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Graffiti On Flesh- Man boobs!

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by .A.K.4.7., May 26, 2004.

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  1. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    seriously man..
    the fuhhhhhhh
  2. hazetheone

    hazetheone Elite Member

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  3. HADES.

    HADES. Senior Member

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    (oil based paint filled markers) will work.
    they are mad opaque, thick, and have brilliant color.
    use this on all ur peoples white, black, hispanic, asian whatever.

    Just make sure their skin is clean and dry, NOT dirty or oily.

    all you FUCKS who hate on brothers
    can suck my BLACK ANACONDA DICK

    (btw deco comes off with mineral spirits- easier on the skin than paint thinner. and because these markers are oil based there should be not a large health risk, compared to weird based markers and inks like grog, and things that are meant for OUTDOORS.)
  4. CrustOner

    CrustOner Elite Member

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    Decos are xylene based, which have been known to cause cancer.
  5. WoeInfinite

    WoeInfinite Elite Member

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    yeah i was just gonna say..the xylene in em, pretty much just like spray painting.
  6. One Evil

    One Evil Elite Member

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    first off... your a idiot for ever puttin GROG on a persons body.. 2nd ur an idiot for not even reading what GROGS for... 3rd.. your just an idiot for the sake of it ;)
  7. HADES.

    HADES. Senior Member

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    i am corrected.
    my humble apologies.
    the Deco, and Unipaint do contain xylene.

    use the sharpie oil based paint markers... certified non-toxic
    ("AP certified to contain no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans, or to cause acute toxicity or chronic health problems")

    if you want something that'll work on darker people- a majority of americans
    use a paint marker- unfortunately most opaque paint solvents
    have SOME toxicity level in them (including oil based markers)
    the cheaper ones that are water based- painty pens, painters (elmers), posca etc.
    just won't have that great performance on dark skin- but are not harmful to humans through skin.

    links to oil based sharpie markers

    if you wanted you could use acrylic paint from a tube and use a smaller brush to outline.
    in my opinion that's probably your best compromise... you could do fade effects easier this way.
    Last edited: May 21, 2010
  8. ToNiC

    ToNiC Senior Member

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    Pretty sure the chick asked me to write on her with them. And I'm pretty sure I explained that she And I'm pretty sure that since this chick snorts ice off toilet seats that she finds it hard to give a damn fool.

    And yes, I have used acrylic before but was unsatisfied with the results. Oil based sharpies show up really really good...on crackers.
  9. charles bronson

    charles bronson Senior Member

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    use the painty or whatever they are called. they sell them at wal mart and other craft places. they work good and arent oil based. but i dont see what the big deal is or why people care about using a deco to write on someone. think about all the oil based paint you have gotten on yourself over the years or the various other solvents ect...

    i highly highly doubt that doing a piece on someone using them is going to do any kinda bodily harm. its not like you are using glass etch or something
  10. keepsicks

    keepsicks Elite Member

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  11. lakim shabazz

    lakim shabazz Moderator

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    your all idiots thinking markers are the only things you can use on skin
    you should only use markers to outline use acrylic paint to fill your pissing away your money (if you paid for them) and you can get colours deco, painters touch and sharpies don't have but hey to each his own

  12. 408Bomber

    408Bomber Senior Member

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    Use chalk.
  13. PinZ

    PinZ Senior Member

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    Use Woodcraft Markers. They are water based and cover really well.

    $2.39 a marker at Marker Supply

  14. WoeInfinite

    WoeInfinite Elite Member

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    ^^yeah or just get yourself an OTR moppin marker.
    "just for taggin titties"
  15. dayda187

    dayda187 Senior Member

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    some old flicks i found
  16. LeaksOne

    LeaksOne Elite Member

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    is it just me or does her belly button seem SUPER high?
  17. Phillip McDougall

    Phillip McDougall Elite Member

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    That was JUST above her cooch.
  18. dayda187

    dayda187 Senior Member

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    yea if i would have done it any lower her crotch would be all over that pic.
  19. LeaksOne

    LeaksOne Elite Member

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    i know where it is i can see her pubic stuble through the markers but the angle fucks with the proportion and my eyes/brain
  20. okur

    okur Senior Member

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    What ya thing boys?

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