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Graffiti Related Injuries

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JadedSketches, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. umop 3pisdn

    umop 3pisdn Senior Member

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    my story takes the cake, i was bombing on a roof two stories up so i get down by jumping about 3 feet. but the instant my feet touch the roof, i fall through and fall 17 feet land on my back. broke my wrist in 2 places forearm in 2 places elbow in 4 and shoulder in 1 so now i have 2 poles in my arm and 16 screws and 6 pins to hold my shoulder now i cant bomb for like a year but i can now sketch 24/7 haha now i can rack by putting cans in my cast
  2. SpLiTbomber

    SpLiTbomber Elite Member

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    ^oh snapz that sux, was it one of those cheap ass tar roofs?
  3. Special_K

    Special_K Senior Member

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    i've been wating for this one.!
    crap ive gotten hurt so many times. when i was trying to jump a 6 foot gap on a roof i misjudged the distance and came a little short and i grabbed the rail but slipped and fell 20 feet(broke ankle). while doing a drainage ditch i slipped on some algae and got a concusion. while climbing over a fence my hand got cut on a spike thingy and reqired stitches. along w/ normal bumbs and bruises/nicks and cuts associated w/ bombing and running away.lucky when i got major injuries i was with friends who could drag me to the car.
  4. morningglory

    morningglory Elite Member

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    im lucky hehe nothing too serious concidering the spots i do... last night i priked myself on some barbed wire hehehe oh so hardcore! :D haha

    but ya some fun stories up in hurrrr

    the worst i got... a NASTY infection from poison ivy.... all over my private parts too, that shit spreads like a forest fire.... oh my oh my bad memories... lasted a fucking month too
  5. scOpeOne

    scOpeOne Elite Member

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    at least you lernt your lesson.

    no trackside without your pants
  6. morningglory

    morningglory Elite Member

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    hey act like you know... pff it was your idea that we film our private xxx video on that location.
  7. KaL1

    KaL1 Senior Member

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    fucking bruised up ankles from climbing up trafic lights,kuz my foot or suthin will sometimes slip and slam into the light poll.and small kinda deep cuts from barbed wire fences
  8. alter

    alter Member

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    k this happend to my boy smoke
    one day painting in an old drain tunnel his tag went up and onto
    the celling cause it was big and a drop of paint driped into his eye.
    have'n nothing but beer with us at the time he was forced to use the
    nasty water in the tunnel :lol:
    bad buzz
  9. anarchy

    anarchy Elite Member

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  10. ''SCC''

    ''SCC'' Senior Member

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    never use spray paint as lube cus it will hurt to pee for like 3 days
  11. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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  12. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

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    I got stitches and a few bruises trying to
    climb a big ass barb wired fence. <_< :)
  13. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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    i ran down the overpass, and hit my head on the rails, got knocked out for 1 hour, and got woken up by a train blaring its horn, and almost hit me
  14. WIZDUM

    WIZDUM Senior Member

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    All i got is a small scar on my arm from trying to climb an 9 foot wall. Im 5'6 lmao. Im too slick to get fucked up.
  15. KUF12

    KUF12 Member

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    ^^^ haha i dont beleive dat thats fucked up :lol: but if it did happen thats really fuckin funny HAHA!
  16. morningglory

    morningglory Elite Member

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  17. FIKS

    FIKS Member

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    Damn you are some unlucky mofo's I have yet to get hurt with some broken bones or we. Only a few scrapes here and there.
  18. sk-soraa

    sk-soraa New Member

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    i have had petty injuries like crawling into bushes with thorns and getting minor scrapes but there was this time when there was a building, then there was a door and right on top of the door is a roof sticking out, so i jump up to hold it and clib it but wen i jumped up i caught it but my legs swung up and i lost my grip and my head hit the pavement from like 3 feet distnace, since my body hit the ground first, dam did it hurt.
  19. imported_big_boss

    imported_big_boss Senior Member

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    [Broken External Image]:

    I was running form the cops after hitting up this spot outside a school. I was running down a water dome and tripped and slid down the last 10 feet. Scraped a chunk out of my left leg below my knee from the lip at the bottom. Then I went home and patched it up and won my wrestling match later that night.
  20. sok

    sok Senior Member

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    once me an like 3 other people were gettin ready to go writin when this mail man turned his back so my one friend stole his mase and as we were taggin my friend dropped the mace an i got sprayed in the fuckin eyes it burned like hell an i couldnt open my eyes for like 20 minutes