bombing Science Not fuckin Myspace so fuck off 2 all u toys
  20. sour-tfk

    sour-tfk Member

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    this is another retarded thread, first hip hop has been dead since 94, and even if it isnt it doesnt matter because hip hop and graffiti are not one thing, so let it go already.... the echo game i'll admit is really stupid, but you exagerated alot, first, what random person can you hit in the game? other writers? police? those dont sound like really random people for a GRAFFITI WRITER to harrass.... and so what if everyone is exploiting your culture? it has happened to every culture youve ever heard know how you heard about any underground movement? because it was exploited.... more toys? who cares? if you are on point (like you should be anyway) toys are a benefit to you.... and if your worried what that the toy's ugly chicken scratch will make the general public hate you more, wake up they hate you already, your not a modern day robin hood, or a hero to anyone, your a vandal.... dont cry about the exploitation of your culture, besides that just about every writer who is well known is well known because they sold out their own culture, and that list is long and would piss people off if they heard all the names they respect had sold out to be in a book or a movie....